The 4 Hats Made in USA 2024 (Revealed With Details)

Hats Made in USA

Hats made in the USA are best known for traditional quality craftsmanship, innovation, and style. If you want to buy an American-made hat, this article will help you find your favorite one.

Only 4 companies manufacture hats in the United States.

Some well-known brands that produce hats in the United States include Stetson, Gamine Workwear, Bailey, and Cali Headwear.

US-made hats ensure the highest quality that lasts longer than an imported hat. Moreover, buying an American-made hat means supporting the local craftspeople and the American national economy.

Now, let’s learn more about each of these brands.

Stetson hat


Stetson is an American company that specializes in manufacturing legendary quality and stylish hats in the industry. It has a wide range of hat collections, including Felt hats, Felt Fedoras, and Western hats.

Hatco, Inc. manufactures Stetson hats in Garland, Texas, USA. Skilled American craftspeople are responsible for manufacturing quality hats built to last long.

Stetson hats ade in usa

Every Stetson hat is not only functional but also a fashion statement. They are ideal for their excellent protection features that protect from sun & rain. Besides, they are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.

Bozeman Outdoor Hat is a popular hat of the Stetson company. It is entirely hand-made from high-quality wool.

Gamine Workwear

Founded in 2014, Gamine Workwear is an iconic hat-manufacturing brand in the USA. Besides hats, the company also manufactures shorts, dungarees, thermals, vests, and bibs.

Gamine Workwear offers various hats, including Farm hats, Savoy, Boro, and Ranger hats. All Gamine Workwear hats are made in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Gamine hats made in usa

SIMON is a best-selling hat of Gamine Workwear, which is hand-blocked in Portland. It could be an ideal choice for your outdoor activities. It provides more protection than a ball cap.

Bailey hat


Bailey is one of the oldest American companies offering US-made hats since 1922. The company has gained massive fame due to its long-lasting and sophisticated-looking hats.

Bollman Hat Company manufactures Bailey hats in a factory located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Bailey hat collections include Fedoras, Western & Cowboy hats, Straw, and other Wool hats.

Bailey hats made in usa

These hats are made of fur felt, wool felt, leather, genuine Panama, and other luxury fibers. They are comfortable to fit with the head. However, Bailey hats are versatile and perfect for various occasions or events.

MADOC and CAPROLE are two popular hats in Bailey’s hat collections. They are stylish as well as comfortable.

Cali hat

Cali Headwear

Cali Headwear is a US-based company renowned for manufacturing quality hats. Currently, it is a leading manufacturer of Camper hats, Bucket hats, Snapback hats, and Corduroy hats.

USA Classic “Dad Hat” – US30 is a US-made hat of the Cali Headwear company. It is made in Los Angeles, California.

Cali hat made in usa

This hat features a low crown, cotton twill, curved bill, and adjustable slide closure. You can wear this hat on any occasion; it could be the next baseball game.

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Final Word

Choosing hats made in the USA means you are getting a stylish accessory, supporting local American industry, and contributing to the national economy.

While the US market is overflood with mass-produced hats from various companies worldwide, some brands like Stetson, Gamine Workwear, Bailey, and Cali Headwear offer US-made hats.

So, if you are interested in buying the highest-quality hats by supporting domestic manufacturing, you can choose the expected hat from any of these brands given on the top.