Where is Stickley Furniture made 2024 – Is it US or Vietnam?

Stickley is a trusted name in the US furniture market.

In 1900, the eldest of five brothers, Gustav Stickley, started the journey of making solid wood furniture. Gustav’s prominent leadership has made the furniture brand one of the finest solid wood furniture manufacturers in the world.

While purchasing Stickley’s premium furniture, you may wonder “Where is Stickley furniture made?”

Where is Stickley Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Stickley furniture made:

Stickley furniture is made in their upstate New York and North Carolina factory.

More than 90% of Stickley’s furniture is manufactured by their own craftsmen. Stickley’s New York-based Manlius factory has a greater than 400k square-feet operating area.

Besides, their upholstery plant in North Carolina has giant facilities.

One of our reader Mark Wilson send us a note regarding Stickley furniture’s manufacturing location . So we have updated the article with the information.

We had purchased Walnut Cove Stickley furniture in the past that was made in the USA. In 2023 we decided to buy chairs. The Stickley saleswoman in the city where we live assured us that Walnut Cove chairs were made in the USA. With that assurance, we bought 4. When we received the chairs, they all had Made in Vietnam on them. We paid USA prices for Vietnam made items.

Mark Wilson

Is Stickley furniture made in the US?

Yes, more than 90% of Stickley furniture is manufactured in New York and North Carolina-based manufacturing facilities.

Stickley’s New York-based factory is located in Manlius. The company operates a facility greater than 400k square feet in its Manlius factory. Stickley’s premium furniture items are made in this giant factory.

Apart from Manlius, Stickley’s other manufacturing plant is located in North Carolina. This factory is regarded as an upholstery plant.

The craftsmen working in Stickley’s manufacturing plant feel proud when they manufacture premium furniture by their hand. Throughout history, Gustav Stickley was inspired by the British innovation of furniture design.

Returning to Eastwood, New York, Gustav Stickley started making Stickley Furniture. Consequently, Stickley Furniture has become one of the most trusted US-made furniture manufacturers in the world.  

Is Stickley furniture made in Vietnam?

Some of Stickley’s inexpensive products are made in Vietnam.

In the competitive furniture market, Stickley is a well-known furniture manufacturer. They make most of their products in the New York and North Carolina-based manufacturing plants.

However, the Stickley authority has ensured that some of their inexpensive furniture is made in Vietnam. Don’t worry, 90% of their furniture items are made in the US. You can visit Stickley’s factory every Tuesday at 10 am.  

Is Stickley furniture made in the US

How much does Stickley furniture cost?

Stickley’s sofa averagely costs between $1k and $2k. The best thing about Stickley furniture is that it has an unprecedented resale value. Stickley’s bedroom furniture is also affordable.

In the market, you will find a variety of furniture items provided by Stickley. Their furniture items include:

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Sofa
  • Office Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture

This Stickley furniture is made in the US. They charge as low as they can. Comparing other furniture brands, Stickley Furniture goes for a reasonable price.

Stickley has set the pricing of its products in a budget-friendly manner. You can check your favorite Stickley furniture on their website.

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Where to buy Stickley furniture?

Stickley furniture is widely available in their retail stores. They provide their products through their large distribution centers. Stickley Furniture has six retail showrooms in New York and Connecticut. You can easily purchase Stickley furniture from these showrooms.

You can also purchase Stickley furniture online. This company sells its furniture items through online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Alibaba.com

On Amazon, you can easily afford Stickley furniture as they provide discounts. Don’t worry about authentication. Amazon sells authentic products for a reasonable price.

You can also use promotional codes on Amazon. Using these promotional codes, you can also get a discount.  

Is Stickley furniture made by the Amish?

Yes, Stickley Furniture is made in the USA by Amish crafters.

Stickley’s handcrafted Amish furniture closely follows many of the style features which has made Stickley Furniture so popular. For over 60 years, Stickley has been providing handcrafted Amish furniture. All of their Amish furniture is made of solid wood. Most of them are made of quarter sawn oak.

The Amish furniture is constructed by Amish craftsmen with years of experience. These Amish craftsmen make Amish Furniture by shaping and staining lumber. Consequently, Amish furniture has become a unique piece that will last a lifetime.      

Who manufactures Stickley furniture

Who manufactures Stickley furniture?

L. & J.G. Stickley, Inc. is the manufacturer of Stickley Furniture. This manufacturing company is privately owned by Audi Family. Since 1974, L. & J.K. Stickley, Inc. is operating and making all Stickley furniture.

Stickley furniture was founded by the eldest of five brothers, Gustav Stickley. He got inspiration from Stickley Furniture in England. After being inspired by stylish British furniture, Gustav returned home and began making Stickley Furniture in Eastwood.

In 1916, Stickley faced bankruptcy. Consequently, they retired from the furniture business. Under the Audi Family, Stickley furniture is run by the L. & J. G. Stickley, Inc. Currently, the company generates more than $200 million a year.

Who is Stickley owned by?

As mentioned, the Audi family is the owner of Stickley Furniture.

Under the instruction of J.G. Stickley, Inc. all Stickley items are manufactured. But, the investment and the financial support come from the Audi family.

Hence, Stickley Furniture is a privately-owned solid wood furniture manufacturer marketed by the Audi Family.  

Is Stickley furniture real wood?

Stickley Furniture is made of solid wood. According to the Stickley authority, all of their premium items are made of solid, engineered wood. To give a stylish design, they also use veneers over solid wood.

In the material section, Stickley furniture uses premium wood. Their used solid wood is durable and long-lasting.  

How can you tell if the furniture is Stickley?

Following Stickley’s signature mark, you can easily identify Stickley furniture. While purchasing Stickley furniture, first follow the mark of any one of the Stickley Companies.

The mark includes a joiner’s compass shape like an “A”. This marks the Flemish phrase “Als Ik Kan”, which means “to the best of my ability”.

What type of furniture is Stickley?

Stickley is a piece of hardwood furniture. In the US market, Stickley is a well-known furniture maker who makes America’s premium hardwood furniture and fine upholstery.

In designing, they follow simple forms, utility, and honest American hardwoods.