Where is Tabasco Made 2024 – Is Tabasco made Avery Island

Tabasco is an American hot sauce brand. It has massive popularity worldwide for its high range of hotness numbers on the Scoville scale, which is from 10 to 35000.

It has been more than hundred and fifty years since Tabasco started its manufacturing operations. Currently, besides the fundamental Tabasco chili flavor, it has thirteen different types of hot sauces to offer.

Now, let’s find out where this century-old company manufactures its tongue-burning sauces in 2024.

Mcllhenny family manufactures Tabasco sauce in Avery Island, Louisiana, United States. The family has been operating the company for five generations there.

So, we can assume that Tabasco has no intention of changing its factory location any sooner.

Where is Tabasco Made

Avery Island is the only location where Tabasco has a manufacturing plant. From there, the brand supplies its hot sauce all over the world.

Currently, Mcllhenny exports its chili sauce to 195 countries on six continents. Moreover, Tabasco packages its sauce in 36 languages. And all these come from only one place, which is incredible.

Is Tabasco Mexican or American

Is Tabasco Mexican or American?

Tabasco is purely an American brand. People sometimes mistakenly think that Tabasco is a Mexican brand. And there is a reason behind this thought.

Tabasco is the name of a chili pepper species whose scientific name is Capsicum frutescens. This chili species originated in Mexico, making it a Mexican chili pepper.

That is why some think that Tabasco is a Mexican brand.

The American brand uses a Mexican chili pepper because its range on the Scoville scale is very high, from thirty thousand to fifty thousand. It makes this chili pepper species ideal for making hot sauce.

When was Tabasco invented

When was Tabasco invented?

According to Tabasco officials, the company was invented in Avery Island, South Louisiana, in 1868. Edmund Mcllhenny was the inventor of this famous hot chili sauce company.

Edmund Mcllhenny was not a South Louisiana resident from his childhood. When he moved here in his 20s, he realized that the South’s diet was monotonous and bland.

So, Edmund Mcllhenny created chili pepper sauce to add flavor and excitement to food. To make that sauce, he used Tabasco pepper for its intensity.

And guess what? Edmund’s hot sauce’s popularity skyrocketed in its inventing year.

An interesting fact is that Edmund Mcllhenny did not anticipate that his sauce would become globally recognized. Anyways, it is the story of a great company’s establishment.

Is all Tabasco made on Avery Island

Is all Tabasco made on Avery Island?

The answer is yes. Tabasco has only one plant, and that is in Avery Island, South Louisiana, United States. At that factory, the company manufactures all the hot sauce on the market.

You will find its hot sauce on six continents and in 196 countries in total. And all the hot sauce comes from that single place. Just try to imagine how big that single facility is.

Over 250 employees and workers work together at the Tabasco hot chili sauce manufacturing plant. There are even day and night shift schedules for the employees.

Why is Tabasco made on Avery Island?

Whenever someone hears the name Avery Island, the first thing that comes to mind is Tabasco hot sauce. It is an island in South Louisiana and is approximately 2200 acres.

The island is three miles long at its widest point. Around 277 people live here. History of the Mcllhenny family says that Marsh’s son-in-law bought Avery Island.

Later, Marsh’s daughter married one of Mcllhenny’s family members. And that was it. Mcllhenny just came to Avery Island and started its business in manufacturing Tabasco hot sauce there.

After starting a factory, the Mcllhenny family never changed its factory location. Now, Tabasco has become known as the source of Tabasco hot sauce.

where are Tabasco peppers grown

Where are Tabasco peppers grown?

Tabasco hot sauce has a massive consumer demand all over the world. Almost every country has this hot sauce supply.

So, to keep up with market demand, Tabasco has to manufacture a colossal amount of sauce every day. And to produce such an amount of hot sauce, the Tabasco company needs a massive Tabasco chili pepper supply.

Local farming of chili peppers can never cover the amount of production the company does. In the beginning, Tabasco used to cultivate Tabasco chili pepper on Avery Island.

Now, it is not possible to cover the daily production with farming only on Avery Island. In 2022, Tabasco company has to import Tabasco pepper from other countries.

The regions from where the company buys this chili pepper, including

  • South America
  • Central America
  • Africa

Who owns Tabasco now?

As of 2022, Mcllhenny Family is the owner of Tabasco. Besides, this family has been acting as this brand’s owner and governing body since 1868.

Harold Osborn is currently the CEO and president of Tabasco. He is the fifth generation of the Mcllhenny family. In 2019, Harold Osborn became the face of this company and will carry the legacy further ahead.


Hot chili is a great way to receive a tongue-burning sensation. And it also depends on the intensity of chili pepper used in that hot sauce. Any fast food with hot sauce is like a next-level taste.

In this case, Tabasco hot sauce is at the top of the list. The chili used in Tabasco sauce has an intensity level of up to thirty thousand on the Scoville scale. So, it is a perfect sauce for chili lovers.