Where is King Koil Mattress Made 2024

If you want sound sleep along with relief from back pain, King Koil mattresses could be a better choice.

The company offers memory foam mattresses with body contouring and pressure-relieving technology.

Before buying mattresses, you may wonder where the King Koil mattress is actually made. 

The majority of King Koil mattresses are manufactured in Ireland. A large manufacturing factory is located in Kildare. There most of the mattresses are handmade.

According to the sources, King Koil has globally a huge network of 40 manufacturing facilities. The best thing is that every factory independently produces mattresses.

where is King Koil mattress made

King Koil mattresses are also made in these countries.

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is King Koli mattresses made in US


King Koil mattresses are produced in multiple factories in Canada. Its Canadian headquarter is placed in Calgary.

King Koil mattresses are proudly manufactured in Alberta, Toronto, and Montreal.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, King Koil manufactures mattresses in Auckland. From this production plant, the brand serves the whole country through a strong retail chain.


Dubai Furniture Manufacturing Company LLC is responsible for manufacturing & selling King Koil mattresses in Dubai.

It has a manufacturing factory in Zone 1, Dubai Investment Park- 1, UAE.


In Thailand, King Koil Company Ltd has been manufacturing high-quality bedding and mattresses since 2011. 

There most of the products are handmade by using the highest quality raw materials.


In India, King Koil mattresses are made in Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

It is an independent manufacturer that is providing King Koil mattresses to Indian consumers.

Who makes King Koil mattresses?

King Koil Company Ltd makes King Koil mattresses.

Besides, every single manufacturing plant independently makes mattresses and sells them worldwide.

Initially, the company’s expert teams of local craftspeople manufacture King Koil mattresses individually.

Is the King Koil mattress made in the USA?

Yes, King Koil mattresses are made in the USA. It has a couple of manufacturing facilities in this country.

A good number of King Koil mattresses are designed and handcrafted in the United States.

It has a manufacturing facility in Connecticut. The company has been manufacturing mattresses there since 1898.

In 2018, King Koil has placed its production unit in Arizona. Within three years, the company expanded its production plant by adding a 40,000-square-foot extra to its previous unit.

Now, this manufacturing plant is serving mattresses to retail partners in several states including Alaska, California, Illinois, Louisiana, and Texas.

King Koil is one of the oldest, as well as largest mattress, manufacturers in the USA.

Are King Koil mattresses made in Australia?

The answer is “Yes.” King Koil mattresses are proudly made in Australia.

Its Australian manufacturing unit is located in Sydney. A.H. Beard is making King Koil mattresses in Australia along with New Zealand.

Who bought the King Koil mattress?

Hillhouse Capital Management bought King Koil licensing company in China for more than $2 billion.

In 2016, Advent International acquired a majority stake in King Koil Shanghai Sleep System Company Limited.

Does King Koil still make mattresses?

Yes, King Koil still makes mattresses. The company did not announce going out of business.

King Koil started its bedding products business in the early 1890s. Over the years, it expanded product lines and manufacturing facilities as well.

Now King Koil mattresses are available in more than 90 countries worldwide with strong consumer demands.