Where is Dr Pepper Made 2024 – Is Dr Pepper made in USA?

Dr Pepper is a widely popular soda drink production company. In America and worldwide, it is the oldest carbonated beverage manufacturing company. The Coca-Cola Company was founded one year after Dr Pepper’s establishment.

It has been nearly 150 years since Dr Pepper started its journey as a soda drink manufacturer.

Let’s find out where this vintage company produces its beverage in 2024.

Keurig Dr Pepper manufactures soda drinks and bottles in 21 plants all over North America. 19 of 21 plants are in the United States, and two are in Mexico.

Where is Dr Pepper Made

Besides the USA, Dr Pepper distributes its carbonated beverage in countries of Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

Where is Dr Pepper made in the USA?

Dr Pepper has mixed with the history of Texas, United States.

In 1885, the company first produced soda drinks commercially in the Lone Star State. Even now, its production is continued there.

However, the bottling of Dr Pepper soda drinks is not in the company’s control wholly.

Two globally recognized companies are under contract to bottle Dr Pepper’s carbonated beverage to meet the market demand.

The two companies, including

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • PepsiCo, Inc.
Where is Dr Pepper made in Texas

Where is Dr Pepper made in Texas?

In the US, when someone hears Dr Pepper’s name, the first thing that person comes to mind is Texas.

The company is the first in the world to produce a carbonated beverage, and the production process took place in this state.

So, where does this historic company make soda drink in Texas? Let’s find out.

Dr Pepper manufactures soda drinks in Waco, Central Texas. Actually, not the soda drink but the concentrated syrup of Dr Pepper beverage is prepared here.

After that, the company sends the syrup to bottling plants. At those bottling plants, the concentration gets diluted and bottled.

Where is Dr Pepper bottled now?

Dr Pepper manufactures its concentrated soda drink in its manufacturing plant in Waco, Texas.

However, the company does not have a large facility to bottle all the soda drinks it manufactures.

So, Dr Pepper has collaborated with the world’s two mega companies. The companies, include PepsiCo Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company.

For US consumers, Dr Pepper bottles its soda drinks in its bottling plants. 

The company has 19 bottling plants in the United States and two in Mexico. These plants are meant to bottle those soda drinks that would be supplied only in the USA.

For South Korean and European countries, Dr Pepper sends its soda drink concentrate to The Coca-Cola Company for bottling.

On the other hand, the company has collaborated with PepsiCo, Inc. for bottling Dr Pepper beverages for Oceania and Canada.

However, the role of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are only bottling. After the bottling process, Keurig Dr Pepper takes the responsibility of distributing its products to destinations.

Why do Texans drink Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper has blended with Texas culture nicely. In 1885, when a pharmacist named Charles Alderton Pepper created the first soda drink, it became famous for its refreshing taste. The pharmacist named it Dr. Pepper.

However, the reason for being a Texan drink is different. Dr Pepper is the first soda drink manufacturing company established in Texas. It makes Texas people prouder than most other things.

Texas people are very welcoming toward Dr Pepper and is available in every store in Texas. That makes it a typical Texan drink.

Who owns Dr Pepper in the USA?

As of 2022, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group owns Dr Pepper in the United States. This corporation is the American distributor for this soda drink company.

However, Dr Pepper Snapple Group has been a business unit of Keurig Dr Pepper since July 2018. So, in other words, Keurig Dr Pepper is the parent company of this soda drinks company.

Where is Dr Pepper made in the USA

Who owns Dr Pepper outside the US?

Though Keurig Dr Pepper owns and prepares Dr Pepper’s soda drink in the USA, the manufacturer outside the USA is different for different regions.

Two manufacturers are working for manufacturing Dr Pepper, including The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, Inc.

PepsiCo produces Dr Pepper for the regions of Oceania and Canada, and The Coca-Cola Company is the manufacturer for European countries and South Korea.

However, Keurig Dr Pepper reserves the right to distribute this soda drink.

What state is famous for Dr Pepper?

Dr Pepper has a unique flavor that reflects the taste of Texas state, also called the Lone Star State.

It also represents this state to other regions in the United States and countries where the soda drink is being distributed.

Moreover, Dr Pepper has mixed up with Texas culture very deeply. People in Texas generally do not recommend other drinks over Dr Pepper.

Besides this state, whenever someone thinks of the name of Dr Pepper, the first thing he thinks of is Texas. In other words, Texas’ fame has elevated to the next level for this beverage company.

Who makes Dr pepper?

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has been the owner of the Dr Pepper soda drink company since 2008. Again, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group is a business unit of Keurig Dr Pepper.

So, Keurig Dr Pepper is the primary owner of Dr Pepper soda drinks.