Where Are Lull Mattresses Made 2024

Lull is widely known as a direct-to-consumer mattress company. It has also a line of bedding, bed frames, pillows, and bed sheets. Lull provides budget-friendly as well as durable mattresses to consumers.

This mattress company has a strong online presence worldwide. As they don’t use harmful chemicals, you might be interested in buying mattresses.

Before purchasing mattresses, you may wonder, where are Lull mattresses made?

Lull manufactures mattresses in two regions- the United States & China. The  manufacturing facility of this mattress company is located in California. On the other hand, it has a micro-manufacturing facility in China.

where are Lull mattresses made

In the beginning, Lull manufactures only mattresses. Later, it expanded its bedding product categories including pillows, bed sheets, and bed frames. Their products are available on their official website as well as several e-commerce platforms including Amazon.

Lull offers three types of mattresses to consumers. These are:

  • Original Lull Mattress
  • Original Premium Mattress
  • Luxe Hybrid Mattress

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is Lull mattress made in the USA

Is Lull mattress made in the USA?

Yes, Lull produces its mattresses in the United States.

It has a California-based mattress production plant. This brand uses local & imported materials to make mattresses. Though the Lull mattress has a simple construction, it has struck the balance right.

The company started manufacturing mattresses there at the beginning of 2015. Lull directly distributes its sleeping products from its mattress-production facilities across the world.

It has several international materials suppliers besides local suppliers. According to Lull’s official website, there are a couple of distribution centers of the mattress brand in the USA. So, mattresses go directly from the production plant there.

Is Lull mattress Chinese?

The answer is “No.” Lull mattress is not a Chinese company.

It is an American mattress brand. But it has a little manufacturing facility in the Chinese mainland. Anyway, the majority of Lull mattresses are made in the USA.

The company sells its sleeping products both in North America and Asia. All the process of mattress manufacturing and selling are controlled by the US-based Lull’s headquarter.

What is a Lull mattress made out of?

Lull mattresses are made out of CertiPUR-US-certified three layers of premium memory foam. These mattresses never contain ozone depleters, formaldehyde, and any heavy metals like mercury. They always use standard materials to make mattresses.

Lull mattresses have removable fabric covers that are made of polyester & rayon. Out of three layers of foam, the top layer provides 1.5″ of gel memory foam & the second layer provides 1.5″ of contouring transition foam.

Besides, it has a 7” foam support layer. These materials are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and high-quality. As a result, this brand’s mattresses have already met the top standards to ensure safety as well as durability.

Lull manufactures its mattresses from harmless materials so that it can promote the health and well-being of customers. The company is committed to minimizing pollution and reducing waste.

Lull makes six sizes of mattresses with high-density elements.

Mattress SizesMattress DimensionThickness
Lull Twin Mattress38” width & 75” length10 inches
Lull Twin XL Mattress38” width & 80” length10 inches
Lull Full Mattress54” width & 75” length10 inches
Lull Queen Mattress60” width & 80” length10 inches
Lull King Mattress76” width & 80” length10 inches
Lull California King Mattress72” width & 84” length10 inches

Where is the Lull mattress company located?

Lull mattress company is located in Santa Barbara, California.

It is a privately held bedding company. Four successful entrepreneurs founded the Lull mattress brand in 2015. Currently, there is no subsidiary company of this brand.

It’s regional headquarter is on the West Coast of the United States. The company is now operating its business throughout the whole country with experts.

How long do Lull mattresses last?

Lull mattresses have a 10-year warranty as well as a 365-nights trial period. A mattress from this company can easily last-long at least 8 years due to its strong materials.

The life of the Lull mattress depends on its use & maintenance. Lull mattresses are backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures consumers that they won’t have to purchase mattresses for a couple of years.

If you desire to return the product during the trial period, you can do it in a hassle-free way. Due to its long trial period & free shipping services, the company gained huge popularity within seven years.

Who manufactures Lull mattresses?

Lull manufactures mattresses in its own factory.

At present, it has no third-party manufacturer. From manufacturing to shipping all the process is controlled by the company’s headquarter.

Since 2015, the California-based manufacturing plant has been making about 90% of Lull mattresses.

Who is Lull owned by?

Sven Klein owns the Lull mattress company. Besides, he has three business partners who are known as co-founders of the company.

Matt Walker is the president of the Lull mattress brand. On the other hand, Thomas Adams & Brad Inscoe serve the company as Chief Customer Officer & Chief Technology Officer.

Till now, the Lull mattress brand is the dominion of these four gentlemen. They are using their skills to improve product quality and to expand the business as well.

Wrap Up

Lull provides quality and sustainable sleeping products including mattresses. As of 2022, the trial period of this company is much higher than other American mattress brands.

Lull is a famous mattress brand, especially in the United States & China. It gained enormous popularity in the American consumer markets for its strong & durable bedding items.