Where Are WORX Tools Made 2024? – (Revealed)

WORX tools are solely made in China. It has a manufacturing facility in Suzhou. All WORX tools are designed in Italy.

Where Are WORX Tools Made

The tools line is most renowned for its assortment of lawn and garden tools including trimmers, lawnmowers, aero carts, and hydroshots. Every WORX tool is innovative, versatile, high-performance, and long-lasting.

At present, WORX’s main corporate office in North America is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Closer to its American corporate office, WORX has a large distribution center in Huntersville.

Although WORX’s whole tool line is predominantly made in China, the United States is its largest consumer market. Keep on reading this article to learn more about this brand.

Who makes WORX tools?

Positec Tool Corporation, known as Positec makes WORX tools in China, particularly in a Suzhou-based factory. It is one of the world’s largest power tools manufacturers based in China.

The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative and high-efficiency power tools and garden equipment. Many skilled professionals are spending countless hours making the finest tool available in the market.

They manufacture power tools, keeping in mind that they are for skilled professionals and advanced DIY crafters. Every tool is meticulously crafted and goes through a rigorous quality test before marketing.

Positec hired an Italian designer named Paolo Andriolo to design ergonomic products for itself, with a particular focus on WORX tools.

However, WORX tools are generally made from a combination of cutting-edge materials such as metal alloys, plastics, steel, and electronic components.

Who is the owner of the WORX Company?

Positec Tool Corporation is the current owner of the WORX company. It is a privately held Chinese company founded by Don Gao.

The WORX tools line was introduced by Positec in 2004 in China. Following the year, Don Gao collaborated with an American businessman and owner of the Rockwell brand to extend WORX tools in the USA.

In early 2007, Positec first marketed the WORX GT electric trimmer in the United States. Over the years, WORX became a reliable supplier of power tools in the American industry.

Is WORX a good tool brand?

Yes, WORX is undoubtedly a good tool brand in the current tool market. It offers a range of good quality products that come with various user-friendly features.

As a part of the Positec Tool Corporation, WORX is very concerned about its products’ performance and never compromises their quality.

Remarkably, customers have expressed satisfaction with WORX tools’ durability, quality, and longevity. It became one of the leading power tool suppliers in the USA within a decade.

WORX offers hassle-free return options. Hence, you can quickly return the defective products. The company has gained enormous popularity in the USA through powerful and high-capabilities tools.

Additionally, WORX offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its every product. WORX tools come with a 3 to 5-year warranty. They also provide expert in-house agents to assist you in using these tools.

If you are looking for reliable power tools for daily use in your garden or other outdoor work, WORX is an excellent choice for your needs. 

Is WORX still in business?

The answer is “Yes.” WORX is still in business.

WORX has no plan to close its business or manufacturing facilities this year. On the contrary, it is undergoing a significant expansion mode.

Positec, the parent brand of WORX, has been manufacturing and selling WORX power tools and outdoor power equipment continuously since 2004.

They continue researching and developing new tools instead of going out of business. Additionally, they change business strategy yearly as part of their business objectives.

WORX strives to deliver great value for customers with the highest quality product range available in the industry. As a result, WORX has solidified its reputation in the innovative power tools market.