Where Are Oreos Made 2024 – (Origin + Countries + Factory)

Oreo is a brand of sandwich cookies. In 1912, Nabisco introduced this cookie. In 2020, Statista reported that 71.26 million Americans consumed Oreos.

After the United States, China consumes the most Oreo cookies. As a widely consumed cookie, you may wonder, “where are Oreos made?

Oreos are predominantly made at its U.S. biscuit plants in Naperville, Illinois, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and Richmond, Virginia. In 2015, the production of Oreos was shifted to Mexico to prompt the Oreo boycott.

where are Oreos made

Hence, Oreos are manufactured in Mexico and the United States.

Oreo cookies are still manufactured in Mexico. The company manufactured much of its cookies in the United States. But, the consequence of the Oreo boycott shifted the production lines to Mexico.

Nonetheless, Oreo factories in the United States are located in:

  • Naperville, Illinois
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Fair Lawn, New Jersey

The company spent more than $170 million on these aforementioned Oreo factories!

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are Oreos made in the USA

Are Oreos made in the USA?

Yes, Oreos are predominantly made in the USA.

Before the Mexican era, Oreo cookies were manufactured massively in the USA. In 2015, Mondelez faced an Oreo boycott.

Consequently, the production line of Oreo cookies was shifted to Mexico.

Throughout history, Oreo cookies were introduced in 1912 in the United States. Initially, it was produced in three major states in the United States.

Nowadays, Oreo cookies are massively produced in Mexico. Their production lines in New Jersey, Illinois, and Virginia are still running.

Hence, we can say that Oreos are made in the USA through massive production going on to Mexico.

Are Oreos popular outside the US?

Oreo Cookies are enjoyed in more than 100 countries. In 1912, Oreos were introduced in the United States. Today, Oreo has become one of the world’s top-selling cookies.

Oreos were selling in 30 countries by the mid-1990s. It was introduced in the Chinese cookie market in 1996. In 2006, Oreos were reported as one of the country’s best-selling cookies.

The United States and China consume the most Oreo cookies. In 2019, it was reported that the US and China alone accounted for 70% of Oreo’s business.

The United States, Canada, China, Venezuela, and Indonesia are the top five countries in terms of sales for Oreo.

Have a look at the biggest market of Oreo cookies around the world:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • India

From Japan to Malaysia to Indonesia, Oreo flavor may vary. Reports revealed that 34 billion Oreo cookies are sold each year. That means Oreos are sold:

  • 92 million each day
  • 4 million per hour

Setting the Guinness World record, Dirk Van de Put accepted the title certificate. 

Have a look at the statistics of Oreo Cookies in Latin America:

Latin American Countries  Sales of Oreo Cookies in 2019
Brazil20 million
Mexico14 million
Ecuador10 million
Argentina10 million
Peru8 million
Colombia9 million
Bolivia3 million
EI Salvador3 million
Chile1 million
Costa Rica1 million
Honduras1 million

Hence, it is quite clear to us that Oreos are popular outside the United States.

Are Oreo cookies still made in Mexico?

Mondelez International shifted much of Oreo’s production line to Mexico. Still, they operate five plants in Mexico to produce your favorite Oreo cookies.

There are two ways to know where Oreo cookies were made. First, you have to check the label on the Oreo pack. Under the ingredients list, you must find the “Made in Mexico” label.

Second, you should check the identification code. The identification code contains details of your Oreo cookie.

Though Oreo is an American product, its massive production is going on to Mexico. After the Oreo boycott in the United States, Mondelez International transferred much of its manufacturing plants to Mexico.

Today, a vast amount of Oreo cookies are made in Mexico.

Where are Oreos originally from?

Oreos are originally from Manhattan, New York. In 1912, the first Oreo was produced at Chelsea Market, United States.

Samuel J. Porcello is the founder of Oreo cookies. Porcello was an American food scientist who worked for 34 years at Nabisco.

The original Oreo was called the Hydrox. The Hydrox was a familiar composition of two chocolate biscuits with vanilla crème in the center.

The cocoa powder used in Oreo has made its color black. However, Oreos are originally from Manhattan, United States.

what country produces the most Oreos
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What country produces the most Oreos?

Mexico produces the most Oreos.

After the Oreo boycott in the United States, much of Oreo cookies are produced in Mexico. Since 2016, Mondelez International has been running Mexico-based Oreo factories.

Before the Mexican era, Oreo cookies were manufactured in three major states in the United States.

Today, Oreo has become one of the top-selling cookies around the world. Mexico holds the No. 01 position in terms of Oreo production.

Where are Oreos most popular?

In the United States and China, Oreo cookies are the most popular.

Oreo is a USA-based cookie brand. This brand was introduced in 1912 in the United States and in 1996 in China.

In 2006, Oreos became the most consumed cookie in China. In the US, this brand is also the most consumed cookie.

A report revealed that the US and China alone accounted for 70% of Oreo’s business in 2019. Hence, Oreos are most popular in the United States and China.

who owns Oreos now

Who owns Oreos now?

Mondelez International is the owner of Oreos.

Since 2012, Mondelez International has led the Oreo business. This company manufactures chocolate, cookies, gum, confectionery, beverages, and so on.

From Oreo, Mondelez International made $7.27 billion in 2022!


Oreos are a special type of cookie that has gained enormous popularity around the world. In the US and China, this cookie is mostly consumed.

Many versions of cream-filled cookies can be found in grocery stores, but it is difficult to compete with Oreo.