Where is Tineco Made 2024

Tineco is a technological subsidiary brand known for its innovations. This sub-brand is famous for applying its innovations to household electrical appearances, especially vacuum cleaners. Tineco electronic products are one of the most selling products in the world.

The intelligent vacuum cleaner is one of the most exciting innovations in the 21st century. Tineco is the first brand to make the first vacuum cleaner.

Let’s find out where the innovative company Tineco manufactures its products.

Where is Tineco Made

Here is a short answer to where is Tineco made:

The innovative technological brand Tineco runs its manufacturing operations in China. The following company does not produce its products outside China.

Anyways, Tineco supplies its merchandise to more than 20 countries and holds the title of a multinational company.

Is Tineco a Chinese company

Is Tineco a Chinese company?

Tineco is a Chinese sub-brand. In 1998, Ecovacs Robotics Group founded this brand in China. The brand began its journey by innovating its first vacuum cleaner. The cleaner was the one that pulled the company’s revenue to its peak.

Though Tineco’s origin is in China, it supplies its products in other countries, especially North American countries. In 2019, the company set foot in this region.

Besides North America, Tineco provides its products to 20 countries, including Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

Who makes Tineco products

Who makes Tineco products?

Tineco’s manufacturing facility is integrated with Chinese robotics and a technological company named Ecovacs Robotics Group. So, Tineco’s technical products are made by the following Chinese company.

Now, let’s learn some information about Ecovacs Group. This group is known for manufacturing robotic appliances for domestic uses. This company is revolutionizing robot technology. In 2013, Ecovacs was able to capture 60 percent of the Chinese robotics market.

Is Tineco a good brand?

Tineco is an excellent brand. A bunch of brilliant scientists and engineers are the core of this brand. The company was the first to invent an intelligent vacuum cleaner.

Currently, in the global market, Tineco holds the second position in manufacturing intelligent vacuum cleaners. Besides, in 2019, Tineco launched its cordless vacuum cleaner in the United States of America market.

The vacuum cleaner of the brand, Tineco, can do certain things that would fulfill the requirements of homemakers. Some features of the brand’s product include picking pet hair and sand, higher suction rate, ease of maneuvering, etc.

Where can I buy Tineco products?

Tineco is an international brand, and its products are manufactured in China. According to the official website of Tineco, it is supplying its products to more than 20 countries.

Besides offline shops, there are specific marketplaces where Tineco sells its products to its customers. From the official information of the following brand, we ensure that the company’s products are available only on four online marketplaces, which are

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • BestBuy
  • Tineco Official Store

How much do Tineco products cost?

Products pricing is one of the most significant factors to attract more and more people to one’s company’s products. Every company follows this rule.

Tineco is one of the most advanced brands in the world. The company could sell its merchandise at a higher price by showing its technological advantages. However, the company did not do that. Instead, it lowered its product price to sell more.

Despite being a technologically advanced company, Tineco products’ price is not much higher than other vacuum cleaners. In the United States of America, Canada, and other North American countries, Tineco sells cordless vacuum cleaners only for a hundred or two hundred bucks.

All of the best selling and 5-star product categories of Tineco are listed below, with their price range:

  • Floor One S5 Series (Smart Wet Dry Vacuum) — $599.99
  • Floor One Series (Wet Dry Vacuum) — From $169.99 to $599.99
  • Pure One Series (Smart Vacuum Cleaner) — From $149.99 to $699.99
  • A Series (Cordless Vacuum Cleaner) — From $169.99 to $699.99
  • Moda One (Hair Dryer) — $299.99

Are Tineco products worth buying?

Tineco products, exceptionally competent vacuum cleaners, are widely famous as they are now cordless. Its products now run on battery. Let’s explore if this company’s product differs from other companies.

Generally, intelligent vacuum cleaners work through navigating the surrounding environment. In this way, it can automatically avoid obstacles. Anyways, for Tineco products, it is interesting that it is cordless. So, it can hover all around the house to clean itself automatically.

Besides, Tineco products can make strong suction. It can pull every possible speck of dirt, including dust, deep dust, pet hair, etc. So, Tineco is manufacturing very useful and value for money products, which are worth buying.

Where was Tineco founded?

Tineco was founded in China as a sub-brand of a Chinese company named Ecovacs Robotics Group. Currently, the brand’s headquarter is located with Ecovacs headquarters, located in Suzhou, China.

In 2019, Tineco came to North America and founded its North American branch. Its American branch office is located in the United States of America’s capital.

Is Tineco ethically made?

By definition, ethical manufacturing refers to manufacturing where no life is harmed. Besides, it should also not hurt or have an impact either on the environment or its users. In a word, the product must be eco-friendly.

Now for Tineco, it is made ethically. In addition, its vacuum cleaner is eco-friendly. Moreover, Tineco’s product is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Its product can provide twice the power compared to any other conventional vacuum cleaner.