Where is Frank’s Hot Sauce Made 2024

Frank’s hot sauce is one of the most versatile sauces in the regular food portfolio. It is a fast-growing condiment product as well as the famous hot sauce in North America for the past couple of years.

At present, it is competing with other demandable sauces in the US food markets. While enjoying its spicy taste the first thing about the hot sauce you may wonder is: “where is Frank’s hot sauce made.”

Frank’s Red Hot Company manufactures hot sauce in the United States. It has a manufacturing plant in Springfield, Missouri.

where is Frank's hot sauce made

In the very beginning, the company was manufacturing hot sauce in a couple of American states. Later, it merged into one production unit and focused on its high quality.

Now, Frank’s RedHot has the only manufacturing facility in Missouri. The company sold its spicy products in over 20 countries across the world and became one of the most popular American hot sauce brands.

In 1968, it built a large manufacturing plant in Sharonville, Ohio. But the company changed hands several times to several parent companies including Durkee Foods.

As a result, this brand’s hot sauce was made in multiple production units during the time. Anyway, Frank’s RedHot sauce company has only a Springfield-based manufacturing facility in the USA now.

In 2022, Frank’s hot sauce is competing with some popular sauce brands in American markets. Its competing brands are:

  • The Heatonist
  • Elijah’s Xtreme
  • TorchBearer Sauce
  •  Pex Peppers

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who makes Frank’s Red hot sauce

Who makes Frank’s Red hot sauce?

Currently, McCormick makes Frank’s Red hot sauce. It is an American food company.

McCormick not only manufactures condiments and other spicy flavoring products but also markets them.

In the 1920s, the hot sauce was made by Jacob Frank, founder of the company, in Louisiana. At that time Frank’s RedHot was an independent company that made and marketed its spicy products on its own.

In 1968, Frank Tea and Spice Company Limited manufactured Frank’s hot sauce in its own plant based in Sharonville, Ohio. Later, the spicy product was made by Specialty Brands in a Springfield-based production plant.

A few years ago, McCormick bought the brand and started making Frank’s hot sauce on its own responsibility. The recipe for this hot sauce is simple. According to Frank’s RedHot official, hot sauce is made of:

  • Aged Cayenne Red Peppers
  • Distilled Vinegar
  • Garlic Powder
  • Water
  • Salt

Where does Frank’s Red Hot get its peppers?

Frank’s RedHot gets its peppers from a couple of countries besides the USA. The majority of the peppers are collected from New Mexico.

Besides, Frank’s sauce company gets a certain amount of red peppers from Venezuela. Multiple American states supply fresh organic red chili for the sauce company. These are:

  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • California
  • North Carolina

According to an operational manager of the company, over 5 million pounds of fresh cayenne peppers are bought to make this hot sauce each year. These red chilies come from different parts of the world.

Aged Cayenne red peppers are the main ingredient of Frank’s hot sauce. Throughout the past hundred years, the recipe for this hot sauce has not changed. It uses the same ingredients but focuses on its best spicy test.

Frank’s hot sauce remains the same as it was in 1920. As a result, its popularity never fell down instead of increasing because of its unique spicy taste.

is Frank hot sauce American

Is Frank hot sauce American?

The answer is yes. Frank’s hot sauce is American. Frank’s RedHot made the hot sauce in the United States from the beginning. Its manufacturing plant is based in Missouri.

According to this company’s history, Frank’s hot sauce’s first bottle was launched in 1920 to the American consumer goods market. Besides, it is controlled and owned by an American well-known food company.

In the 1960s, this hot sauce was a secret ingredient that was used in Buffalo Wings also known as Chicken Wings in Buffalo, New York. In 1996, it was launched to the market as a pre-made Buffalo Wing Sauce.

Is Frank’s Red Hot a Louisiana hot sauce?

Yes, Frank’s RedHot is a Louisiana hot sauce. It originated in 1918 in New Iberia, a large city in Louisiana by Adam Estilette and Jacob Frank.

Even though the company’s manufacturing plant is actually based in Springfield, the hot sauce was invented in New Iberia. So, Frank’s RedHot is still considered a Louisiana hot sauce.

However, it is also best known as the base of the original Buffalo Wings recipe that came to market from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.

But an operational manager of the company once revealed that after collecting fresh peppers from different locations take them to the New Iberia-based manufacturing plant.

There they washed the peppers and combined them with salt after the grind. The whole manufacturing process was completed in that production plant previously. So, we can clarify that Frank’s RedHot is affectionately known as Louisiana-style hot sauce.

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Who is the owner of Frank’s hot sauce?

Currently, McCormick & Company, Incorporated is the owner of Frank’s hot sauce.

Between 1950 and 2017, the hot sauce company changed its ownership several times. Frank Tea and Spice Co. is the first owner & founder of Frank’s RedHot. It kept the ownership till 1968.

One year later, Frank Food bought the sauce company. In 1977, Durkee Foods purchased and became the owner of Frank’s RedHot brand. Later, Reckitt Benckiser owned it until 2017.

Anyway, an American food company, McCormick, finally purchased Frank’s RedHot in August 2017 for a $4.2 billion deal & is still the owner of this sauce brand.

Wrap Up

Frank’s RedHot is one of the top-selling sauce brands in the entire world. It is famous to entire the world for its crazy spicy taste. The hot sauce is now manufactured in an American production plant based in Missouri.

Frank’s hot sauce is becoming more popular day by day. As a result, the company might increase its production facilities worldwide to implement consumer demand in the future.