Where Are Skechers Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Skechers are made in China and Vietnam.

Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, all Skechers are made overseas in China and Vietnam. The footwear company has independent factories in these two countries.

where are Skechers made

Since 1992, Skechers USA, Inc. has been renowned as the largest footwear brand in the United States. But you won’t find any manufacturing facilities for Skechers in the USA.

Instead, the company manufactures all of its products in China and Vietnam. After manufacturing, they ship their products and sell Skechers in numerous countries worldwide.

While manufacturing Skechers, skilled artisans in China and Vietnam use the best quality materials. The materials used for Skechers shoes are:

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Rubber
  • Metal
  • Polyester
  • Plastic

These raw materials for Skechers are sourced from numerous locations in China and Vietnam.

The manufacturer makes the outer shells of Skechers shoes using leather or canvas.

The leather used in Skechers shoes comes from cows. The best thing about Skechers shoes is their comfy materials.

However, Skechers shoes are made in advanced manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.

To be more precious, let’s find out where specific Skechers shoes are made:

where are Skechers trainers made


Skechers trainers shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

The trainers offered by Skechers come with great functionality. The memory foam used in Skechers’ trainers can demolish ankle, hip, knee, and lower back pain.

When you first put on a Skecher trainer shoe, you will feel like you have placed your foot on a pillow. Besides, Skechers’ trainer shoes are affordable.

While manufacturing Skechers’ trainers, the manufacturer uses comfortable memory foam. Consequently, the trainers have gained enormous popularity.

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where are Skechers golf shoes made

Golf Shoes

Independent contractors in China and Vietnam make Skechers’ golf shoes.

Skechers produces a wide range of golf shoes. In China and Vietnam, numerous third-party manufacturers make every pair of Skechers’ golf shoes.

Full-grain leather is the primary material of Skechers’ golf shoes. While manufacturing Skechers’ golf shoes, the manufacturers combine full-grain leather with synthetic upper.

The waterproof membrane used in Skechers’ golf shoes will keep your feet dry.

Skechers’ golf shoes also feature the flexible traction sole. Using a flexible traction sole in Skechers’ golf shoes ensures you have as much grip as possible.

However, using premium leather, skilled artisans make every pair of Skechers’ golf shoes in China and Vietnam.

where are Skechers socks made


Skechers’ socks are also made in China and Vietnam.

Though Skechers is an American footwear brand, all its products are made in China and Vietnam.

The third-party manufacturer of Skechers makes quality socks. Skechers offer socks for men, women, and kids.

The manufacturers use the soft poly blend fabric for Skechers socks. Consequently, you will feel fantastic comfort wearing Skechers socks.

Besides, you will find five-pack microfiber liner socks offered by Skechers. While manufacturing the 5-pack microfiber liner, the manufacturer uses soft nylon poly spandex blend microfiber fabric.

In short, Skechers’ third-party manufacturers make their socks in China and Vietnam using quality materials.

Slip Ons

Skechers’ Slip-on is made in China and Vietnam.

Third-party manufacturers in China and Vietnam exclusively manufacture Skechers’ casual and sporty slip-on shoes.

Skechers’ slip-on shoes are easy-on comfortable styles. Each pair of Skechers’ slip-on shoes are designed with alternative closures and flexible, breathable knits and canvas.

The manufacturers also use the cushiony memory foam insole in Skechers’ Slip-On. Hence, the Skechers’ slip-on can give you a comfy feeling.

In short, third-party manufacturers in China and Vietnam make each pair of Skechers’ slip-on shoes.

where are Skechers watches made


Skechers’ watches are made in China.

Using Japanese movements and sports straps, the manufacturers make Skechers’ watches.

Under a multi-year licensing agreement, Glamm has been producing watches for Skechers. Glamm makes watches for Skechers in China using Japanese movements.

In terms of reliability, Japanese movements have now surpassed Swiss movements. Generally, Japanese movements are built with precision and accuracy in mind.

Hence, Skechers’ watches are accurate and precise in China.

Skechers made in the USA

Is Skechers made in the USA?

Though Skechers is a USA-based footwear company, all of its shoes are made in China and Vietnam.

According to numerous survey reports, most of the shoes available in the United States are manufactured in China.

As production cost in China is comparatively low, shoe manufacturers prefer China to establish their manufacturing plants there.

Besides, the leather industry in China has been overgrown. China is now producing the best quality leather products.

Consequently, entrepreneurs are looking forward to China for shoe manufacturing.

However, Skechers produces its products in China through well-known third-party manufacturers. While shipping to the United States, the corresponding authority ensures the export quality of shoes.

In this way, a supply chain is maintained. Thus, Skechers are not manufactured in the United States.

Which Skechers are made in China?

Most of the Skechers’ shoes are made in China and Vietnam. Specifically, we have listed Skechers’ shoe models exclusively made in China. Check yours:

  • Kids Christmas Shoes
  • High-Ankle Skechers Steel Toe Shoes
  • Lightweight Skechers Steel Toe Shoes
  • Skechers Shoes with PU Outsole and Air Cushion
  • Ladies Walking Sneakers
  • Men Jogging Sneakers

While producing these pairs of shoes, Skechers ensures high-quality products and memory foam. Consequently, these pairs of Skechers’ shoes come with exceptional comfort.

Moreover, the corresponding third-party manufacturers of Skechers ensure durable soles, resulting in more solid and durable shoes.

Thus, the Skechers’ shoes that are made in China come with premium quality.

Are Skechers made in China original?

The answer is YES. Skechers made in China are original.

The production unit of Skechers’ shoes has confirmed that all of their shoes and related accessories are manufactured in China and Vietnam.

Skechers have some registered third-party manufacturers. Using independent factories, these third-party manufacturers make shoes for Skechers.

Hence, don’t worry about seeing the made-in-China label on your favorite Skechers. The made-in-China Skechers come with excellent quality.

Besides, the pricing of Skechers’ shoes is under budget. Thus, our research found that Skechers made in China are original.

Who is the owner of Skechers?

A Jewish family named Greenberg is the owner of Skechers.

Robert Greenberg is the founder and current CEO of Skechers. Throughout history, he first established the small shoe business of Skechers.

Michael Greenberg, the son of Robert Greenberg, serves as the president of Skechers. Under the ownership of Greenberg’s family, Skechers is now making $7.44 billion in sales revenue every year!