Where is Streamlight Made 2024 – (TLR, ProTac, Wedge)

Streamlight is a USA-based manufacturer of flashlights. Their production line includes right-angle lights used by firefighters and weapon-mountable lights.

While purchasing flashlights, you must want premium materials and long-lasting batteries used in these flashlights.

Manufacturing location is a key factor for electronic equipment. Let’s find out, where is Streamlight flashlights made.

where is Streamlight made

Where is Streamlight manufactured in 2024:

Most of its products of Streamlight’s are manufactured overseas. Only some of their top-tier lights are assembled in the USA, especially the Stinger and Strion series.

Since 1973, Streamlight has been manufacturing advanced equipment for both military and civilians. Though they are a USA-based manufacturer, most of its items are imported from other countries.

Companies like Streamlight always have extra attention to Chinese laborers and manufacturing facilities.

However, let’s find out where Streamlights manufacture each of its products…

where are Streamlight TLR made


Streamlight TLR is manufactured in the USA.

In the USA-based manufacturing plants, Streamlight manufactures premium flashlights including TLR.

If you want a high-quality weapon-mounted light, the Streamlight tlr-8 will be a great option. Streamlight tlr-8 is a versatile product that can be used for a long time.

The TLR-6 is a combination of a white light and a red laser that mounts on the trigger guard. However, the manufacturer makes these Streamlight TLRs in the USA. Don’t worry about these TLRs’ built-in quality.

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where are Streamlight ProTac made


Streamlight ProTac is manufactured in China and the United States.

In the Chinese manufacturing plant, the manufacturer makes the Streamlight ProTac HL-X. But, they manufacture the ProTac Rail Mount HL-X Long Gun Light in the United States.

The Streamlight ProTac HL-X is comparatively cheaper than other brands. As the production cost of HL-X is low, they can offer it only for $119.45.

Nonetheless, Streamlight doesn’t manufacture all of their ProTacs in China. Some of their ProTacs models are manufactured in the USA.

where are Streamlight wedge made


The Streamlight manufacturer makes its Wedges in both China and the USA. They make premium Wedge lights in the USA.

Below are the key features of Streamlight’s Wedges —

  • 300 lumens
  • Waterproof
  • Runs 3 hours or more
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Designed for clean pocket carry

Being a dimensional brand, Streamlight offers a variety of options in your budget. Hence, you will find both China and USA-made Streamlight products.


Most Streamlight batteries are manufactured in China and France. Nonetheless, they manufacture the Streamlight 3V Lithium Battery in the USA.

Streamlight batteries come with ten years of self-life. Besides, it takes only ten hours for a full recharge.

You will get the same high-power performance from Streamlight lithium batteries as the major brands.

Are all Streamlights made in the USA?

No, all Streamlights are not made in the USA.

They generally make Streamlight flashlights in the USA. Besides, some premium Streamlight accessories are manufactured in the USA.

The most important part of Streamlight flashlights is their batteries. They import most of their battery models from China and France. The premium Streamlight lithium batteries are manufactured here in the USA.

The demand for Streamlight has grown dramatically. Consequently, they need to manufacture some of their products overseas.

Is Streamlight made in China?

Yes, the manufacturer makes the majority of Streamlight products in China.

For low labor costs and business facilities, most companies prefer China to establish their factories. Likewise, Streamlight has factories in China that manufacture batteries, flashlights, and weapon-mounted accessories.

Streamlight offers both cheap and expensive products to hold the market of flashlights. The cheap flashlights or their accessories come from China.

Premium items of Streamlight are manufactured in the USA. Sometimes, they also import their batteries from France.

Hence, Streamlight manufactures its products in numerous countries around the world. They make most batteries and electronic equipment in China.

Who owns Streamlight?

In 1973, Streamlight came as a flashlight manufacturer. Today, the owner of Streamlight, Ray Sharrah, has made it a versatile brand that makes flashlight batteries for hand-held weapon-mounted lights.  

Streamlight has participated in the Apollo Program through its technologies. This brand has a legacy of making world-class products.

All credit goes to Ray Sharrah who has been leading this brand since its birth.  

Does the military use Streamlight?

Yes, the Department of Defense (DoD) Army is using Streamlight products.

Currently, the United States Army and Marines are using MX-991/U flashlights. Fulton Industries manufacture these military-grade flashlights.

Nonetheless, the Department of Defense Army uses Streamlight flashlights. They are also a proud manufacturer of military-grade flashlights.  

Wrap Up

Streamlight is an innovative brand in the laser and flashlight industry. They also lead this market through a variety of collections.

You will get both premium and cheap products from Streamlight as they manufacture their products in numerous countries.