Where is Havertys Furniture Made 2024

Since its birth in 1885, Havertys has gained worldwide popularity. Beginning with a single store, today, Havertys has 121 stores in 16 states in the United States.

As a widely famous furniture brand, the first thing you should know about Havertys is: “Where is Havertys furniture made?

Havertys furniture is made in the USA and overseas.

Where is Havertys Furniture Made

In the United States, they have manufacturing facilities in North Carolina. Outside the United States, Havertys furniture is made in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Mexico.

The first Havertys furniture product was made in Atlanta, Georgia.

Operated by 121 stores, Havertys is now one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the South and the central United States.  

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Where are Havertys sofas made?

Havertys sofas are made in North Carolina, United States.

In Havertys sofas, you will find fine finished manmade fabric. Used fabric is Havertys sofas are strong, stain-resistant, and durable. Havertys uses top-grain leather upholstery in their premium sofas. On the sides and back, they use high-grade matching vinyl.

Besides, Havertys sofas have a classical look and design. In Havertys Dakota sofa, you will find the use of walnut-hued leather, 100% aniline fabric, top-grain bison leather, and so on.

Havertys sofas contain hardwood frames with mortise and tenon joints. Hence, these premium items are very durable. They take pride in offering American-made products to consumers.

The frames of Havertys sofa are made of pine plywood. Frames are stapled together. All of the manufacturing processes are done in the sweetest manufacturing plants in North Carolina, United States.

Is Havertys’ furniture made in the US?

Yes, the majority of Havertys sofas are made in the United States. Their production facilities are prominently located in North Carolina.

According to the manufacturing authority, Havertys takes pride in offering American-made furniture products to consumers. Their exclusive handcrafted items are manufactured in North Carolina.

Though all Havertys’ items are not made in America, your premium Havertys sofas are tagged as made in the USA. Its headquarters is also located in Atlanta, United States.

Today, Havertys has distribution centers in 16 states of the USA. In 121 locations, you can find Havertys retail stores. The unique construction technology of Havertys will ensure long-lasting comfort, support, and durability.

Besides, you can get extensive customization options for Havertys’ furniture products. In short, a majority of Havertys’ furniture products are made in the USA.    

Is Havertys’ furniture made in China?

The majority of Havertys’ furniture products are made in the USA. Nonetheless, Havertys imports some of its furniture products from China.

Havertys’ sources some of its key lines from Asian countries like China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Top furniture items like sofas and beds are handcrafted in the USA — especially in North Carolina. But they are no longer confined to small collections.

Hence, to meet the consumers’ demand in the market, Havertys imports some of its key lines from China and other countries. China is traditionally famous for its wood and furniture manufacturing. As a result, numerous brands prefer China.

Labor costs in China are comparatively cheap. For affordability, numerous furniture brands supply made-in-China furniture in the market.   

Who is the manufacturer of Havertys’ furniture?

Havertys Furniture Companies Inc is the manufacturer of Havertys’ furniture.

In the international furniture market, Havertys is a well-known American-made furniture brand. In 1885, the first Havertys furniture was manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, Havertys makes a lot of furniture products under the instruction of Havertys Furniture Companies, Inc.

In North Carolina, Havertys makes its furniture products. In 2019, Havertys Furniture Companies, Inc. made an annual revenue of $802.3 million. This furniture manufacturer prominently makes residential furniture and accessories in the United States.

Is Havertys Furniture good quality?

Havertys is a middle to high-end chain of furniture stores. Havertys offers furniture products for your

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Office
  • Dining

These furniture items are durable and of high quality. Havertys provides manufacturing warranties with free parts and labor for one year. So, you don’t have to be worried for one year after purchasing Havertys furniture.

In terms of affordability, Havertys can go well. Under $3k, you can get almost all premium items of Havertys’ furniture.

The built-in quality of Havertys’ furniture is up to the mark. On Amazon, Havertys has gained positive customer reviews. Hence, Havertys is said to be a good furniture brand.

Does Havertys furniture use real wood?

According to the Havertys authority, they use sealants on the underside of all of their wood pieces. Using solid wood, Havertys makes:

  • Bed Frames
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Dressers
  • Chests
  • Nightstands

Havertys sources these solid woods from Pine, Oak, Maple, and so on.

What brands of furniture does Havertys sell?

In terms of innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses, Havertys has collaborated with the following brands:

  • Sealy
  • Serta
  • Stearns & Foster

Besides, you will find a unique line of mattresses in Havertys stores called Skye by Havertys. Under this name, they offer pillows and adjustable bases.  

How much does Havertys furniture cost?

Havertys Furniture is an affordable furniture brand in the US. The price of Havertys sofas starts at around $700 and goes up to $4.5k+. Havertys’ beds are also sold for under $3k. Compared to other furniture brands, Havertys provides affordable furniture.

To be more precise about furniture costs, you may check their website.  

Where to buy Havertys furniture?

Havertys’ furniture products are widely available in their retail stores and online. In the United States, they have retail stores in 121 locations. Their retail stores are located in 16 states of the USA.

By visiting Havertys retail store, you can easily purchase your favorite one. Havertys furniture is also available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair

You can also order Havertys furniture on their official website. Hence, Havertys furniture is available in both online and offline stores.

Who is Havertys Furniture owned by?

J.J. Havertys is the proud owner of Haverty’s furniture. He first opened Havertys retail store in downtown Atlanta. Initially, J.J. Havertys partnered with his older brother Michael Havertys and began running their business. Today, the Havertys family is running this furniture business.