Where Are Xtratuf Boots Made 2024? – (Revealed)

XTRATUF boots are now only made in China.

From 2008 to 2021, Honeywell manufactured XTRATUF boots in a China-based production plant. After the acquisition, Rocky Brands started manufacturing these boots in China.

Where Are Xtratuf Boots Made

Before 2008, XTRATUF boots were made in the USA, particularly in a Rock Island, Illinois production plant.

Following the acquisition, the company closed its American manufacturing plant and moved to China as part of its business expansion strategy. Hence, the currently available XTRATUF boots in the market are made in China.

Although Alaska Senator Mark Begich wrote a letter to revive the XTRATUF production plant in the USA, the company remained unresponsive due to its global business expansion.

XTRATUF boots were originally designed for commercial fishermen. These boots are waterproof and slip-resistant on boat decks. Besides, their neoprene lining effectively keeps fish oils from penetrating the boots.

What are Xtratufs made of?

XTRATUFS boots are mainly made of neoprene.

It is much softer, lighter, and pliable than ordinary rubber. Neoprene is the key material for the longevity of XTRATUF boots.

However, the company did not disclose details about all materials used and the boot manufacturing process publicly due to their business confidentiality.

Norcross Safety Products LLC first manufactured XTRATUF boots in Rock Island. Later, these boots were commercially manufactured and marketed by Honeywell. Now, XTRATUF boots are widely made by Rocky Brands in China.

XTRATUF is currently a leading supplier of neoprene boots in the United States, particularly for commercial fishermen in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

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What happened to XTRATUF quality?

Customers have observed a mighty change in the quality of XTRATUF boots after moving the production plant from the USA to China.

They claimed that China-made XTRATUF boots are not as much as high-performance and durable as US-made boots. The quality of the footwear has suffered following the relocation of the production plant.

Why do Alaskans wear XTRATUF boots?

Alaskans wear XTRATUF boots because the boots align well with the demands of Alaska’s diverse and challenging environment. XTRATUF boots provide a combination of durability & functionality and perform exactly as Alaskans expect for daily use.

The unparalleled quality, comfort, and excellent grip make XTRATUF boots different from other rubber footwear available on the market. XTRATUF boots have protected the people of Alaska since the 1950s against harsh weather conditions.

They are a great option for waterborne athletes and commercial Alaskan fishermen seeking protection and the convenience of ready-to-go styling features.

Keeping multiple generations safe and dry on the boat decks, XTRATUF boots have become a reliable partner to the Alaskans. These boots are really well-suited for Alaska’s people who live & work there in challenging weather conditions.

XTRATUF boots are especially popular in coastal areas and among fishermen. These boots became a symbol of unparalleled resilience for the people of Alaska.

Who owns XTRATUF

Who owns XTRATUF?

Rocky Brands, Inc. currently owns XTRATUF.

It has acquired Honeywell International Inc., including The Original Muck Boot Company & XTRATUF for $230 million in 2021. Due to the acquisition, the portfolio, sales, and profitability of the XTRATUF footwear brand significantly increased.

XTRATUF has been sold a couple of times since the 1980s. Norcross purchased the footwear brand in 1985 from Goodrich. Later, Honeywell acquired XTRATUF in 2008 from Norcross Safety Products LLC.

Finally, XTRATUF was acquired by the Ohio-based footwear company Rocky Brands, Inc. In that case, Rocky Brand has owned XTRATUF footwear for the past two years.