Silk Pillowcase Made in USA 2024 (Only 2 Options)

Silk Pillowcase Made in USA

Silk pillowcases have become a sought-after bedding choice, and those made in the USA are gaining attention. These pillowcases, often crafted from high-quality mulberry silk, offer a luxurious and beneficial addition to your sleep routine.

If you are looking for a US-made silk pillowcase, you have come to the right place. Only two companies manufacture silk pillowcases in the USA.

Two reputable companies that make silk pillowcases in the USA are Satin Serenity and MADI Apparel.

Let’s dive into each brand for more details.

Satin Serenity

Satin Serenity is an American company known for its luxurious bedding product. The company offers pillowcases, travel pillows, aromatherapy eye pillows, and face cradle covers.

All products of Satin Serenity are proudly manufactured in the USA, particularly in a Boise, Idaho facility. The manufacturers use the highest quality materials, including satin.


The pillowcase of Satin Serenity has a great demand in the market. Every pillowcase is made of 100% satin, including different fabrics like polyester, rayon, and silk.

Satin pillowcases are ideal for a beauty sleep. This pillowcase can reduce hair and lash damage. In addition, it minimizes sleep lines on the face.

The best thing about the Satin Serenity pillowcase is that it can regulate the body temperature in warm and cool weather.

Satin Serenity pillowcases provide a soft and luxurious feel, which ensures overall comfort during sleep.

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MADI silk pillowcases made in usa

MADI Apparel

Founded in 2012, MADI Apparel is a female-owned American company specializing in manufacturing apparel items and silk pillowcases. The company has gained massive fame due to its use of ethical and sustainable fabrics.

A skilled sewer team manufactures all products, including the MADI Apparel brand’s silk pillowcases, in a sewing factory in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

More than 95% of MADI Apparel’s fabrics are 100% biodegradable. The company makes products by prioritizing the consumers’ skin, health, and comfort.

MADI silk pillowcases are free of bleach and chemicals. They are 100% organic and natural. Although the silk pillowcase of MADI Apparel is washable, the company recommends hand washing and hanging to try.

The MADI silk pillowcase could be an ideal choice as the best item among your bedding product collections.  It ensures the most comfortable sleep due to its smooth and luxurious texture.

Final Word

Buying a US-made silk pillowcase means getting silk’s luxurious and comfortable feel and supporting the local business & American national economy.

Therefore, when considering a high-quality silk pillowcase made in the USA, you can purchase your expected pillowcase from any company between Satin Serenity and MADI Apparel.