Where Are Kizik Shoes Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Kizik shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

On the contrary, the necessary materials for the shoes of this brand are produced in the USA, China, and Italy.

For instance, Kizik shoes are mostly made from full-grain Italian leather.

Where Are Kizik Shoes Made

Kizik stepped into the footwear market in 2019 with some innovative and unique features of products.

Apart from stylish shoes, Kizik also makes numerous products and added to its product lines including,

  • T-shirts
  • Socks
  • Cleaning kit

Although Kizik is a new footwear brand in the retail market, it is available in more than 15 locations in several states nationwide.

Kizik and other well-known brands manufacture their shoes in China due to low labor costs and low production costs in world-class manufacturing plants.

However, we mostly found Vietnam-made Kizik shoes online. Consequently, Vietnam is considered the major shoe manufacturer for the Kizik brand.

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are Kizik shoes made in the USA

Are Kizik shoes made in the USA?

No, Kizik shoes are not made in the USA.

Though Kizik is a USA-based footwear brand, most of its products are made in Vietnam. Apart from Vietnam, some Kizik shoes are made in China as well.

We could not find American-made Kizik shoes online. Kizik shoes are extensively manufactured in Asia, mostly in Vietnam.

By introducing a new category of shoes in the USA, the footwear startup has been paving the way for the future of the shoe industry for the last 3 years.

Who makes Kizik shoes?

Kizik shoes are manufactured in Asia following the instruction of its parent brand HandsFree Labs Inc.

It has multiple third-party manufacturers in China & Vietnam. They have been manufacturing Kizik shoes for the past couple of years.

The company has creative & engineering teams for manufacturing top-quality shoes. The manufacturers make Kizik shoes individually for men, women, and Kids.

Every pair of shoes goes through more than 30,000 compression tests for ensuring the best experience at the time of walking or running.

The specialty of Kizik shoes is their materials & HandsFree footwear technology. These shoes are made of the highest-grade materials such as,

  • Top grain leather
  • Rubber
  • Recycled plastic

Is Kizik an American company?

The answer is “Yes.” Kizik is an American company that manufactures footwear products.

Its corporate office is located at Lindon, Utah 84042, USA. In 2019, the footwear brand was founded by Michael Pratt in Alpine.

Despite being an American brand, its products are manufactured outside of the United States. But the USA is the biggest consumer market for the company.

Within three years, Kizik has made huge popularity in the American footwear industry due to providing high-quality shoes. These shoes have some notable features including,

  • Responsive cushioning
  • Removable & washable midsole
  • Breathable knit upper
  • Roomy toe box
  • Made with HandsFree footwear technology
  • Rabbit Foam outsoles
  • Rubberized traction
  • Durable, lightweight, and stylish

Kizik’s headquarters, corporate office, department stores, and distribution facilities are based in the United States.

Hence, it is an American company that is revolutionizing the footwear industry by making unique shoes.

Are Kizik shoes made in Utah?

No, Kizik shoes are not made in Utah.

But the brand’s main corporate office is based in Lindon, Utah. The US-based headquarters conducts both production and distribution of shoes.

Even Kizik started the footwear business in Alpine, Utah. However, there is no manufacturing facility in Utah to manufacture Kizik shoes.

Is Kizik owned by Nike?

The answer is “No.” Kizik is not owned by Nike. It is an investment partner in Kizik.

Nike has invested an estimated $20 million in the company. In 2019, Nike Inc. strategically dealt with Handsfree Labs Inc., the parent brand of Kizik, to use innovative technology to meet consumer needs.

Although Nike is the biggest investor of Handsfree Labs Inc., it has no right to manufacture or distribute Kizik shoes. As a result, Kizik isn’t owned by Nike at all.

Who owns Kizik shoes?

HandsFree Labs, Inc. currently owns Kizik shoes.

Based in Vineyard, Utah, it is a leading shoe manufacturer that provides world-class innovations with hands-free footwear technology.

HandsFree Labs not only owns Kizik but also Pillar Footwear. Initially, Kizik started making shoes under the direction of the founder Michael Pratt.

Today Kizik is a popular hands-free luxury fashion shoe manufacturer in the footwear market. In the past few years, the brand has rapidly grown in popularity. In addition, its popularity is still increasing day by day.