Where is Cottonelle Toilet Paper Made 2024

Cottonelle is an American brand that makes toilet paper and Flushable Wet Wipes. The company is well known for its different toilet paper types like Cottonelle Ultra, Regular, Aloe & E, Kids and so on.  

As a widely recognized toilet paper brand, the first thing you should know about Cottonelle is: “Where is Cottonelle toilet paper made?

The majority of Cottonelle toilet paper is manufactured in the USA. Cottonelle toilet paper is made by Kimberly-Clark. They are one of the top toilet paper manufacturers in the USA.

Where is Cottonelle Toilet Paper Made

Kimberly-Clark makes toilet paper for Cottonelle, Scoff, Quilted Northern, and Angle soft here in America by members of the United Steelworkers Union.

Is Cottonelle toilet paper made in the US?

Yes, Cottonelle toilet paper is made in the US.

Cottonelle products are manufactured by Kimberly-Clark. According to the manufacturing authority of Kimberly-Clark, the majority of its products are made in USA-based manufacturing plants.

Kimberly-Clark makes toilet papers for renowned USA brands like:

  • Angel Soft
  • Cottonelle
  • Quilted Northern
  • Scott

Hence, there should be no doubt about Cottonelle and its manufacturing locations.

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Where are Cottonelle flushable wipes made?

Cottonelle flushable wipes are made in the United States. While manufacturing they source ingredients from responsibly managed forests and later make wipes in their USA-based factories.

Talking about Cottonelle flushable wipes, consumers are claiming problems. A strain of bacteria called Pluralibacter gergoviae was found during the testing of Cottonelle flushable wipes. Customers are getting concerned about it. Amazon and Walmart began warning customers of certain Cottonelle flushable wipes.

The Pluralibacter gergoviae bacteria can cause various kinds of infections:

  • Urinary Tract
  • Respiratory infections
  • Gastrointestinal

However, the company has solved this problem. They have stated that all of their flushable wipes and Cottonelle products are safe to use now. They have solved the affected wipes according to the reports on CNN.

Hence, these flushings are now safe. The manufacturer has ensured that Cottonelle flushable wipes are now free from plastic and sewer. They make Cottonelle flushable wipes from 100% biodegradable fibers.   

Is Cottonelle toilet paper made in China?

No, Cottonelle toilet paper is not made in China. Instead, Kimberly-Clark makes Cottonelle products in the USA.

For your concern, the below brands make toilet paper in China:

  • Fujian Qiaodou Paper Products Co., Ltd
  • Xiamen Qiaodou Daily Commodity Co., Ltd

In the United States, the majority of toilet paper is manufactured in the USA. According to the New York Times, 10% of the giant rolls of paper are made in China and India.

Being an American brand, all the toilet paper Cottonelle is made in America. Kimberly-Clark makes Cottonelle toilet paper with the help of the United Steelworkers Union.

Where is Cottonelle toilet paper made in Canada?

In Canada, some Cottonelle products are manufactured. Cottonelle operates several plants within the province and Ontario.

Scott, Cottonelle, and Charmin are the big names of USA-based toilet paper brands. Though the majority of their products are manufactured in the USA, they have some Canadian options. According to the manufacturer of Cottonelle, they operate some of their manufacturing plants in Ontario.

Hence, Cottonelle toilet paper is also made in Ontario, Canada.

Who makes Cottonelle toilet paper?

Kimberly-Clark makes Cottonelle toilet paper.

Cottonelle is a subsidiary of Kemberly-Clark. In the US, Kimberly-Clark is a well-known manufacturer of toilet paper. They make toilet paper for several renowned brands including Cottonelle. Kimberly-Clark has made a $43 billion market cap through its subsidiaries. 

How much does Cottonelle toilet paper cost?

Cottonelle toilet paper averagely costs between $15 and $20. The price of Cottonelle toilet paper varies according to its items. A package of Cottonelle toilet paper may cost you $13 or $15. To be more precious, check their website or online marketplace.

For comparison, we are providing a chart showing the prices of toilet paper from numerous brands:

Toilet Paper BrandPrice
Cottonelle Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper$19.49
Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper$8.21
Great Value Ultra Strong Mega Rolls$14.74
Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper$19.49
Angle Soft Toilet Paper$4.39
Scott Comfort Plus Double Rolls$5.99
Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll$17

From the comparison table, Cottonelle toilet paper costs slightly more than other brands. But, if you compare the quality, Cottonelle will be ahead of these brands. 

Where to buy Cottonelle toilet paper?

Cottonelle toilet paper is widely available. By visiting any super shops or stores, you can easily find Cottonelle toilet paper. Besides, you can order these toilet papers online.

Apart from retail stores, Cottonelle toilet paper is available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

Cottonelle is one of the top seller brands in the US. It is now a subsidiary of Kimberly-Clark. Below we are providing a list of top sellers of Toilet paper in the US:

Company NameSales Amount
Procter & Gamble$2,426.3 million
Kimberly Clark Corporation$2,095.9 million
Georgia-Pacific Corporation Vendor$2,094.9 million
Private Label$1,703.6 million
Oasis Brands$86.6 million

Hence, as a subsidiary of Kimberly Clark. Cottonelle toilet paper brand sells a large scale of toilet paper in the United States.

Who owns Cottonelle?

Kimberly-Clark owns Cottonelle toilet paper.

In the United States, Kimberly-Clark is one of the largest toilet paper producers. This company owns the two largest brands of toilet paper: Cottonelle and Scott. Today, Kimberly-Clark has a market cap of about $43 billion.