Where is Under Armour Made 2024 – Is It Made in the USA?

Under Armour products are made in over 154 countries and counting.

Plans are underway to move major production, almost 16%, from China to other (mainly) Eastern nations.

where is Under Armour made

Underarmour has grown exponentially since 1996, giving long-running corporations like Nike and Reebok a run for their money.

It’s is a product of Kevin Plank, an ex-fullback at the University of Maryland.

where are Under Armour shoes made

Where are Under Armour shoes made?

Under Armour shoes are made in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

As consumers are becoming more interested in ethical labor standards, fewer Under Armour shoes will be made in China over time.

Generally, it is difficult for Under Armour to keep shoe production in the United States to stay competitive.

Considering production cost, time, and ethical labor standards, Under Armour is shifting its shoe factories from China to Vietnam.

Besides, they have established a major clothing manufacturing hub in Vietnam over the last several years.

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is Under Armour made in USA

Is Under Armour made in USA?

Most of the Underarmour products are not produced in America and fall under the Chinese and Eastern nation production lines.

The sportswear company began with wicked tees for football players in Baltimore- DC area, transitioning in later years to diverse products.

Headquartered in the United States, the company has grown to make its presence felt in several nations and continents across the world; in approximately six various segments.

Who is the manufacturer of Under Armour?

As a global conglomerate, Under Armour boasts distributors in multiple countries across the world, but it remains headquartered in the United States of America. 

Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland where the company produces primarily sports shoes or footwear, along with casual wear and other apparel.

Under Armour distribution locations

Being a company that continues to seek growth in various locations aside from the United States, the company boasts plenty of distributors and marketers in other nations.

The segments making up part of the Under Armour distribution cells include Europe, the Middle East, and Africa or EMEA, parts of Latin America, Canada, and of course North America.

Additionally, there are virtual or electronic subscription options that would also fall under distribution media.

These include Connected Fitness, which allows members to sign up for subscriptions online, along with online marketing platforms. Platforms also include MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, and MapMyFitness.

where is under armour clothing made

Is Under Armour made in China?

China plays host to several global conglomerates, including sources for raw materials and other units for the production of Under Armour products.

A great number of their products come from China, although it needs to be mentioned that this entails parts of the final products, not necessarily final products.

Though the company retains a small chunk of production in China, research shows that Under Armour hopes to move away from China in a few years to come.

According to sources, the plan is to move away from China, leaving only 7% percent of materials sourced from the Chinese.

Essentially, the company plans to move production to parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

It is no surprise that approximately 18 % percent of Under Armour products are made in China, be it to save on production costs or distribution.

After retired president Trump’s trade tensions with China, the company plans to move away from China to explore production possibilities on home soil. This move, known as the Made in America initiative aims to bring most production back home, to Baltimore City.

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where is underarmour made

Is Under Armour made in Sweatshops?

Sweatshops are found in less-developed nations and are primary hosts to minors and other less-privileged workers.

The company has never been involved in such controversy, although having production units in China and other Eastern nations might imply the same.

These production units simply make more economical production possibilities, lessening costs particularly when it comes to labor. According to some sources, however, the company isn’t doing too well in the transparency sector.

When corporations work in various nations worldwide, there is an impending need to practice humanity and refrain from endangering the lives of workers.

This includes not using underage workers, better working conditions, and better pay. According to Fashion Revolution, certain companies, including Under Armour are not disclosing as much information in terms of transparency, for stakeholders to know the goings-on of their production lines.

With growing demand for Under Armour products in the United States and nations worldwide, the company seeks to promote the production of goods at home, rather than outsourcing.

Where are Under Armour factories?

This global powerhouse boasts factories in multiple nations, including of course America. Its satellite companies are to be moved to Eastern nations like Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Almost half of the company’s products come from six main suppliers. These approved suppliers are in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

According to a statement by one of Under Armour’s own, the main manufacturers of their products are in the following nations: El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Vietnam, China, Nicaragua, China, Jordan, Philippines and Indonesia.

Statistically, approximately 65% of production takes place in Asia, 14% in Central America, and 5% is Mexican produced.

A more comprehensive look at the company’s list of factories shows several smaller plants.

These produce footwear and apparel in Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Haiti, Israel, and even Madagascar. Singapore and Turkey aren’t left behind either as the production of footwear and apparel takes off with increasing demand.

In a Nutshell

Under Armour seems committed to providing safe working environments, while producing multi-faceted products aimed at women too.

The company is currently working on a product coined Coldblack, which promises to reflect heat and keep athletes cool. Newer products like Bluetooth modules in shoes promise to keep the company flying high for years to come.