Where are Xbox Made 2024

Xbox is recognized as the first major console produced by an American company. Classified as the sixth-generation console, Xbox competes with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s GameCube.

In November 2001, the original Xbox was released by Microsoft. In 2021, 808.5k Xbox was sold! As a renowned home video game console, the first thing you should know is, “where is Xbox made?

where are Xbox made

Where is Xbox manufactured in 2024

Xboxes are manufactured in the sweetest factories in China, Mexico, and Hungary. Partnering with BesTV, Microsoft is releasing their latest Xbox series that is completely made in Shanghai, China.

To be more specific, let’s find out where are these Xbox series made:

Xbox modelsCountry of Manufacturing
XboxMexico, China, and Hungary
Xbox 360China
Xbox 360 SChina
Xbox 360 EMexico and Hungary
Xbox OneShanghai, China
Xbox One SShanghai, China
Xbox One XAssembled in the USA and manufactured in China
Xbox Series XChina
Xbox Series SChina

As of 2022, there are four generations of Xbox. Have a look at the Xbox models:

  • First Generation: Xbox (2001 – 2009)
  • Second Generation: Xbox 360 (2005 – 2016)
  • Third Generation: Xbox One (2013 – 2020)
  • Fourth Generation: Xbox Series X and Series S (2020 – Present)
where is the Xbox series S made

Where is the Xbox Series S made?

The Xbox Series S is made in Shanghai, China. Flextronics and Foxconn are the main manufacturers of Xbox Series S. Xbox Series X and Series S are the most recent models developed by Microsoft.

As the latest creation, the Xbox Series S contains some amazing features. With the custom SSD, the game loads significantly faster. 

With the advanced technology, the Xbox Series S can let you switch between different games and continue instantly from where you left off. 

Xbox Series S is remarked as the most affordable and efficient next-generation machine. Xbox Series S offers both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for gaming.

You won’t find an optical drive in the Xbox Series S. Hence, it can’t play the physical edition of games or Blu-ray discs.

In storage capacity, the Xbox series s features 512GB SSD. The SSD speeds have made the Xbox Series S a far better console for video gaming.

In most games, the massively boosted CPU can lead to higher frame rates. For streaming video, the Xbox series S upscales to 4k.

is Xbox American made

Is Xbox American made?

Xbox One X was assembled in the United States. But, it was manufactured in China. Generally, Xbox models are made in Mexico, China, and Hungary. These are not manufactured in the USA.

Microsoft Corporation is the developer of Xbox. Before Xbox, Microsoft found success publishing video games for its Windows PCs.

When Sony began dominating the home console market of video games, Microsoft introduced Xbox. As of 2006, 24 million units of Xbox were sold.

Witnessing the success of Xbox, Microsoft launched its second Xbox model. As of October 2021, 86 million units of Xbox have been sold.

Microsoft has introduced four generations of Xbox models. All of these models have been manufactured in China. The latest Xbox models are also made in Shanghai, China.

The headquarters of Xbox is located in the United States. Nonetheless, all Xbox models are China-made.

Combat between Xbox and PlayStation is still running. Xbox is popular in the UK and North America.

Are Xboxes made in China?

Yes, Xbox is predominantly made in China.

The recent partnership with BesTV has convinced Microsoft to establish its manufacturing plants in Shanghai, China.

Consequently, the latest models of Xbox are manufactured here in China. Xbox’s major competitor, Sony PlayStation, is also manufactured in China.

China is traditionally famous for making video game consoles. Most of the major video game systems have been manufactured in China. In 2019, 96% of all video game consoles were manufactured in China.

Because of low labor costs, console industries in China are rapidly growing. The gaming industry in China is also the largest one.

However, Microsoft makes 36.92 billion selling China-made Xbox in the United States.

Is the Xbox made in Mexico?

The majority of Xbox models are made in China. Nonetheless, the first-generation Xbox was manufactured in Hungary, Mexico, and China.

Based in the United States, Xbox is a product of Microsoft. The majority of Xbox models are made in China as the labor cost is low.

Nonetheless, Microsoft established a factory in Guadalajara, Mexico for mass production and revising the design of the Xbox. They got help from Flextronics in this regard.

In 2021, Mexico’s exports of gaming consoles amounted to more than $347 million. Have a look at Mexico’s exports of gaming consoles from 2017 to 2021:

Exporting YearAmount
2017$355.06 million
2018$330.67 million
2019$265.82 million
2020$201.75 million
2021$347.23 million

Hence, Mexico makes a healthy amount of fortune exporting video game consoles.

which company makes Xbox

Which company makes Xbox?

Flex Ltd. makes Xbox.

In the world, Flex Ltd. is the third largest multinational company that makes electronics products. This company is an American Singaporean multinational company.

In 2022, Flex Ltd. grossed 26.04 billion in sales revenue. The company’s total asset was reported as $19.33 billion.

Flex Ltd. grew the $93 million market of Xbox to $15 billion! Under Flextronics, Xbox has shown a dramatic change in its gaming features.  

who is the manufacturer of Xbox controllers

Who is the manufacturer of Xbox controllers?

Microsoft is the manufacturer of Xbox controllers.

In November 2001, Microsoft first released the Xbox. They are the developers of Xbox. Though Flextronics makes the Xbox, the controllers are produced by Microsoft.

In 2000, Microsoft introduced the Xbox controller. The first-generation Xbox controller was nicknamed “The Duke”.  


Xbox is a famous home video gaming console, especially in the United States and the UK. More than 100 million people in the US have Xbox. They have a market share of 53% in the United States.

Though Sony’s PlayStation is still dominating the console market, Xbox has enormous popularity in the US and UK.