Where is Kincaid Furniture Made 2024?

Kincaid is an American manufacturer of Solid Wood furniture. Since 1946, the company has been providing stylish and quality furniture. If you choose this brand, they will give you personal customer service combining expertise and craftsmanship.

While purchasing Kincaid furniture, the first thing you may search is, “Where is Kincaid furniture made?

Where is Kincaid Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Kincaid furniture made:

Kincaid furniture is predominantly made in its home state of North Carolina.

They make heirloom quality furniture for the home in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Besides, their custom upholstery factory is located in Taylorsville, Alexander County.

Kincaid’s repairs and finishing operations are located in Huston, NC.

Is Kincaid furniture made in China?

Kincaid is an American company. All of its products are manufactured in the US. Our research didn’t find anything about their import policy from China. Besides, they have no manufacturing plant in China. Consequently, Kincaid furniture is not made in China.

Most furniture manufacturers prefer China to establish their factories here. China is traditionally famous for its natural sources of wood. Labor cost in China is also cheap. Hence, you will find many brands providing made-in-China furniture in the market.

In terms of Kincaid furniture, we hardly found this type of issue. Kincaid’s factories are located in North Carolina. Their furniture is made by skilled American craftsmen. Hence, Kincaid is not a Chinese brand.  

Is Kincaid Made in the USA?

Yes, Kincaid is made in the USA. Their upholstery factory is in Taylorsville, Alexander County. Their finishing and repair operations are also located in Hudson, North Carolina.

In 1946, Kincaid was established with a vision of providing stylish furniture to every room of the home. Their furniture products are manufactured by skilled American craftsmen. Kincaid is now America’s one of the leading manufacturers of Solid Wood furniture.  

Is Kincaid Made in the USA

How much does Kincaid furniture cost?

You will find a variety of products in Kincaid’s furniture collection. You can also find a used Kincaid furniture collection for sale. The weighted average price of these used products is $629. However, Kincaid furniture is an affordable brand that may averagely cost you $2k for their premium sofas.

Kincaid deals with the below furniture collection:

  • Bedroom collections
  • Solid Wood Furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Living room tables
  • Dining side chairs
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Sofas

These furniture collections go for a reasonable price. Their furniture collections are worth buying. Have a look at the table below:

Kincaid Furniture ItemPrice Range
Queen Bed$2,654 to $6,656
Dining Table$1,978 to $6,646
Dresser$4,325 to $5,960
Sofas$2k to $2,105

Compared with other furniture brands, Kincaid furniture is an affordable furniture brand.

Where to buy Kincaid furniture?

Kincaid furniture is available both online and in their retail stores. Their giant outlets are located in Illinois, Chambersburg, and outside North Carolina. Besides, their export market is all around including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Visiting their retail stores, you can easily pick your favorite Kincaid furniture. You can also purchase Kincaid furniture through online marketplaces as they sell their products online. They will deliver your desired products anywhere in the world.

Kincaid furniture is available on:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Aibaba.com
  • Wayfair

You can shop for your desired furniture from these platforms. You may prefer Amazon, as they sell verified and authentic products for a comparatively low price. You can use Amazon affiliate promotional codes to get a discount.

Sometimes, they offer huge discounts for certain products. Hence, it has become a famous platform for online shopping.

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Who manufactures the Kincaid sofa?

La-Z-Boy Incorporation currently manufactures the Kincaid sofa.

In 1988, La-Z-Boy purchased Kincaid furniture. Since then, Kincaid sofas have been manufactured under La-Z-Boy Incorporation.

Kincaid’s sofas are manufactured in Taylorsville, Alexander County. It is an American-based furniture manufacturer. The company manufactures its furniture in North Carolina.

While manufacturing Kincaid sofas, they use time-tested joinery techniques that last for generations. Such techniques are known as Tongue and groove, mortise and tenon, and Dove-tailing.

Spending somewhere between $2k and $3k, you can easily afford Kincaid sofas. Before La-Z-Boy, Kincaid was owned by Steve Kincaid. However, Kincaid sofas are currently manufactured by La-Z-Boy Incorporation.

Who is Kincaid owned by

Is Kincaid furniture made by Lazy Boy?

Yes, Kincaid furniture is currently made by Lazy Boy.

La-Z-Boy purchased Steve Kincaid’s Kincaid furniture in 1988. Consequently, La-Z-Boy has become the parent company of Kincaid. Apart from Kincaid, La-Z-Boy is also the parent company of Hammary and American Drew.

Who is Kincaid owned by?

As mentioned, La-Z-Boy purchased Kincaid furniture in 1988. Hence, La-Z-Boy Incorporated has become the proud owner of Kincaid Furniture. Before La-Z-Boy, this furniture brand was owned by Steve Kincaid.

In 1996, J. Wade Kincaid was inducted into the Furniture Hall of Fame.

What kind of wood is Kincaid furniture made from?

Kincaid uses solid wood while manufacturing its furniture. This brand has been built on a philosophy to make wood furniture. Kincaid is generally specializing in solid wood residential furniture manufacturing. They make all exterior panels using solid wood.

How are Kincaid sofas made?

Kincaid furniture is made using the techniques of Tongue and groove, mortise and tenon, and Dove-tailing. They use solid wood to apply these techniques.

Kincaid furniture lasts for a long time. To make their furniture sustainable, they use different unique techniques. Kincaid has earned its customers’ trust in terms of durability. Consequently, these unique techniques have been effective for them.

Is Kincaid Furniture expensive?

In the comparative furniture market, Kincaid may appear as an Expensive brand. But, comparing other key criteria, it will be safe to choose Kincaid. Spending some extra penny, you will get a long-lasting furniture collection.