Where is American Tourister Luggage Made 2024?

Are you a travel lover and looking for a suitcase that is durable and reliable but affordable? Then, you have come to the right place. An American Tourister can be your next touring friend.

American Tourister luggage is manufactured in Samsonite’s manufacturing facilities in three countries across the globe. The regions are listed below:

  • India
  • Hungary
  • Belgium
Where is American Tourister Luggage Made

From these facilities, American Tourister distributes luggage in more than one hundred countries worldwide. But again, its headquarters is in Rhode Island, United States, as it is an American brand.

American Tourister has been on tourists’ choice list since the beginning of this company in 1933. All credit goes to its durability, affordability, and reliability.

Well, you are still reading, then. I see you are a curious one. So, let’s dive into the text below to learn more about this luggage company.

Who manufactures American Tourister luggage?

Samsonite manufactures American Tourister’s luggage in its production and assembly plants globally. However, American Tourister has no production facility.

You know that Providence of Rhode Island is famous for American Tourister. It is the birthplace of this widely famous luggage brand. The company had been manufacturing its baggage in that region since 1933.

However, in 1993, American Tourister’s production shifted under Samsonite. As a result, this luggage brand had to discontinue its production in Rhode Island. But the headquarters remained in that region.

The mindblowing designs of American Tourister luggage you see in the market come from this brand’s headquarters. Also, the brand selects the materials for its bags and other products.

But the manufacturing is under the control of Samsonite. Samsonite has assembly plants in three countries in the South Asian region and Europe. But again, the luggage parts are sourced from third-party producers.

As you are reading about American Tourister, you must have heard about this company’s luggage quality, which is top-notch. So you don’t need to worry even though this brand does not manufacture its suitcases.

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Who owns American Tourister’s luggage?

Samsonite International S.A. is the owner of American Tourister. This multinational brand sells American Tourister as a more affordable option under its portfolio.

American Tourister was under Hillenbrand Industries till 1993. However, the business was going rough at that time for this luggage brand. So, the owners of American Tourister decided to sell this company out.

In 1993, Astrum International purchased American Tourister. For this, this international brand spent 70 million dollars in cash and made American Tourister its subsidiary brand.

Astrum International was also the owner of Samsonite. In 1995, Astrum International renamed its company and became Samsonite International. That is how American Tourister officially became a subsidiary of Samsonite International.

Talking about Samsonite, Samsonite International is the largest luggage manufacturer and retailer in the world. In 1910, Jesse Shwayder, a luggage salesman, founded Samsonite’s foundation.

Now, Samsonite International is a registered company, and it is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a public limited company. Besides American Tourister, it has several other brands operating under it, including

  • Samsonite
  • Tumi
  • Gregory
  • Kamiliant
  • High Sierra
  • Hartmann
  • Lipault
  • eBags

What is the quality of American Tourister luggage?

American Tourister is known for its excellent design and durability, along with its competitive pricing. If you are looking for a company with an excellent variety of products, look at American Tourister.

According to Good Housekeeping, American Tourister is second on the international consumers’ choice list. Thus, you can imagine the popularity of this brand’s luggage. So, what made it so famous?

Well, the answer is undeniable. The brand’s luggage quality is so excellent that people cannot resist buying American Toursiter’s products.

American Tourister has a lot of color options from which you can choose for yourself. Besides, it has Disney edition luggage, which has a massive demand on the market.

Talking about the material of American Tourister’s luggage, this brand generally uses polycarbonate rigid cases for its luxury lines. But for the affordable lineups, this brand uses ABS plastics.

Both ABS plastic and polycarbonate are scratch-resistant. Also, most American Tourister bags are water resistant. Therefore, you can be tension-free while traveling to tropical regions.

The best thing about American Tourister is that you get this company’s baggage at a comparatively lower price. While other companies give luggage at a high price with a luxury tag, this brand is doing a generous thing.

Why is American Tourister’s luggage so expensive?

Talking about the pricing, American Tourister is pricey. But compared to other brands, such as Samsonite or Delsey luggage, its pricing is small concerning quality.

American Tourister has hundreds of luggage models, including affordable and luxury ones. However, all those luggage prices range from 50 to 100 dollars.

But on the other hand, Samsonite luggage prices are above 150 dollars. The same goes for brands like Delsey, Tumi, etc.

Comparing the quality of American Tourister with other esteemed luggage companies, American Tourister is asking for less price. Because the features, design, durability, and other parameters are competitively parallel with these renowned brands.

So, even though the American Tourister is expensive, its luggage is worth the money. And the feedback from the users is mostly positive as well.