Where Are Orthofeet Shoes Made 2024 – Made in USA?

Orthofeet shoes are made in Southern China.

Orthofeet is a medical footwear brand specializing in orthotic shoes for various foot issues.

where are Orthofeet shoes made

Finding the best possible solutions related to the foot, Ron Bar established this footwear brand. Since 1973, Orthofeet has been manufacturing quality shoes that are very helpful for foot issues.

Orthofeet shoes are especially recommended for those suffering from foot or mobility issues. These shoes are best purchased in the United States.

The styles of Orthofeet shoes may vary, but they are the most suitable for the older age bracket.

However, you will find a handsome collection of Orthofeet in the market. This footwear brand offers:

  • Sneakers
  • Casual Shoes
  • Orthotic Dress Shoes
  • Orthotic Sandals
  • Orthotic Boots
  • Orthotic Slippers

In the finest manufacturing plants, Orthofeet manufacturers use soft genuine leather with stretchable elements to give the perfect shape to their products.

Apart from leather, the manufacturers also use padded foam with extra foam padding in the collar and tongue.

In detail, our research found the use of the below materials in Orthofeet shoes:

  • Leather
  • Padded foam
  • Cork
  • Felted Fabrics
  • Stretchable elements

You will also find the below features in Orthofeet shoes:

  • Extra width across the midfoot and toe box
  • Lightweight
  • An anatomical last
  • Air and Water Permeability
  • Breathable and protective lining
  • Ability to be easily shaped

The circumstance features of Orthofeet shoes have made them the best shoes for sensitive feet.

The manufacturers of Orthofeet shoes have confirmed that each pair of these shoes are biomechanically engineered with unique comfort features.

Besides, the manufacturers use lightweight and mild rocker bottom designs in Orthofeet shoes that soften impacts and help facilitate foot motion.

In short, Orthofeet manufacturers use suitable materials for sensitive feet in Orthofeet shoes. The corresponding manufacturers give the shape of Orthofeet shoes in Southern China.

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are Orthofeet Shoes American made

Are Orthofeet Shoes American made?

The answer is NO. Orthofeet shoes are not made in America.

Since 2013, Orthofeet has gone through major changes. They have moved their production facility to Southern China.

From 1973 to 2013, Orthofeet had been manufacturing its shoes in the United States. But, they transferred their production facility from the United States to Southern China in 2013.

We are still determining the reason behind the shifting production facilities of Orthofeet Inc. Possibly, the corresponding authority has decided to transfer their production facilities to reduce the production cost.

We all know that the production cost in China is comparatively low. Top-rated footwear brands like Nike and Adidas have manufacturing facilities in Chia.

Following the strategic marketing policy, Orthofeet manufactures its shoes in Southern China.

Thus, Orthofeet shoes are not made in America.

Who makes Orthofeet Shoes?

In 2010, Orthofeet merged with Equis Capital Partners. Under the leadership of Orthofeet Inc., all of its shoes are manufactured in Southern China.

Throughout history, Ron Bar and his brother Michael Bar founded Orthofeet shoes in 1983. Ron Bar is a biomedical engineer who graduated from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

On the other hand, Michael Bar is a mechanical engineer. These two brothers first launched the Orthofeet shoes considering sensitive foot issues.

Thus, Orthofeet is said to be medical footwear.

However, Orthofeet has a partnership with Equis Capital Partners. Equis Capital generally invests in Orthofeet Inc.

In terms of production, Orthofeet Inc. itself makes all of its products in advanced manufacturing plants. The company doesn’t have any parent organization.

Today, Orthofeet makes $5.9 million in sales revenue every year!