Where is Bama Mayonnaise Made 2024? – (Revealed)

If you are a mayonnaise lover, you must have heard about Bama mayonnaise. Bama is a leading mayonnaise brand in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

C.F. Sauer manufactures Bama mayonnaise in Greenville, Alabama. On the other hand, GB Foods produces this mayo for the Nigerian region in Sango, Ogun State of Nigeria.

Where is Bama Mayonnaise Made

Around 80 years ago, Bama mayonnaise first came to the food market of the United States. At that time, it was a product of only Alabama.

However, time has changed. Now, you will find it in various states of the US and Nigeria.

Are you curious to find out more about Bama mayonnaise? Read the following text to learn more about this nearly century-old mayonnaise company.

Bama mayo made in Alabama

Is Bama mayo made in Alabama?

Yes, Bama mayonnaise is made in Alabama. Moreover, it is the only state in the US where this mayonnaise is produced.

The name Bama came from the name of Alabama state. Eighty years ago, mayonnaise makers began selling Bama mayo in the Alabama market. The mayonnaise’s taste was so mouth-smoothing that it became the leading brand in Alabama.

Thus, after winning the hearts of Alabama citizens, Bama Mayonnaise came to Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. It became the leading mayonnaise brand of all these states and still is.

But all the Bama mayonnaise is made in C.F. Sauer’s Greenville plant in Alabama. So, just imagine how busy the plant is every day, 24 hours.

Though Bama Mayonnaise is now made in Greenville, Alabama, the plant was in a different location previously. Don’t worry. The previous plant was also in Alabama.

Previously, C.F. Sauer Foods’ food processing plant was in Birmingham, Alabama. There, the company produced Bama mayonnaise. However, the company shifted its plant to Greenville for some reason.

Besides Alabama, Bama mayo is also made in Nigeria, Ogun State. It is for Nigerian citizens. But don’t worry. If you buy from the US market, you will have the original taste of Alabama from Bama Mayo.

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Bama Mayonnaise Made in usa

Which company produces Bama?

Two companies manufacture Bama mayonnaise, including C.F. Sauer Foods and GB Foods.

The Bama mayonnaise you buy from the market in the US comes from C.F. Sauer’s plant. On the other hand, GB Foods manufactures this mayonnaise for the Nigerian region. Let’s learn about these companies a little bit more.

C.F. Sauer Foods is nearly a hundred and forty years old company. In 1887, Conrad Fredrick Sauer founded this food products company in the United States. Currently, this company’s headquarters is in Richmond, Virginia.

Bama Mayo is not the only food brand under the Sauer company. Duke’s Mayonnaise and Sauer’s Vanilla Extract are two other successful lineups of this company.

And among those lineups, Bama Mayo was one. However, C.F. Sauer is one of many parties to produce Bama mayonnaise. GB Foods has also started making Bama mayonnaise.

GB Foods’ Bama Mayo is not for the United States. This company manufactures the mayonnaise in its Nigerian plant for that region’s consumers.

This mega company started producing Bama mayonnaise for Nigerian citizens on 20 April 2020. For this, GB Foods began a manufacturing plant in Ogun state of Nigeria. In this way, the company can locally produce the mayonnaise.

Not to mention, GB Foods is an 85-year-old Spanish company. This company is a part of Agrolimen Group. In 1937, Lluis Carulla i Canals founded GB Foods, and now it operates in 70 countries on four continents.

Did Sauer start Bama Mayo?

Sorry, but the answer is no. Bama mayonnaise was a food line of the Bama Company. Bama Company was a Birmingham-based company.

Alex N. Chappell founded Bama Company in 1913. At that time, it produced peanut butter, jelly, jam, etc. The mayonnaise lineup of this company came later in the 1930s.

Later on, Welch Foods took over Bama mayonnaise and started producing under its brand. However, the acquisition lasted only a short time.

In 1996, C.F. Sauer acquired Bama Oils from Welch Foods. After the acquisition, Sauer started the line of mayonnaise, sandwich dressing, etc., lineups. And that is how we got this modern Bama mayonnaise lineup.