Where is Stoli Vodka Made 2024 – Is Stoli Made in USA?

Stoli Vodka is now made in Latvia. 

Stolichnaya, aka Stoli Vodka, is a wheat-based vodka that originated in the Soviet Union. This type of Vodka was first produced in 1938. 

Where is Stoli Vodka Made

Currently, you will find two versions of Stoli Vodka. The version has been classified according to its availability in regions. 

Stoli Vodka found outside Russia is made in Latvia, whereas the Stoli Vodka found inside Russia is made in Russia. 

In the early 2000s, Stoli Vodka gained enormous popularity across the world. It is one of the top imported vodkas in the United States. 

By 2021, Stoli Vodka became the 7th biggest imported Vodka by volume in the United States. Besides, Stoli is the #1 famous vodka brand in Russia. 

According to numerous magazines, Stoli Vodka is the first premium vodka ever imported to the US market. The Wall Street Journal has stated that Stoli owns the trademark in about 150 countries. 

The volume of Stoli Vodka production indicates its worldwide popularity. For example, the SPI group produced 3.7 million 9-liter cases worldwide in 2018. 

However, Stoli Vodka is sold in the European and US markets without the Russian name. Since 2022, SPI group has been producing its Vodka completely in Latvia. Consequently, Stoli Vodka is no longer tagged with Russia. 

In the United States and European markets, you will easily find the below flavors of Stoli Vodka: 

  • Orange Cream 
  • Tangerine 
  • Kumquat 
  • Mandarin 
  • Zesty note of lemon 
  • Lingering fresh 

Regarding testing notes, Stoli Vodka offers the world’s first salted caramel-flavored Vodka. This is an example of a perfect balance of savory and sweet. 

The primary ingredients of Stoli Vodka are Corn and buckwheat. In proportion, 88% of Stoli Vodka contains corn, whereas the remaining 12% is buckwheat. 

Besides, Stoli Vodka is distilled from grain, including 50% alcohol by volume. According to its manufacturers, Stoli is the only authentic natural raspberry-flavored Vodka. 

While manufacturing Stoli Vodka, SPI Group sources its raw ingredients from Russia’s fertile corn and buckwheat fields. 

After sourcing the raw ingredients, SPI group produces your favorite Stoli Vodka flavor in their advanced production plants. 

As Stoli Vodka is made from a blend of wheat and rye, it can not be described as gluten-free. 

In short, SPI Group manufactures Stoli Vodka in Latvia.

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Is Stolichnaya Russian or Latvian? 

Stolichnaya is both Russian and Latvian. 

Throughout history, Stolichnaya originated in the Soviet Union in 1938. FKP Sojuzplodoimport was first producing Stolichnaya in the Soviet Union. 

Later, SPI Group took responsibility for Stoli Vodka manufacturing in Riga, Latvia. Since 2022, SPI Group has been producing Stoli Vodka in Latvia. 

There are two versions of Stoli Vodka in the market. If you purchase Stoli Vodka from outside Russia, it will be tagged as manufactured in Latvia. 

On the contrary, Stoli Vodka, available in Russia, is exclusively manufactured in Russia. While manufacturing, both Russian and Latvian factories use locally sourced raw materials. 

Consequently, Stoli Vodka has gained a mixed flavor. According to its availability, Stoli Vodka is manufactured in Russia and Latvia. 

Thus, Stolichnaya is both Russian and Latvian. 

Stolichnaya made in the USA

Is Stolichnaya made in the USA? 

The answer is NO. Stolichnaya is not made in the USA. Instead, it is produced in Latvia. 

The SPI Group produces the exclusive flavors of Stoli Vodka in their advanced production plants in Latvia. 

According to its availability, you will find two versions of Stoli Vodka. Nonetheless, due to worldwide exclusive demand, Stoli Vodka is now predominantly produced in Latvia. 

The Stolichnaya available in the US market is produced in Latvia. The market demand for Stoli Vodka in the United States is very high. Nonetheless, SPI Group has no production facilities across the United States. 

However, you will find the below Vodka brands that are made in the United States: 

  • Tito’s 
  • SKYY
  • Square One Organic 
  • Sazerac Company 
  • Deep Eddy Ruby Red 

In short, Stolichnaya is not made in the United States. For US-made vodkas, you may have the circumstance of vodka brands. 

Who owns Stolichnaya Vodka

Who owns Stolichnaya Vodka? 

The Luxembourg-based SPI Group owns Stolichnaya Vodka. 

We have found contradictions in Stolichnaya Vodka’s establishment year. Numerous magazines adopted the establishment year of 1938 Stoli Vodka in the Soviet Union. 

Initially, the FKP group was producing the flavors of Stolichnaya. The group first launched wheat and rye-based Vodka in the Soviet Union. 

The FKP group has been running its Vodka factories for nearly 100 years. The company was responsible for the worldwide supply of Stoli Vodka. 

Later, SPI Group purchased the ownership of Stolichnaya. Since 2022, SPI Group has been producing Stolichnaya in Latvia. 

In Latvia, SPI Group is the largest alcoholic beverage producer. The company has profound experience in running Vodka factories. 

SPI Group holds a 50% market share in Latvia. Since 1997, they have been operating beverage manufacturing plants in Latvia. 

In short, Luxembourg-based SPI Group owns Stolichnaya Vodka. 

Who owns Stoli in the USA? 

Billionaire Yuri Shefler owns Stoli. Yuri Shefler is a Russian-born billionaire who has been President Vladimir Putin’s vocal critic for decades. 

Stoli Vodka is not manufactured in the United States. It was traditionally a Russian product. Stoli Vodka inside Russia is made in Russia. 

But, Stoli Vodka in the US and European market is made in Latvia. The SPI Group makes Stoli Vodka in Latvia and supplies across the US and European markets. 

However, Yuri Shefler is the chair of SPI Group and the owner of Stoli Vodka. He controls the Luxembourg-based SPI Group.

Is Stolichnaya Vodka good? 

According to its users, Stoli Vodka is one of the most popular Vodkas in the world. It is predominantly known for its smooth taste worldwide. 

Stoli is a high-quality vodka. Since its birth, Stoli Vodka has combined innovation, creativity, and daring with century-old traditions. 

Consequently, Stoli is both refreshingly modern and exceptionally classic.

Stoli Vodka does not contain sugar resulting in no calorific value. Besides, it has no fat, sodium, fiber, carbs, cholesterol, vitamins, or minerals. 

The alcoholic content of Stoli Vodka is 40% by volume. It is distilled from Buckwheat and Corn. 

In short, Stoli Vodka is the #1 refreshing vodka to its consumers.