Where Are Sven & Son Beds Made 2024 (With Mattresses)

Sound sleep can easily remove your fatigue. Without a comfortable bed, sound sleep can hardly be imagined.

Sven & Son have done deep research before exposing its business. After intensive research, they solved problems that lag your sound sleep and came out with their new beds.

As a newish brand in the market, you may be concerned about its manufacturing facilities. Let’s figure it out by finding — “Where Are Sven & Sons Beds Made?”

Sven & Son beds are manufactured in Thailand. While manufacturing, they source bedding materials from Egypt to India to Israel.

Production in Thailand allows them to remain competitive in the market.

where are Sven & Son beds made

Thailand is traditionally famous for its bedding craftsmen. According to Thai tradition, the manufacturer often designs the Capsule bed.

Sven & Son has promised to supply the best bedding materials that will enhance your sleep. They source bedding materials from three major countries including —

CountrySourcing Wood by Sven & Son
EgyptMDF or Veneer
IndianSal and Trek
IsraelCedar, Cypress, Yew

After collecting these traditional woods from the circumstance countries, Sven & Sons manufacture their beds in Thailand.

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who makes Sven & Son mattresses

Who makes Sven & Son mattresses?

Sven & Sons is an independent company. The manufacturer of this brand makes Sven & Son mattresses in the USA.

Though Sven & Sons manufactures adjustable bases in Thailand, their mattress factories are located in the USA.

The best thing about Sven & Son mattresses is that it allows you to sit up at a 75-degree angle. This feature can easily resolve your pain issues.  

Sven & Son mattresses are best recommended for those who have lower back pains. These mattresses have zero gravity features that are effective for lower back pains.

In the United States, Sven & Sons invented new features for their mattresses. Hence, they are the proud manufacturer of USA-based mattresses.

Where is Sven & Son located?

Sven & Son is located in Jacksonville, USA.

In the mattress industry, Sven & Son is a young brand. They are a privately-held small company.

Nonetheless, Sven & Son has gained an enormous response from customers. Credit goes to their research team who has discovered problems with the traditional beds.

After manufacturing and assembling all of their products, Sven & Son continue marketing operations from Jacksonville, Florida.

who owns Sven and Son

Who owns Sven and Son?

Josh Swenson is the current president and owner of Sven & Son.

Throughout history, Swenson founded the mattress brand on the idea that everyone deserves to sleep comfortably and restfully.

Under the leadership of Josh Swenson, Sven & Son is grossing annual sales revenue of $5 million.

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Is Sven & Son ethically made?

Sven & Son completes its major production in Thailand. Their factories in Thailand are well established. Their laborers are paid well.

No complaints have been addressed yet regarding child labor or other crisis.

As Sven & Son maintains production guidelines given by the government, the products of this brand are ethically made.