Where Are Bear Mattresses Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Bear is a leading mattress manufacturing brand at present. Its mattresses are famous for unique features that are designed to provide much cooler sleep than other foam mattresses.

The brand is committed to providing quality mattresses and other sleeping products including pillows that allow for the best & healthiest sleep as much as possible.

Before purchasing this brand’s mattress, you may wonder, where are Bear mattresses actually made?

Bear manufactures mattresses in the United States. The mattress brand has a world-class manufacturing plant in Georgia. On the other hand, its headquarter is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. The whole process is managed from here.

where are Bear mattresses made

Its primary location is 720 Monroe Street Suite C508 Hoboken, New Jersey. Bear mattresses are designed by experts. Besides, it is engineered with advanced foams along with Sleep Recovery Technology that is powered by CELLIANT.

At present, there is no manufacturing facility outside of the USA. The company started manufacturing mattresses about eight years ago. In the consumer markets, the demand for its products is increasing day by day rapidly.

So, there is a high possibility to create more production units across the world. From the US-based manufacturing plant, these mattresses and other sleeping products are distributed to customers throughout a couple of continents.

Experts design these mattresses to enhance deep sleep. Currently, Bear offers seven high-grade mattresses to consumers. These mattresses are:

  • The Bear Hybrid
  • Bear Elite Hybrid
  • Bear Pro
  • The Bear Original
  • The Bear Trek
  • Bear Cub – Kids
  • Bear Trundle

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is Bear mattress made in Canada

Is Bear mattress made in Canada?

The answer is “No.” Bear mattresses aren’t manufactured in Canada. In addition, it hasn’t any third-party manufacturers in Canada.

But Bear mattresses are available in Canada along with the United States. There are lots of retailers who imported these mattresses from the American primary manufacturing plant.

Bear mattresses gained huge popularity in the Canadian consumer goods markets within a short period. Now it is competing with other mattress brands for unique and comfortable bedding products.

Here are some Canadian popular mattress brands:

  • Endy
  • Douglas
  • Logan & Cove
  • Silk & Snow Hybrid

What is the Bear mattress made of?

Bear mattresses feature three layers of foam. One of them is memory foam and the other two are poly foam. Fabric and Celliant fibers are also used to make Bear mattresses.

These materials provide an ultra-cooling & soft sleep surface to humans. The mattresses are 10 inches thick with three layers. Memory foam is the main material to make mattresses.

The brand doesn’t use fiberglass to make mattresses. They are committed to ensuring safety so that customers aren’t exposed to any health-hazardous materials during sleep. Bear mattresses are specially made for athletes to lead a healthy & active lifestyle.

what is the Bear mattress made of

How long do Bear mattresses last?

Bear mattresses last-long at least 8 to 10 years on average.

Sometimes, its lifespan remains more than a decade. Besides, the company expressed on its official website that it offers a limited lifetime warranty.

According to the company’s policy, they offer a 120-night sleep trial. If you find any issue while using a mattress, you can return it within the 120-night trial period after making a purchase.

Bear mattresses are certified by GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR-US. These are also rigorously tested by several third parties to meet the health-based criteria set to keep customers safe.

How long has Bear mattress been in business?

Bear Mattress has been in business for around eight years. An American successful entrepreneur Scott Paladini founded this mattress company in 2014.

But he revealed that his family started the mattress business over 25 years ago and he described it as a pillar of Bear mattress’ foundation.

Who manufactures Bear mattresses?

Bear Mattress Company Ltd manufactures mattresses on its own. Though it has other parent companies, all the mattresses are made in its US-based manufacturing factory.

The company hasn’t any third-party manufacturers at present. Bear mattress brand works with experts universally to design these mattresses for comfortable and cool sleep.

The brand manufactures & offers different sizes of mattresses to customers. As an example, the Bear Twin mattress can be found 38” in width & 75” in length.

Who is the owner of Bear mattress?

Two organizations own the Bear mattress company. One is Brooklyn Bedding LLC & another is Helix Sleep.

Both are American brands as well as similar to each other through their sleeping products. The acquisition offer was a huge opportunity for them because their goal was to become exceptional sleep brands.

Anyway, there are over ten partner stores of this mattress company in the United States. The Bear mattress brand is expanding its business across the world.

Bottom Line

Bear mattress brand is incredibly proud of providing high-quality as well as fairly-priced mattresses to consumers. The company revealed that all of the mattresses are happily made in the USA.

Bear focuses on making quality bedding products in top-notch conditions that help you get a good night’s sleep and keep the sleep space free from hazardous emissions. As a result, Bear mattresses are on people’s choice list now.