6 Bench Vise Made in USA 2024: American Brands List

Bench Vise Made in The USA

When it comes to purchasing bench vises, you may prefer US-made bench vises due to their traditional quality, precision, and enduring craftsmanship.

If you are willing to buy a bench vise made in the USA, this article will assist you in choosing the best one.

Well, our research found six companies that proudly sell American-made bench vises. These companies are:

  • Wilton Tools
  • Orange Vise Company
  • Yost Vises
  • Conquest Industries
  • Lake Erie Toolworks
  • Hovarter Custom Vise

We will give an overview of each brand at the bottom. Keep reading.

Wilton Bench Vise made in USA

Wilton Tools

Wilton Tools has led the American work-holding equipment industry for over 80 years. The company has an excellent reputation for producing quality, durability, and reliability products, particularly bench vises.

Its product categories include B.A.S.H hand tools, Vises, C-Clamps, and F-Clamps. The company offers six types of vises, including Industrial Bench Vises and their accessories in the market.

Wilton Tools makes all of the vises in the United States in its manufacturing facility in Carpentersville, Illinois.

Their vises are better known for solid and heavy-duty construction for rugged use. They manufacture vises using the most durable and lightweight materials, such as Ductile Iron and cast iron.

Some popular and bestselling Wilton bench vises are:

  • Mechanics Pro Bench Vise
  • High-Visibility Safety Bench Vise
  • Utility HD Bench Vise
  • 7” Magnetic Maple Jaw Inserts
Orange bench vise made in usa

Orange Vise Company

Orange Vise Company LLC manufactures industrial tools, including bench vises. Eric Sun founded the brand in 2012 by setting up a tiny shop in Orange County.

It is one of the newest machinery manufacturing companies in the USA. Within a short time, Orange Bench Vise has made massive fame in the American market due to its high standards of quality & performance.

All products, including the bench vise of Orange Vise Company LLC, are 100% made in the USA in its California-based factory. Orange Bench Vise is quite expensive than other brands.

Here are some notable features of Orange Bench Vise:

  • Swivel base
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Ball thrust bearing
  • Steel piston
  • Steel slide nut
  • Aluminum dovetail soft jaws

According to the company’s official website, Orange Bench Vise is available at $1499.95.

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Yost Vises made in usa

Yost Vises

Yost Vises has been manufacturing industrial-standard vises since 1908. The company offers various vises like Bench, Woodworking, and Drill Press Vises.

But there are a few Yost bench vises made in the United States. Most Yost vises are manufactured outside the USA, particularly in Asia.

Currently, the company sells two types of US-made solid and dependable bench vises- Yost 108, 8” Machinist Vise and Yost 208, 8” Machinist Vise. They are available at $3,128 and $3,336 on its official website.

These vises are made of 65,000 PSI Tensile Ductile Iron and furnished with a machined flat base for easy mounting. There is no pinch main screw handle on the American-made bench vises.

If you want to buy a Yost bench vise, you can get one of the best vises commercially available.

Conquest Industries

Conquest Industries is an American company of machinery, tools, and equipment. It was founded in 1979. Over the years, the company expanded its product collections.

One of its popular products is the American-made Conquest 6” Magnum Machine Vise. This product features an 80,000 PSI ductile iron body and a needle bearing for enhanced clamping power with support.

Conquest Industries has a 43,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Santa Fe Springs, California. Its products are proudly manufactured here using domestic and imported materials.

Lake Erie bench vise made in usa

Lake Erie Toolworks

Lake Erie Toolworks is a remarkable American brand specializing in manufacturing Moxon and Machinist vises. It is a family-owned company founded in 2008.

Initially, the company started its business by manufacturing wooden vises. They have expanded product lines, including metal vises, spokeshave blades, and measuring tools.

The company’s finest quality tools are 100% built in the United States with modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. Its manufacturing facility is located in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Some US-built Lake Erie vises are on the following table:

Lake Erie Moxon Vise$209.00
Lake Erie Moxon Vise Lite$179.00
Lake Erie Morgan Machinist Vise$419.99

These vises are significantly heavier and more robust than its competitive brands.

Hovarter Custom Vise

Hovarter Custom Vise is a reliable American company founded in 2010. Its current product lines include three types of vises- Wagon Vise, Leg Vise, and Face Bench Vise.

Face Vise is one of the bestselling products of Hovarter Custom Vise. It is available at $400. Its primary hardware kits are hardened steel clamp shafts, Delrin bearings, and metal handles.

However, Michigan-based Lenco Tools LLC manufactures Hovarter Custom Vise collections in the United States using premium materials.