4 Food Processor Made in USA 2024: Complete List

Many companies sell food processors in the US. But there are a few companies that sell American-made food processors. If you are looking for US-made food processors, this article is for you.

After extensive research, we have found four brands that sell food processors made in the USA. These brands are:

  • Waring Commercial
  • KitchenAid
  • Jacob Bromwell
  • Oster Appliances

Now, let’s look at these brands individually for more detail.

Waring Commercial Food Processor made in usa

Waring Commercial

Waring Commercial is an iconic name in the American kitchen appliances industry. Fred Waring founded the company in 1937. That means it has over 85 years of experience manufacturing kitchen appliances.

It is one of today’s leading manufacturers of high-performance food processors. However, its product lines include blenders, grills, deep fryers, waffle makers, and other kitchen equipment.

All food processors of this brand are 100% made in the USA, in its manufacturing facility located in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania.

Waring Commercial food processors are better known for their solid & heavy-duty construction using the most durable stainless steel. Besides, the manufacturers use high-impact and unbreakable polycarbonate, which is lighter than metal.

You may like the extra-large feed chute, safety features, and large-bowl capacity of Waring Commercial food processors.

Additionally, the company offers a limited 5-year motor warranty & 2-year parts warranty. The following models are the company’s most popular US-made food processors:

  • FP2200 Food Processor- available at $2,759.99
  • WFP16SC Food Processor – available at $924.99
  • WFP16S Food Processor – available at $834.99
  • WFP16SCD Food Processor – available at $1,319.99
KitchenAid food processor made in usa


KitchenAid is an American brand that manufactures food processors, blenders, stand mixers, dishwashers, wall ovens, microwaves, and other accessories. Hobart Corporation founded the brand about 104 years ago.

These products are primarily made in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in South Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio. As time passed, the brand expanded its manufacturing facility globally and its product collection.

One of KitchenAid’s most popular products is the food processor. KitchenAid food processors got consumer attention due to their adjustable exact slice system and build quality.

Each food processor featured a multi-purpose blade, reversible slice disc, leak-resistant bowl, LED control systems, an all-in-one storage solution, and easy to clean. KitchenAid food processor became an ideal choice for consumers for these excellent features.

Some KitchenAid popular food processor models include:

KFP1133CU Food Processor$139.99
KFP1318ER Food Processor$199.99
KFP0921ER Food Processor$149.99
KFP0718BM Food Processor$99.99

KitchenAid food processors could be a better option if you are looking for reliable and less expensive food processors.

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Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell is a privately held, family-owned American company that has made kitchenware and housewares in the USA since 1819. It is one of the oldest brands in North America.

Initially, the company started by manufacturing popcorn poppers, classic tin cups, pie plates, and flour sifters. American workers meticulously handcrafted these products.

Over the years, it expanded product lines and manufacturing facilities. Gourmet Food Processor is one of the most popular kitchen equipment among other products of Jacob Bromwell.

Gourmet Food Processor is durable, lightweight, elegant, and less expensive. Currently, the company produces only one model of the food processor. It is considered an iconic kitchenware of Jacob Bromwell.

The food processor of this brand goes through a rigorous test to ensure the highest quality before being shipped off to the market.

However, its products are exclusively manufactured in its production plant located in Markle, Indiana, USA. In addition, Jacob Bromwell has a fabrication workshop in Vermont.

Oster food processor made in usa

Oster Appliances

Oster Appliance is a legendary kitchen equipment manufacturer that Sunbeam Products, Inc owns. It offers various kitchen appliances, including food processors, toasters, ovens, and juicers.

The company’s products, including food processors, are manufactured in the USA. Besides, it takes pride in using domestic materials and US-made components.

Oster Appliances supports the local business and the American economy by manufacturing its products in the USA. It achieved an excellent reputation for providing quality products in the country.

My research found one food processor model on the official website of Oster Appliances. The “Oster 10-cup Food Processor with Easy-Touch Technology” is available at $69.

The food processor comes with some excellent features. Such as,

  • Large work bowl
  • Easy-Touch technology
  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • Stainless steel S blade
  • Reversible slicing disc
  • 2-speed Pulse control & safety interlock
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-year limited warranty