Where is Duke’s Mayonnaise Made 2024

Duke’s Mayonnaise is an American condiment manufacturer. It is one of the third largest Mayonnaise manufacturers in the United States, followed by Hellman’s and Kraft.

The southern region of America is very fond of Duke’s Mayonnaise. The company does not add sugar, making this mayonnaise healthier than most other brands.

Now, let’s learn where Duke’s manufactures its mayonnaise in 2024.

Falfurrias Capital Partners manufactures Duke’s Mayonnaise in Green Ville, South Carolina, and Kansas.

Where is Duke's Mayonnaise Made

Greenville is the county where Duke’s Mayo started its mayonnaise manufacturing in 1917, which is its establishing year.

As of 2024, Falfurrias Capital Partners is the manufacturer of Duke’s Mayonnaise. But its parent company is C.F. Sauer Company.

In 2017, Falfurrias Capital bought C.F. Sauer Company, making Falfurrias Capital Partners the owner of Duke’s Mayo.

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Where is duke's mayonnaise made in usa

Is Duke’s Mayo Made in USA?

The answer is yes. Duke’s Mayonnaise is an American product, and the company manufactures it in Mauldin. Mauldin is a city in Greenville County, South Carolina.

Besides the manufacturing facility in Mauldin, Greenville, South Carolina, there is another manufacturing plant of Duke’s Mayonnaise in the United States. That other plant is in Kansas.

Duke’s Mayonnaise is more popular in the South than in other US regions. So, its Mauldin production facility has to give more effort than the Kansas manufacturing plant.

Besides being manufactured in the United States, the owner of this Mayonnaise brand is also an American equity firm.

Moreover, in August 1917, Duke’s Mayonnaise started its journey in South Carolina. Two Americans, including Eugenia Duke and Martha, initialized this company. So, you can say that Duke’s Mayonnaise’s base is blended with US history.

Where is duke's mayonnaise made in usa

Is Duke’s mayo made by Hellmann’s?

The answer is no. Duke’s Mayo and Hellmann’s are different brands. However, both brands manufacture mayonnaise and strongly compete with each other in the market.

Falfurrias Capital Partners is responsible for manufacturing Duke’s Mayonnaise. Its primary production facility is in Greenville; you will find it all over the United States grocery stores.

On the other hand, Hellmann’s is not only a mayonnaise manufacturing company but also produces mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, etc. Unlike Duke’s Mayo, Hellmann’s mayonnaise is distributed internationally and is USA’s number one mayonnaise brand.

Hellmann’s was established eight years earlier in 1908 than Duke’s Mayo. As of 2022, Unilever is the owner of Hellmann’s brand.

Who makes Duke’s mayonnaise?

Duke’s Mayonnaise is not an independent company. As of 2022, Falfurrias Capital Partners is the owner of Duke’s mayonnaise. Moreover, it is the manufacturer of this brand’s products.

However, Duke’s was not always under the command of Falfurrias Capital Partners. Duke’s Mayo was initially produced at the home of the Duke family.

However, in 1929, Sauer Company acquired Duke’s Mayo as the Duke’s family could not keep up with market demand. Until 2017, Duke’s Mayonnaise production was under Sauer Company’s control.

But in 2017, Falfurrias Capital Partners acquired Sauer Company. With this acquisition, Duke’s Mayonnaise’s ownership changed.

However, Duke’s Mayonnaise production facility remains the same as before. The location and factory remained untouched.

Are Duke's and Hellmann's the same
Image: Burnt My Fingers

Are Duke’s and Hellmann’s the same?

Duke’s and Hellmann’s both manufacture mayonnaise. However, the mayonnaise the two brands manufacture is different in many respects.

Well, different people are drawn to different brands of the same products for a change in taste. Some people love Duke’s, and some are into Hellmann’s. Variation in mayonnaise’s taste, texture, smell, etc., makes these two different.

The main difference lies in Duke’s and Hellmann’s mayonnaise’s aroma. Duke’s Mayonnaise gives a tarter scent which tends to a vinegary smell. On the other hand, Hellmann’s mayonnaise is neutral and not a sharp aroma.

Besides, Duke’s Mayonnaise tastes lightly salty and lemony. On the other hand, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise tastes more citric, which most people prefer.

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Where is Duke's Mayonnaise sold

Where is Duke’s Mayonnaise sold?

Duke’s Mayonnaise production is only open in South Carolina, United States. However, you will find it almost all across the USA. Besides the country, there are several countries where Falfurrias Capital Partners exports mayonnaise, including

  • New Zealand
  • The Middle East
  • Australia
  • Latin America

Besides the offline grocery, Duke’s sells mayonnaise on its official website. So, you can enjoy delicious mayonnaise sitting at home. Moreover, you would get a ten percent discount for buying from there.

Besides their official website, some other online retailers sell Duke’s Mayonnaise. You would find those retailers on online marketplaces, such as

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Instacart
  • Piedmont Farm And Garden
  • eBay
  • Sam’s Club
  • Big Lots

Who owns Duke’s Mayonnaise?

As of 2023, Falfurrias Capital Partners is the owner of Duke’s Mayonnaise. In 2017, Falfurrias Capital Partners bought Sauer Company and became the owner of Duke’s Mayonnaise.

However, before Falfurrias Capital Partners became the owner of Duke’s Mayo, Sauer Company had been the owner for nearly ninety years.

Though Falfurrias Capital Partners owns Duke’s Mayonnaise, its chief executive officer is William Lovette. He is Sauer Company’s fourth-generation business holder.


Nothing can beat a perfect mayonnaise in a delightful burger or a sandwich. Mayonnaise plays a vital role in restaurants’ mouthwatering receipts or quick preparation of snacks at home.

Among most mayonnaise brands, Duke’s Mayonnaise gives something extra that attracts more taste buds. Checking the taste of its mayonnaise is the only way to find the flavors and texture of aroma that most brands lack.