Where Are KraftMaid Cabinets Made 2024 – The Truth!!

KraftMaid cabinets are high-quality and durable with unmatched premium construction and cabinet features.

The company is considered the leading manufacturer in making “semi-custom” cabinets across the United States.

This American brand constantly works to improve its products. Now, let’s find out; “Where KraftMaid cabinets are manufactured right now.”

KraftMaid cabinets are manufactured in Canada and the USA. Its headquarters is based at 15535 South State Avenue, Middlefield, Ohio 44062.

where are KraftMaid cabinets made

The brand assembles cabinets only for the bath and kitchen and provides an elegant look. KraftMaid manufactures products after having orders from customers. After 100 orders, the company manufactures 100 different finishes and styles.

Are KraftMaid cabinets made in the USA?

Yes, KraftMaid cabinets are made in the USA. The brand is making its cabinets with the collaboration of “Masco Retail Cabinet Group”. The factory is placed in Middlefield.

For over 45 years, KraftMaid is holding the number one position in manufacturing semi-custom cabinets.

Today, the company is leading more than 46 furniture-quality finishes and 100 trends in door styles.

Who makes KraftMaid cabinets?

“Masco Retail Cabinet Group” is the maker of KraftMaid cabinets.

KraftMaid has announced a famous anchor company of the Masco Retail Cop. Masco Retail is considered the world’s most successful manufacturer for the family and home.

Masco Cabinetry organization is made up of three popular cabinetry brands, including Merillat, Quality Cabinet, and KraftMaid.

This Cabinetry organization announced moving its corporate headquarters to Arrowhead Drive, Ann Arbor Township, Michigan.

In 2010, Masco Corporation was declared the leader of the cabinet business in North America. Later the corporation combined its two renowned cabinet companies named Masco Builder Cabinet Group (Quality Cabinet, DeNova, and Merillat) and Masco Retail Cabinet Group (KraftMaid).

350 employees work in Masco’s headquarters and the number is increased by 100 more. Besides cabinetry products, Masco equally manufactures;

  • Behr paint
  • Delta and Hansgrohe faucets
  • Milgard Windows
  • Doors
  • Verve lighting systems
  • Bath and shower fixtures.

Are KraftMaid cabinets real wood?

Yes, KraftMaid cabinets are made of real wood. Indeed, KraftMaid uses maple wood, oak, and pine wood. Besides real wood, the company uses plywood and MDF for manufacturing its cabinets.

In terms of cabinetry, it always offers the best manufacture, door material, storage options, and quality of construction. There are three types of cabinetry made by KraftMaid. They are;

  • Shop or Custom Build Cabinetry
  • Production or Stock Cabinetry
  • Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Plywood provides the cabinets with better strength and is easy to paint. For finishing purposes, KraftMaid receives the aid of DuraKraft. Standard construction retains a genuine birch woodgrain laminate.

Every cabinet maker constructs its cabinet boxes by applying Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) or particle board. MDF gives KraftMaid cabinets extra strength, durability, and sturdier. This wood-like board supports the cabinets from water damage.

The natural birch is supplied after the upgradation of all Plywood is completed. KraftMaid uses ¾ solid wood for maintaining its strength. This solid wood is attached to the four sides of a cabinet.

Who sells KraftMaid cabinetry?

Masco Retail Group has been selling KraftMaid’s cabinets since 1990. KraftMaid cabinets are available in Canada, Guam, and the US. These three countries have the company’s own distributor. You can easily buy its cabinets through;

  • The Home Depot
  • Local Dealer
  • KraftMaid Distributor
  • Lowe’s

The company usually manufactures kitchen and bath cabinets. They are handmade but ensured to the highest standards, contain a long-time warranty, and are fit for households. The cabinets are affordable too especially compared with other brands’ products.

Ordering kitchen cabinets cost around $7000 to $20,000. But appliances and countertops are included here. After ordering its products, the company takes three or four weeks to deliver.

Wrap Up

KraftMaid Cabinetry serves its consumers to create the bath and kitchen of their dreams. Durable and attractive products are supplied by KraftMaid Cabinetry which maintains a satisfactory performance.

So, when someone is searching for cabinets for their kitchen or bath and want to set up a modern home, KraftMaid Cabinets are always the best option for them.