The 4 Flatware Made in The USA 2024 (Complete List)

While there are numerous flatware manufacturers globally, the selection of brands for flatware made in the USA is more limited.

Only four companies make flatware in the United States using domestically sourced material.

Companies producing flatware in the USA include Liberty Tabletop, Farmhouse Pottery, Wallace Silversmiths, and Knock Flatware.

These manufacturers produce a variety of flatware sets and individual pieces like forks, knives, and spoons. They often prioritize using high-quality materials like stainless steel and adhere to strict quality control standards.

When purchasing flatware made in the USA, consumers can expect products that adhere to quality standards and often feature craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Let’s dive into more details.

Liberty Tabletop flatware

Liberty Tabletop

Liberty Tabletop stated on its official website that it is the only manufacturer of stainless steel flatware in America. Although it needs to be corrected, the company manufactures all flatware in the USA.

The production takes place in Sherrill, New York. An American craftsman team makes Liberty Tabletop flatware sets using the highest quality domestic materials like 18/10 stainless steel.

Liberty Tabletop flatware made in usa

Liberty Tabletop offers a wide range of flatware items, including Annapolis, Betsy Ross, Pearl, and Providence. Modern America is one of the best-selling flatware patterns of Liberty Tabletop.

You can get this 100% American-made flatware pattern in a $13.99 – $1599.95 price range. Customers are amazed by its contemporary clean design and shiny mirror finish.

Modern American flatware sets are slightly larger than traditional American sizing. Additionally, this flatware set provides excellent flexibility to suit your dining décor.

Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery is a renowned name in the American cutlery industry for manufacturing quality flatware sets. American skilled artisans manufacture Farmhouse flatware sets in a New York cutlery factory.

You may like the following flatware sets of Farmhouse Pottery:

  • Woodstock Flatware – available at $95
  • Coventry Flatware –available at $125
  • Shelburne Flatware – available at $125
  • Stowe Flatware –available at $43

These flatware sets are exclusively handcrafted in America using 18/10 stainless steel. Each flatware set of Farmhouse Pottery provides a perfect balance of comfort & sophistication to enhance every meal.

Farmhouse flatware sets are very strong, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting. These flatware items ensure effortless style for every use.

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Wallace Silversmiths

Wallace Silversmiths is an American company that reliably manufactures flatware and other cutlery products in the USA. The company has a production factory in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Using the nickel alloy formula, Wallace makes a complete range of flatware. Wallace Grande Baroque 5-Piece Place Setting is one of the best-selling flatware sets of this brand that is expertly crafted in the USA.

The flatware set is made from fine sterling silver. It includes teaspoons, dinner spoons, salad forks, and dinner knives.

Wallace flatware sets are perfect for your dining and entertaining experience. To maintain their shine, you should hand-wash only and dry these flatware pieces immediately with a soft cotton cloth.

Knork Flatware made in usa

Knork Flatware

Knork Flatware is one of the country’s most prestigious stainless steel flatware and cutlery manufacturers. The company manufactures three different types of flatware sets.

  • Biodegradable reusable flatware
  • Hand forged flatware
  • Coated flatware

These flatware items are designed and manufactured in Newton, Kansas, USA. Expert artisans are responsible for manufacturing Knork flatware.

Some best-selling flatware sets of this brand are in the following table:

Knork 48-Piece Original Matte$300.00
Knork Original 20 Piece Flatware Set$114.00
Knork Original 12 pc Starter Set$75.00
Knork Chrome Curve Coated, 5 Piece Flatware Set$72.00
Knork Coated 12 Piece Flatware Set$170.00
Knork 61 Piece Matte Original Flatware Set$375.00

Every Knork flatware set features a sleek finish, comfortable finger platform, innovative beveled tines, increased cutting capabilities, heavier built, functional, and backed with a lifetime warranty.

These flatware items have the highest quality stainless steel, providing unrivaled balance and weight. Knork flatware sets are perfect for an experiential and comfortable dining experience.

Final Word

When investing in American-made flatware, you undoubtedly get high-quality products that enhance your dining experience. Besides, you are supporting local American businesses and reducing carbon footprints.

Although the market is overflooded with overseas flatware, some brands like Liberty Tabletop, Farmhouse Pottery, Wallace Silversmiths, and Knock Flatware sell US-made flatware.

So, if you are searching for flatware made in the USA, you can buy expected flatware from one of these brands.