Where are Puffs tissues made? – (Who makes puffs tissues)

Puffs tissues are made in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Puffs is an American facial tissue manufacturing company. The company has only one manufacturing facility from where the company produces all its tissues.

where are puffs tissues made

This brand is one of the famous tissue brands for producing soft and high-quality facial tissues.

It has been over fifty years since Puffs started its tissue paper production. And now, in 2023, this brand has become the biggest tissue manufacturer in the United States.

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who makes puffs tissues

Who makes Puffs tissues?

Procter & Gamble makes Puffs tissues in Ohio based facility.

In 1958, Procter & Gamble purchased a papering manufacturing company named Charmin Paper Company. After buying the company, Procter & Gamble renamed it Puffs and reestablished it as a facial tissue producer.

Procter & Gamble Company is a multiracial consumer goods corporation. In 1837, William Procter and James Gamble founded this corporation in Ohio.

Currently, Procter & Gamble Company’s headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio, and its business is spread in 36 countries. 63 brands are under this corporation and can be categorized into ten segments, including

  • Baby Care Brands – All Good, Charlie Banana, Luvs, Pampers, Ninjamas
  • Fabric Brands – Ariel, Cheer, Bounce, Tide, Downy, Dreft, Era, Gain, Rindex 3en1
  • Feminine Brands – Always, Always Discreet, Tampax, This Is L, Just
  • Family Brands – Puffs, Charmin, Bounty
  • Grooming Brands – Gillette, Venus, The Art Of Shaving, Braun, Joy+Glee
  • Hair Care Brands – Head & Shoulders, Aussie, Herbal Essences, Pantene, Old Spice, My Black Is Beautiful
  • Home Brands – Cascade, Ambi Pur, Febreze, Dawn, Microban 24, Gain, Zevo, Mr. Clean, Salvo, Swiffer
  • Oral Brands – Oral-B, Scope, Crest, Fixodent
  • Skin & Personal Care Brands – Olay, Safeguard, Native, Ivory, Old Spice, Gillette
  • Personal Health Brands – Align, Meta, Zzzquil, Vicks, Pepto-Bismol, Clearblue, Prilosec OTC
are Puffs tissues made in China

Are Puffs tissues made in China?

The answer is no. Puffs is an American tissue paper manufacturing company that produces its products only in the United States.

As of 2023, Puffs is the biggest facial tissue paper manufacturer in the United States. The company has a massive distribution chain all over the country and in Canada.

For this reason, some think Puffs must have been working with China to fulfill the consumers’ demand. As you know, China is a country that is famous for its mass production at a low cost.

However, Puffs does not depend on Chinese manufacturers for manufacturing facial tissue paper.

where are puffs made

Are Puffs tissues made in the USA?

From the beginning of its journey, Puffs has manufactured facial tissues in the United States and is still doing so.

The company has only one manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For manufacturing tissues in the USA, the job opportunity for Americans has grown. It is one of the many reasons why Americans love to use the products manufactured in the country.

Besides manufacturing tissues in the United States, the foundation of this company is also American. In 1958, Procter & Gamble established this company after purchasing Charmin Paper Company in Ohio, United States.

So, in the end, we can say that Puffs is a proud American brand. Its origin is blended in with the US heritage, and it manufactures its products only in the USA.

who makes puffs

Why is there a shortage of Puffs tissues?

In recent years, there developed a crisis of Puffs tissues in the market. Several reasons and theories are floating surrounding the shortage of Puffs tissues.

In addition, the market was facing other companies’ tissue shortages as well. Let’s try to figure out the reasons behind this crisis.

First of all, in 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the regular working flow of the factories. So, the production rate of the companies went down.

Puffs is a family brand, and products are used for sanitary purposes. So, the government did not restrict production during the pandemic. However, the raw material shortage hampered the rate of production.

Besides, a large number of tissue papers went to hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic. And Puffs and other companies had to produce more sanitizing tissue than facial tissue to fulfill hospital demand.

Last but not least, the transportation problem was severe during the Corona pandemic. Transportation truck drivers going from one state to another had to go through lots of paperwork and medical checkups.

All these factors were playing that made the artificial but unintentional shortage on the market. However, Puffs tissue shortage is a past now.

Is Puffs a P&G brand?

The answer is yes. P&G, or Procter & Gamble established Puffs in 1958 after buying Charmin Paper Company.

Since then, Puffs has been the brand of this multiracial consumer goods corporation.

Bottom Line

Facial tissues are one type of beauty product, and it is one of the primary toolkits in the makeup box of a woman.

Besides the makeup purpose, its usage is multi-directional.

Puffs are the largest tissue manufacturer in the United States and are mainly famous for its facial tissues. People adore this brand for its tissue quality.

Some staple qualities of tissue papers include soft texture, strength, and mild absorptive quality. In this case, Puffs tissues are ideal as they have all these qualities.