Who Makes Powersmart Snow Blowers 2024? – (Factory Location)

Zhejiang DoBest Power Tools Company manufactures Powersmart snow blowers.

The company designs and manufactures full-featured outdoor power equipment, including snow blowers, lawnmowers, generators, and brush cutters.

Who Makes Powersmart Snow Blowers

Amerisun, an American company, imports Powersmart snow blowers from China and distributes them in the United States. Now, it is a reliable supplier of high-quality snow blowers in the American outdoor power equipment industry.

Every snow blower of this company is manufactured with advanced technologies by skilled Chinese artisans. Several essential components and parts of snow blowers are imported from overseas.

Powersmart snow blowers became popular due to their outstanding features and craftsmanship. One of its notable features is the 2-blade rubber-tipped steel auger.

They designed this advanced auger efficiently to cut snow, minimizing the risk of surface damage. Powersmart snow blowers ensure a hassle-free and safe operation in winter weather.

Where are Powersmart snow blowers made

Where are Powersmart snow blowers made?

Powersmart snow blowers are made in China.

Zhejiang Dobest Power Tools Co. Ltd is best known as the manufacturer of Powersmart snow blowers. According to the sources, Zhejiang has a 30,000 square meters manufacturing factory in ChengXi New Zone, Yongkang, China.  

Over 500 skilled employees spend countless hours making the highest quality snow blowers that can work efficiently. Besides, they always strive to provide innovative power equipment and enhance quality consistency.

Zhejiang makes more than 400,000 snowblowers annually in its China-based production plant. With 18 years of manufacturing experience, the company serves its power equipment in over 20 countries worldwide.

What engine is on a Powersmart snow blower?

Usually, Powersmart snow blowers come with a powerful gasoline engine.

However, the engine model varies depending on the snow blower model. For instance, Powersmart 24” 212cc Two Stage Gas Snow Blower features a robust 212cc OHV gas engine.

This engine delivers a formidable performance, particularly in winter. It efficiently clears snow at 2400 lbs per minute, quickly propelling it up to 40 feet away.

Powersmart sources snow blower engines from various reputable manufacturers, including Briggs & Stratton. Due to its powerful engine, the Powersmart snow blower is guaranteed to start up in temperatures of -20 ° F.

Currently, Powersmart offers three different types of snow blowers. These are:

  • Gas snow blowers
  • Electric snow blowers
  • Cordless snow blowers

Is Powersmart an American company?

The answer is “Yes.” Powersmart is an American company.

In the 1990s, Powersmart was founded in the United States with various outdoor power equipment. Now, it is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois.

Powersmart is one of the largest suppliers of snow-plowing equipment in the United States. From the very beginning of business to the present day, Powersmart has been striving to provide high-quality products at the lowest possible price. 

Customers are also satisfied with their dependable services. Powersmart snow blowers are widely embraced for their patented technologies and purposeful innovations. They command a robust presence and widespread interest in the American power equipment market.

Who owns Powersmart

Amerisun Inc. currently owns Powersmart.

With unmatched customer satisfaction, it is the industry-leading company in innovating and designing outdoor equipment and power tools. Amerisun, headquartered in Illinois, distributes all Powersmart products nationwide.

Powersmart has quickly become a respected brand that has been making impressive waves in the power tool industry.