Where Are Bulova Watches Made 2024 – Is it Swiss Made?

Bulova watches are manufactured in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan.

In the Biel factory, Joseph Bulova first made the Bulova watch.

In 2007, Citizen purchased Bulova and began manufacturing its watches in Japan, Hong Kong, and so on.

where are Bulova watches made

In 1919, Bulova provided watches for women. In 1924, the company offered luxury watches for men. In Switzerland, the manufacturer first moved to the Bulova watch.

The Japanese watch brand, Citizen, bought Bulova in 2007. Since then, Bulova watches have been manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in Japan.

Being a part of Citizen’s joint venture, Bulova watches are also manufactured in Hong Kong.

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where are Bulova precisionist watches made

Where are Bulova precisionist watches made?

Bulova’s most accurate precisionist watches are made in Bulova factories. These Bulova factories are located here in Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and so on.

Bulova’s innovation of precisionist watches is an advancement of the traditional quartz watch.

The three-prong crystal used in Bulova watches produces a vibration frequency of 262.144 kHz. This vibration is eight times greater than the usual two-prong crystal.

As a result, the innovation of Bulova’s precisionist watches has made them unique.

The Bulova precisionist watch has a battery life of 2 to 3 years. As the Bulova precisionist watch pushes a second’s hand along all the time, it requires a lot of power. Bulova precisionist watches use Energizer 2032 batteries.

In short, Bulova Precisionist is a line full of accurate watches. These precisionist watches have fewer parts which leaves less room for error.

Besides, Bulova precisionist watches are complex and use circuits to power watch hands. Passing electricity in these circuits is responsible for its accuracy.

The bad thing about the Bulova Precisionist watch is its low battery life. Nonetheless, the Bulova precisionist watch has gained enormous popularity in the watch market.

is Bulova made in Switzerland

Is Bulova made in Switzerland?

Yes, the Bulova watch is made in Switzerland. Throughout history, Joseph Bulova first manufactured Bulova watches in Switzerland.

Switzerland has been world-renowned for its watches for centuries. Watchmaking innovation and production were concentrated in Geneva in the beginning. Since the 16th century, Switzerland has been manufacturing world-class watches.

Joseph Bulova is the founder of Bulova Watch. He first produced the movement for the Bulova watch in his Biel factory, in Switzerland.

Initially, the manufacturer made most of the Bulova watches in Switzerland. Since 2008, Bulova has been manufactured in Japan and Hong Kong.

Are Bulova watches made in China?

Bulova is an American brand. After Citizen’s acquisition, it has become a Japanese brand. However, the manufacturer makes Bulova watches in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

The name Bulova comes from the watchmaker Joseph Bulova. This American brand is widely known for its quartz watches. They have recently launched Bulova precisionist watches which is the advancement of their quartz technology.

In 2007, the Japanese watch brand, Citizen, purchased Bulova. Before Citizen’s acquisition, the manufacturer made all Bulova watches in Switzerland.

As we know, Citizen watches are mostly manufactured in Japan, and Bulova has its new factories across Asia. 

Today, the manufacturer makes most Bulova watches in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. But, these watches are not made in China.

The Citizen brand may produce some parts of its watches in China but they don’t make any parts of Bulova watches in China.

Have a look at the made-in-China watch brand:

  • Seagull Watches
  • Atelier Watches
  • Peacock Watches
  • CIGA Design
  • Memorigin
  • Longio Watches   

In 1955, China introduced its first mechanical watch. The Chinese administration shaped their watch-making industry in the mid-20th century.

Are Bulova watches made in the USA?

Bulova watches are not made in the USA. Rather, all of its watch collection is manufactured in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Though Bulova is an American brand, the manufacturer designs, produces, and assembles Bulova watches in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. 

Since 2008, Bulova watches have been manufactured in Asian countries. Being a subsidiary of Citizen, the manufacturer makes many parts of Bulova watches in Japan. In Japanese factories, Citizen Co., Ltd. makes the majority of Citizen watches. 

Bulova watches are undoubtedly so special. Because the new technology used in Bulova watches has a 360-hertz tuning fork that is similar to vibrating quartz.

Besides, Bulova precisionist watches have been proven to be the most accurate watch.

Though the HQ of Bulova is located in New York, it is not made in the USA.   

Does Bulova make luxury watches?

Bulova is considered to be an entry-level luxury brand. In the competition of making luxury watches, Bulova is far away from Rolex, Omega, and Grand Seiko.

The price range for the Bulova watch is too affordable to be called a luxury brand. Generally, luxury watches retail for $2k and above.

In the US market, Bulova deals with its visual appearance and technological achievements. Bulova has been reviewed as one of the longest-running watch brands in the world. Besides, this brand suits everyone’s budget.

Who owns the Bulova watch?

Citizen Watch Co. owns Bulova.

In 2007, the Japanese watch brand Citizen purchased Bulova. Since 2008, Bulova has been making watches and accessories under Citizen.

The main subsidiaries of Citizen groups are:

  • Miyota 8215
  • Citizen Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Bulova

However, the Japanese watch company, Citizen, owns Bulova.  


Bulova is an affordable watch brand. People of any class can afford Bulova watches. This brand has been leading the watch market through its innovative technologies. As an entry-level luxury brand, Bulova watches are always preferred.