Where is Delsey Luggage Made 2024 (Made in USA!)

If you are looking for premium luggage with European aesthetics, you are in the right place. Delsey Luggage can be your next travel partner in this case.

Delsey is a French luggage and travel accessories brand that manufactures luggage in Tremblay-en-France. It is a suburban area in Paris, France. However, this company makes its luggage in China and Indonesia as well.

Where is Delsey Luggage Made

It has been nearly 80 years since Delsey started its luggage manufacturing in France, and it is still making them with quite a reputation. It has also acquired the tag of one of the most reliable luggage brands in the market.

Are you still reading? So, you are curious about Delsey. Let’s dive into the article to learn more about Delsey.

Is Delsey’s luggage made in China?

The answer is yes. Delsey also manufactures its luggage in the Chinese region.

If you consider buying Delsey luggage outside France, you will likely get luggage made in China or Indonesia. Delsey manufactures most of its luggage in these two countries.

So, a question that may come to your mind is, Why? Why would a French company produce its products in China or Indonesia? Well, the answer is simple.

The manufacturing cost of a product in a European country is far superior. Simply, a company cannot deliver a product at a tolerable price with the luxury materials if manufactured in Europe.

Looking at the cost of production, Delsey has established its plants in these Asian countries. However, other brands also follow this strategy. Sometimes, it is about profit and minimizing the cost to make it more affordable.

But you don’t need to worry. Delsey’s luggage quality is top-notch. This has made this company one of the most demanding luggage brands in the world.

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Who manufactures Delsey luggage?

Delsey is the manufacturer of its luggage. It does not sign contracts with third-party producers for its luggage production.

To ensure quality, a self-production facility is a must. Many third-party manufacturers do an excellent job. However, regarding authenticity, there is no exception to owning manufacturing plants.

However, Delsey’s production facilities are not only in France. It has production facilities in China and Indonesia. But again, Delsey’s headquarters is in Paris, France.

Therefore, Delsey can control its production quality easily in French production facilities. However, when it’s about plants abroad, can this company monitor the final quality of the products? What do you think of it?

The answer is yes. Delsey constantly supervises its luggage production in those production facilities as well. When it comes to the quality of the luggage, Delsey strictly follows quality rules.

If the company could not manage its product quality in China and Indonesia, its products would never be at the top of the market. The reason is that Delsey has a reputation for its long-lasting suitcases.

Besides, Delsey’s headquarters instructs the materials and design. There’s no way of using low-quality material for its luggage production. Also, Delsey HQ controls the post-production of its luggage.

Who owns Delsey's luggage

Who owns Delsey’s luggage?

As of this writing, Argan Capital Investors owns Delsey’s luggage.

Delsey first started its business journey in 1946. Emile Delahaye and Seynhaeve brothers were the cofounders of this luggage company. From the name of the co-founders, the company’s name became Delsey.

However, it was a long time ago. But Delsey finally had to go under a Capital firm. On 15 January 2007, Argan Capital Investors took over Delsey. Let’s learn more about this capital firm.

Argan Capital is one of the leading equity firms in Europe. This firm targets mid-market companies to acquire them for further development.

And it is true for Delsey as well. Delsey’s annual revenue has increased significantly after the acquisition. Argan Capital does the development of mid-market companies through the following processes:

  • Upgrading the core processes of the company
  • Industrial transformation
  • Development of the company internationally

Argan Capital’s targeted areas are inside the European region, which includes emerging Europe, the Nordic Region, France, and Italy.

Is Delsey worth buying?

In one word, the answer is YES. Delsey luggage is worth buying. Let me justify my answer.

In this current era, the luggage market is overly saturated. The competition in this area is higher than you can imagine. In this competitive market, Delsey is the second leading luggage brand worldwide after Samsonite.

Indeed, Delsey is offering more than any other luggage brand in the market. Let’s see what has pushed this company to this absolute position.

First of all, the innovative design of Delsey luggage is one of the deal breakers. The partisan with elegant European design has given this brand a massive boost in sales. Besides, Delsey’s zippers are more than 40 times resilient.

The materials Delsey uses in its luggage are generally polycarbonate. However, for rugged luggage, the company uses ballistic nylon as well. These materials make the luggage last forever with proper use.

Besides all these, Delsey is conscious of the environment as well. Most of the company’s raw materials come from recycled plastics. It is a massive commitment to the planet that most companies do not make.

Last but not least, Delsey’s after-sales support is fantastic. The company is committed to covering up most issues that other brands would simply decline. Besides, no user has complained about this company’s after-sales service.