Where is Thomasville Furniture Made 2024?

Thomasville was a renowned furniture manufacturer based in Thomasville, North Carolina. In 2013, Heritage Home Group purchased the furniture brand and stopped all of its operations in Thomasville.

In 2017, Heritage Home Group reopened its operations into three groups — Thomasville & Co., Drexel, and Henredon Brands.

Consequently, “Where is Thomasville furniture made?” has become a trendy question.

Where is Thomasville Furniture Made

Here is a short answer to where is Thomasville furniture made:

Before the era of Home Heritage Group, all Thomasville furniture was made in Thomasville, North Carolina.

After the acquisition of Thomasville furniture, Home Heritage moved its manufacturing operations to China.

Consequently, you will get both US and Chinese-made Thomasville furniture in the market.

Is Thomasville Made in the USA?

Before the 2000s, Thomasville furniture was manufactured in the USA.

In 2013, the Home Heritage Group purchased Thomasville Home Furnishings. They bought most of that company’s assets. Before that acquisition, Thomasville Home Furnishings was a dedicated furniture manufacturer with more than 400 retail furniture stores.

In Thomasville, North Carolina, Thomasville Home Furnishings manufactured all of its furniture products. They were the proud manufacturer of home furnishings by skilled Americans.  

Is Thomasville made in China?

Yes, Thomasville furniture is currently made in China.

In 2014, Heritage Home Group stopped all the manufacturing operations of Thomasville furniture in Thomasville, North Carolina. It moved its manufacturing operations to China.

Since the 2000s, Thomasville furniture has been manufactured in China. Before the Chinese domination, Thomasville earned an enormous reputation with its 5000 employees at the peak out of a community of 27k.

How much does Thomasville furniture cost?

Thomasville is an averagely priced furniture brand. Considering furniture items, their prices vary between $100 and $10k or even more. You may get a Thomasville sofa for under $1k.

After Heritage Home Group, Thomasville is no longer manufactured by skilled American craftsmen. They have shifted their manufacturing facilities to China. Hence, Thomasville furniture has become a comparatively cheap furniture manufacturer in the market.

You can also purchase used Thomasville furniture from the market. Used Thomasville sofas may cost you below $500. Compared to other furniture brands, Thomasville is an affordable furniture manufacturer.

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Where to buy Thomasville furniture?

Thomasville furniture is widely available. You will find a lot of retail stores where you can easily pick your desired furniture. Besides, Thomasville furniture is available on online marketplaces.

Talking about retail stores, there are 400 retail stores in the US, where you can find Thomasville galleries. Besides, there are 30 Thomasville Home Furnishing Stores that only carry Thomasville products.

Thomasville products are also available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

You can also purchase Thomasville furniture by visiting their web pages. You may prefer Amazon, as they provide authentic products for a discount. Amazon offers promotional codes. Using these promotional codes, you may get a certain amount of discount.

Who manufactures Thomasville furniture?

Furniture Brands International Inc. currently manufactures Thomasville furniture.

In 1995, Furniture Brands International Inc. fully acquired Thomasville Furniture for $339 million. The manufacturer also owns renowned furniture brands like:

  • Lane
  • Maitland-Smith
  • Drexel Heritage
  • Broyhill

Consequently, Thomasville furniture is now made under the instruction of Furniture Brands International Inc.  

What has happened to Thomasville Furniture?

According to a furniture report, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) is planning to purchase Thomasville & Co. from the Heritage Group.

In 2013, Heritage Home Group bought the renowned Thomasville furniture brand. They have become a parent company of Drexel, Thomasville, and Henredon Brands.

In 2017, Heritage sold its prominent furniture brand — Lane Furniture. In the following year, Heritage Home Group planned to sell Thomasville & Co. for an unknown reason.

Authentic Brands Group of New York City has made a bid for Thomasville & Co. The brand has shown new owners several times.

Is Thomasville High end furniture?

Thomasville didn’t produce a large amount of furniture in the archetypal Mid-Century Modern style although it is a mid-20th-century brand.  

In the 2000s, Thomasville began supplying its furniture products from China. As a subsidiary of Heritage Group, Thomasville is no longer manufacturing its furniture products in North Carolina.

They have moved their manufacturing operations to China. Hence, high-end furniture supplies are no longer seen.

Who is Thomasville furniture owned by?

After Heritage Home Group, Thomasville Furniture is currently owned by the Authentic Brand Group (ABG).

In 2013, Heritage Home Group purchased the famous Thomasville furniture. After purchasing the furniture brand, they stopped all manufacturing processes in Thomasville. Later, they established manufacturing plants in China.

However, in 2018, the Authentic Brands Group bought Thomasville furniture from Heritage Home Group. Apart from Thomasville, Authentic Brands Group also purchased Henredon and Drexel Brands from Heritage Home Group LLC.  

Is Thomasville furniture solid wood?

Yes, Thomasville furniture is made of solid wood.

According to the authority of Thomasville furniture, all parts and components of Thomasville furniture are made of solid wood. They offer custom upholstery seat options.

While manufacturing your favorite Thomasville furniture, they use high-performance, pre-catalyzed sealers/lacquers. Consequently, Thomasville furniture lasts for a long time.  

Do they still make Thomasville furniture?

Thomasville still makes its furniture items. Their furniture is still made to order and made to last, by a team of talented and attentive artisans.

Since its establishment, Thomasville has seen several owners. First, it was purchased by Furniture Brands International Inc. Later, the Heritage Home Group bought Thomasville.

Now, it has become a subsidiary of Authentic Brands Group. However, Thomasville still manufactures its items.   

Does Thomasville furniture hold its value?

In production quality, sudden changes have been noticed. Before Heritage Home Group, all Thomasville furniture was manufactured in Thomasville, North Carolina. Later, the Heritage Home Group shifted its manufacturing operations to China.

Consequently, manufacturing quality has changed which has become a concerning issue to the customer.