Where Are Thuma Beds Made 2024

In this modern era, colorful design and strong support have become a crying need for bed frames. In this regard, Thuma bed has it all.

Thuma is confident about their solid wood to last a lifetime. Besides, their beds are capable of bearing 1500 lbs plus weights.

Hence, you may be curious about their manufacturing process and facilities. Let’s find it out…

Thuma beds are manufactured in Vietnam and the United States. They design its bed frame style in San Francisco.

Later, Thuma manufacturers fabricate these stylish designs in Vietnam and the United States.

where are Thuma beds made

Don’t worry about its size. Thuma Bed Frames come in —

  • Twin Size
  • Queen Size
  • Full Size
  • King Size
  • California King Size
  • Daybed Size

You can easily configure daybed sizes to your liking as they come with three PillowBoards.

However, skilled craftsmen in the United States and Vietnam manufacture these stylish and sturdy bed frames.

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Thuma beds made in the USA

Are Thuma beds made in the USA?

The answer is YES. Thuma makes their bed frames in the USA.

Thuma bed is easy to set up. The modern functions of the Thuma bed are designed in San Francisco, USA.

Using solid wood, Thuma generally makes their bed frames in the USA and Vietnam. In the United States, Thuma has manufacturing facilities in San Francisco.

Consequently, Thuma can offer you USA-made bed frames. Made-in-Vietnam bed frames are also good in quality.

Thuma beds are probably the best sturdy frames available in the market regardless of their manufacturing locations.

What wood is Thuma bed made from?

According to Thuma manufacturers, they use wood from rubber tree plantations that are located close to their factories.

Besides, they use solid, repurposed wood for their flagship platform bed frames.

You don’t need to use any tools to assemble Thuma bed frames. These bed frames can be interlocked with just two hand-tightened screws.

In Vietnam, Thuma uses rubber wood in their factories. Rubberwood is an excellent hardwood for bed frames and furniture.

Rubberwood is often compared with America’s Oak or Maple. Besides, Rubberwood is the most cost-effective option for making furniture and bed frames.

Hence, Thuma bed frames are more affordable and Eco friendly.

is Thuma ethical

Is Thuma ethical?

Thuma’s factory partners in the United States and Vietnam hold themselves to high ethical standards.

We hardly found environmental bad effects from Thuma. They use Eco-Friendly materials for Thuma bed frames. Besides, Thuma factories are well recognized.

Laborers in Thuma factories are paid well. No crisis has been reported yet against Thuma. Hence, Thuma maintains ethical standards.

Where is Thuma bed company located?

Thuma bed company is located in San Francisco, United States.

In the furniture industry, Thuma is well recognized. Though they manufacture the majority of their bed frames in Vietnam, distribution is done from San Francisco.

Thuma holds a large market in the United States. Hence, they have chosen San Francisco to operate throughout the United States.

who owns Thuma

Who owns Thuma?

Reed Kamler is the Co-founder and the current CEO of Thuma. He owns the vast portion of Thuma.

In 2017, Reed Kamler and his friend founded Thuma. Under his leadership, Thuma has become a $10 million private business in the United States.