Where Are Charles P Rogers Beds Made 2024

Being a Deluxe family, you must desire your bed frames to look colorful, smooth, silky, and comfortable. Charles P Rogers Beds has it all!

They have a long legacy of making colorful beds — especially for the fancy family.

Let’s find out, where are Charles P Rogers’s beds made.

Charles P Rogers Beds are manufactured in New York, United States. They not only manufacture but also design, assemble, and distribute from New York.

Hence, Charles P Rogers Beds is a proud USA-based manufacturer.

where are Charles P Rogers beds made

According to the manufacturer, Charles P Rogers has been making quality bed frames and mattresses since 1855.

You will notice Charles P Rogers Beds in numerous luxury hotels in New York City including the —

  • Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
  • St. Regis Hotel

This brand still manufactures beds using:

  • Craft Iron
  • Leather
  • Wood

Talking about their wood collection, Charles P Rogers uses the below wood in their beds —

  • Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Makore

Hence, Charles P Rogers Beds are often considered a versatile brand.

who makes Charles P Rogers products

Who makes Charles P Rogers products?

Charles P Rogers itself makes all of its products.

In the furniture market, Charles P Rogers is a renowned USA-based manufacturer. Their factories are located in New York, United States.

In the finest manufacturing plants, skilled craftsmen of Charles P Rogers manufacture your favorite bedding items.

Charles P Rogers Company earns more than $16 million every year. Since 1855, this company has remained an independent brand.

where to buy Charles P Rogers mattresses

Where to buy Charles P Rogers mattresses? 

The warehouse of Charles P Rogers is located in New York. By visiting their retail stores, you can easily purchase your desired Charles P Rogers mattresses.

Besides, you can order their mattresses on their verified website. They sometimes offer free home delivery.

Charles P Roger mattresses are also available on Amazon. Through Amazon, you can purchase these mattresses with a discount.

Try to purchase your desired mattresses from authentic dealers. Amazon will be the best option for you to avoid fake products.

Who owns Charles P Rogers?

Charles Platt Rogers is the owner of his self-named brand, Charles P Rogers.

He was an early industrialist in New York City. After his death, the Rogers family members own Charles P Rogers’s business.

Throughout history, Charles P Rogers first introduced iron and brass beds in New York City. In 1855, Charles began the massive production of brass beds under the brand name Charles P Rogers.

However, the Rogers family members are now running all operations of Charles P Rogers in New York City.

Is Charles P Rogers ethical?

Charles P Rogers offers factory-direct mattresses. They are a renowned and the oldest brand in the furniture industry. They run their factories following all government rules.

We hardly found any complaints from the laborers of Charles P Roger factories. They don’t promote child labor in their factories.

Hence, Charles P Rogers is ethical.