Where is Zuri Furniture Made 2024?

If you are a style-conscious furniture buyer, Zuri Furniture will be the best choice.

For over a decade, Zuri has been dealing with their most unique selections of furniture and décor for home and office. In other words, Zuri carries classic accessories, modern art, and brilliant area rugs.

While purchasing your favorite and stylish Zuri furniture, the first thing you may think is, “where is Zuri furniture made?

Where is Zuri Furniture Made
Zuri Furniture/Source/Zuri

Here is a short answer to where is Zuri furniture made:

Zuri Furniture is made all over the world. Its products are sourced from Asia to Canada, Italy, and the United States.

Zuri’s major showrooms are located in Dallas and Frisco. The stylish design of Zuri furniture comes from Italy, Asia, and Europe.

In the US, Zuri’s manufacturing facility is located in Dallas, Texas.

Is Zuri furniture made in China?

As mentioned, Zuri Furniture is made in numerous countries around the world. Its stylish furniture design comes from Italy, Asia, and Europe. In Asia, they have some giant manufacturing facilities in China.

Zuri has been dealing with its modern, stylish design for a decade. Its two distribution facilities in Texas are currently serving all 50 states of the US. Not only US, but Zuri products are also sold in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

In the US, Zuri manufactures its products in Texas. But, they import their major stylish furniture from China. Zuri ensures stylish and durable furniture for an affordable price. Zuri values your money.

Consequently, they bring their best collection from the best places.

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Is Zuri made in the USA?

Zuri’s USA-based manufacturing facility is located in Dallas, Texas.

For a decade, Zuri has been selling stylish, modern furniture. They are focused on high-quality products and unique modern designs. The major furniture line of Zuri comes from numerous locations around the world.

Some of their biggest factories are located in China, Italy, and Europe.

However, Zuri operates its furniture distribution from Texas. They also manufacture some of their furniture products here in Dallas, Texas. Hence, Zuri is made in the USA as well.  

How much does Zuri furniture cost?

The average price of Zuri’s products was listed at $1,119.23.

Zuri believes that you should not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Zuri’s two major distribution facilities in Texas are in all 50 states and Canada. Recently, Zuri has sold over 23 products.

These products were shipped from the United States and averagely cost $1,119.23.

Zuri’s top furniture picks are:

  • Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Exclusive Chair (Dark Brown)
  • Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Exclusive Chair (Dark Grey)
  • Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Exclusive Chair (Black)  

Apart from Chairs, Zuri further sells Home & Kitchen, and Office products. Their top customers are those who are searching for modern, stylish furniture at an affordable price.

Where to buy Zuri furniture?

Zuri Furniture is widely available. Zuri’s Texas-based two major distribution facilities are serving all 50 states of the US, and Canada. They are now a family of 100 employees and over 100k happy customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

In the competitive furniture market, Zuri sells:

  • Modern home and bath furniture
  • Residential and commercial design services
  • Contemporary office furniture
  • Contract grade furniture for restaurants, hotels, and offices
  • Custom upholstery
  • Contract office installation
  • Exclusive designs

You can visit Zuri’s headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.

Zuri’s products are also available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

You may prefer Amazon to other platforms as Amazon provides authentic products for a reasonable price. You may also get a discount on Amazon. Zuri furniture is a seller on Amazon. They have had over 150 feedbacks from customers in the last year.

Although Zuri is a small seller on Amazon, it has earned a satisfying customer rating. The company is growing its online business all over the world.

Who is Zuri owned by

How long has Zuri furniture been in business?

In 2006, Zuri started its first retail stores in Dallas. Next year, Zuri opened its second retail store in Frisco. Currently, Zuri has been running its business from these two distribution centers around the world for over a decade.

Apart from retail distribution, Zuri’s online store is just an extension of its mission. As a part of their mission, Zuri brings well-priced, comfortable, and contemporary furniture. Considering Zuri’s foundation year, they have been in the business for over a decade.

Talking about Zuri’s success, this small furniture brand is making $10.50 million in sales revenue. They are now a family of 100 employees.  

Who is Zuri owned by?

Zuri Furniture brand is currently owned by Ashleigh Miller.

The owner of Zuri, Ashleigh Miller, was interviewed after its success. According to Miller, he dreams high. Long way to go for Zuri. It’s just the initiation. Zuri wants to lead the competitive furniture market in the world. They are getting values day by day.  

What kind of wood is Zuri furniture made from?

Zuri uses 100% solid pine wood for its bedroom furniture. They also use engineered wood and solid wood for their furniture line.

In product quality, Zuri has not compromised anything. Its only mission is to provide quality products for a reasonable price. To do so, they are using solid woods. In style, Zuri also uses selected wood veneers. The majority of their furniture line comes from traditional places.

Zuri’s stylish design generally comes from Asia and Europe.

Is Zuri Furniture legit?

On Amazon, Zuri has earned 150 feedbacks in the last year. They are selling products on Amazon and other online platforms. Its customer rating is also high. Besides, Zuri has its own retail stores.

They serve their products from Dallas, Texas. Consequently, Zuri Furniture can be said to be legit.