Where Are Altra Shoes Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Altra shoes are extensively made in the United States.

Apart from the USA, it imports some shoes from Asia. As Altra collects shoes from Asia so it can be said that these shoes are made in Asian countries including

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
where are Altra shoes made

The company launched its athletic shoes by partnering with Pulse Labs in Utah, USA. It is actually an engineering firm that is located at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

According to the sources, Altra shoes had ranked in the top 10 footwear brands in “Run specialty” and ranked 4 for trail running.

Currently, the company has more than 1500 retailers in numerous locations across the world. Since 2011, its annual sales revenue has been increasing rapidly each year.

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are any Altra shoes made in the USA

Are any Altra shoes made in the USA?

Yes, Altra shoes are cautiously designed and made in the USA.

It has a manufacturing plant in Utah. You will often find Altra shoes with “Made in USA” tags.

In 2011, Altra first introduced athletic shoes in North American footwear markets. In the US-based production plant, the company makes several types of shoes including,

  • Men’s Rivera 3
  • Women’s Lone Peak 7
  • Men’s Via Olympus
  • Men’s Vanish Carbon
  • Women’s Mont Blanc Boa

Besides manufacturing athletic shoes, the company added running as well as hiking apparel items to its product lines in 2016.

Altra running shoes have made huge fame within 10 years and the growth of this brand is increasing at a rapid rate day by day.

Altra shoes made in China

Are any Altra shoes made in China?

The answer is “Yes.” Altra shoes are made in China besides the United States.

The company outsources its shoes from Asian countries, mostly from China. The Torin & the Olymus are the popular Altra shoes that are manufactured in China.

In fact, almost all of the Altra shoes are outsourced from Chinese manufacturers. It also has running shoe suppliers in other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

What happened to Altra shoes?

Altra had broken the mold to develop unique & alternative design running shoes.

Previously, these shoes were made with narrow toe boxes & a 10-12 mm drop sloping from the heel.

Now, Altra creates shoes using the zero-drop concept. It provides a level platform underfoot that encourages a natural and balanced stride for the users.  

who owns Altra shoes

Who owns Altra shoes?

VF Corporation currently owns Altra shoes.

It is one of the world’s largest apparel and footwear brand based in Denver, Colorado. In 2018, VF Corporation purchased Altra for $135 million.

In 2011, Altra was acquired by Icon Health & Fitness. Since 2018, VF Corporation has been the parent brand of this footwear brand.

However, the company was founded by Golden Harper and Brian Beckstead. It was a privately held footwear company.

Now Altra shoes are sold in over 50 countries and more than 1500 locations. In 2017, the footwear brand announced a partnership with Utah State University.

The main purpose of this partnership was to create a lab for designing and developing shoes. Altra has generated enormous popularity in the American footwear industry as a subsidiary brand of VF Corporation.