Where is Charmin Toilet Paper Made 2024 – Is It in USA?

Charmin is one of the biggest marketers and manufacturers of toilet paper. Since 1928, Charmin has been supplying dust-free and super-soft toilet paper around the world with their motto, “Enjoy the Go ”.

As a widely recognized toilet paper brand, the first thing you should know about Charmin is: “Where is Charmin toilet paper made?”

Charmin Toilet Paper is manufactured in the USA. Its manufacturing plant is located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.

Procter & Gamble manufactures 2.25 billion sheets of Charmin toilet paper annually in its Mehoopany factory.

Where is Charmin Toilet Paper Made

Today, Procter & Gamble is recognized as the best toilet paper manufacturer in the US. According to a report on Statista, 32.64 million people purchased Charmin toilet paper in 2020.

Hence, Procter & Gamble is holding a vast proportion of the US toilet paper market through Charmin.

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Is Charmin toilet paper made in the US?

Yes, Charmin toilet paper is made in the United States. Its factory is located in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.

Charmin is one of the renowned USA-made toilet paper marketers. Its popularity in the United States has grown rapidly. In 2020, 32.64 million Americans used 10 or more rolls of Charmin Toilet Paper 2020.

All of Charmin’s toilet paper is made in an eco-friendly manner. Being the biggest marketer of toilet paper, Charmin collaborated with Arbor Day Foundation to plant 1 million trees between 2020 and 2025.

Besides, Procter & Gamble stopped making Charmin toilet paper from intact boreal forests to prevent global climate change. The USA-made Charmin toilet paper is free from dust. Out of 36 toilet papers, the supple Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper tested positive.  

Hence, Charmin is one of the eco-friendly marketers of toilet tissue in the US.

For your concern, the below brand makes toilet paper in the USA:

  • Charmin
  • Quilted Northern
  • Angel Soft
  • Scott
  • Cottonelle

Before purchasing, be alert of the manufacturing location as every sanitary item is important for our human skin.  

Where is Charmin bath tissue made?

In the Mehoopany manufacturing plant of Procter & Gamble, Charmin bath tissue is made.

Charmin is an American brand of toilet paper. Its bath tissue has gained positive reviews in the market. As a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, Charmin bath tissue is manufactured in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.

According to the reviews of Wirecutter, Charmin bath tissue is foolproof and can tackle the toughest of toilet trips. Besides, the Ultra Strong bath tissue of Charmin left very little lint while testing.

Charmin Ultra Strong bath tissue also showed no pilling or crumbling. Hence, Charmin bath tissue is recommended by experts.

With no doubt, Charmin bath tissue is made in the US. The manufacturer of Charmin toilet tissue has ensured that all bath tissue of Charmin is manufactured here in Pennsylvania, USA.

Where is Charmin Packaged?

After manufacturing, Charmin toilet paper is packaged here in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania.

According to a report from a business insider, Procter & Gamble is running the largest manufacturing operations in their Mehoopany factory. As the company’s products are getting famous, they are gaining a record level of orders from retailers.

Mehoopany factory’s environmental leader, Jose De Los Rios, said that their employees are truly trying to make as many Charmin products as they can. To meet consumers’ demands, they have enhanced their factory facilities.  

In short, Charmin products are packaged in the Mehoopany factory, in Pennsylvania.

Is Charmin toilet paper made in the US

Is Charmin toilet paper made in China?

No, Charmin toilet paper is not made in China. Rather, all of its products are made in the sweetest facility in Pennsylvania, USA.

In 1928, Charmin introduced toilet paper in the United States. It is an American brand of sanitary products.

In 1922, Procter & Gamble established the Charmin Basic manufacturing plant in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. The company makes Charmin’s Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft toilet paper in Mehoopany.

Hence, Charmin is not a Chinese-made toilet paper brand. All of its products are manufactured in the US.

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Who makes Charmin toilet paper?

Procter & Gamble makes Charmin toilet paper in its Pennsylvania-based manufacturing plant.

The manufacturing facility of Charmin toilet paper is known as Charmin Basic. This Charmin Basic has two different manufacturing lines. One of them makes family toilet paper and another one makes commercial toilet paper.

The family one is soft and more absorbent but the commercial one is thinner and stronger. Procter & Gamble makes Charmin toilet paper using the below ingredients:

  • Wood pulp
  • Thickener
  • Softener
  • Bleach
  • Dye
  • Scent

While manufacturing, Procter & Gamble categories Charmin toilet paper under three heads:

  • Soft Toilet Paper
  • Ultra-Soft toilet paper  
  • Ultra-Strong toilet paper

In short, America is one of the biggest manufacturers, Procter & Gamble, makes Charmin toilet paper.

How much does Charmin toilet paper cost?

Charmin toilet paper is an expensive toilet paper brand compared with other brands. Charmin’s Ultra Gentle Mega Rolls will cost you $19.25. Besides, Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper will cost you 5 cents per square foot.

Other USA-based toilet paper brands won’t cost you as much as Charmin. But, they assure you the best quality toilet paper they can.

Have a look at the comparative table where we featured the per square feet cost of numerous toilet paper brands:

ProductCost Per Square Feet
Charmin — Ultra Strong5 Cents
Angel Soft2 Cents
Scott<1 Cent
Cottonelle Ultra-ComfortCare4 Cents
Seventh Generation2 Cents
Silk Soft5 Cents
Kirkland Signature2 Cents
Quilted Northern3 Cents

Where to buy Charmin toilet paper?

By visiting Charmin’s authorized dealers, you can easily purchase Charmin toilet paper. After manufacturing, Charmin supplies its products to its authorized retailers. Generally, you can easily find Charmin toilet paper in any super shop.

Besides, Charmin toilet paper is available on Amazon. Hence, you can purchase Charmin Toilet Paper by visiting Amazon.

Who owns Charmin?

Procter & Gamble owns Charmin. Since 1928, Procter & Gamble has been supplying Charmin toilet paper around the world.

Today, Procter & Gamble is recognized as a $70 billion global corporation in the world. The company currently has 21 subsidiaries including Charmin toilet paper.