Where are Oreck Vacuums Made 2024 – Is it made in US?

Oreck is a renowned brand in the world that manufactures vacuums, mops, steam, air purifiers, floor machines, cleaning products, and so on.

This brand was founded in 1963 by David Oreck. Today, Oreck Corporation is making $190 million in sales revenue each year!

While purchasing the Oreck vacuums the first thing you will search for is: “where are Oreck vacuums made?” 

Oreck is a semi-American brand. Many parts of Oreck vacuums are made overseas. But, they assemble their products in a Tennessee-based manufacturing plant.

Where are Oreck Vacuums Made

Consequently, Oreck is still keeping US workers in the business.  Though Oreck was acquired by a Chinese firm, some models are still made in the USA.

Here are the USA-made Oreck Vacuum models:

  • Forever Series Gold
  • The Elevate line
  • Oreck Classic Vacuums
  • Oreck Axis Vacuums  

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Where are Oreck air purifiers made?

Oreck Corporation makes quality products including vacuums, floor machines, and air purifiers for hotel and household use in the US, Canada, and so on. Oreck’s air purifiers are not made in the USA. These products are predominantly made in China.

If you are looking for USA-made vacuums, Oreck will not be suggested. It is a semi-American brand. That means its products are made worldwide and finished in the USA.

Here are the Vacuum brands that make air purifiers in the USA:

  • Alen
  • Honeywell
  • Rabbit Air
  • Austin Air
  • Oransi
  • Guardian Technologies

However, Oreck’s air purifiers are the top competing air purifier brands in the market. If you are searching for the smart and latest air filtration technology, Oreck’s products are most recommended.

Are Oreck vacuums still made in the USA?

Though Oreck Corporation was acquired by a Chinese firm, some of its products are still made in the USA. Besides, Oreck assembles its products in the Tennessee-based manufacturing plant.

In 2003, the Oreck Corporation was sold to a Chinese firm. Before selling their asset, the Oreck Corporation filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. After struggling against competitors, the brand sold all of its market shares.

Currently, the Oreck Corporation is controlled by Black Diamond Commercial Finance LLC. At the struggling moment, the Oreck family offered $22 million only!

Therefore, despite being a Chinese brand, Oreck still makes some of its products in the USA.

Are Oreck Vacuum cleaners made in China?

Oreck vacuum cleaners are made in the USA. Oreck’s production line, mostly including vacuum cleaners, is still made in the USA.

In the competitive vacuum market, Oreck is a widely recognized brand. Before the Chinese acquisition, Oreck made all of its products in the USA. In 2003, they sold all of their market shares as they fell into a chapter 11 bankruptcy issue.

According to the Oreck Corporation, they still make some of their production lines in the USA. To be more specific, Oreck still makes some of its products including Vacuum Cleaners in the Cookeville, Tennessee-based manufacturing plant.

Nonetheless, Oreck is mostly recognized as a Chinese brand. If you desire the latest smart technology, Oreck Vacuums are highly recommended.    

Who makes Oreck vacuums?

In 2003, Oreck’s business was acquired by Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co. After struggling with business, Oreck decided to sell its market share. Later, the Hong Kong-based TTI group acquired Oreck Corporation.

Being a part of Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co, Oreck vacuums are now made. According to the Oreck Corporation, most parts of Oreck vacuums are made overseas. Later, they assemble these vacuum parts in a Tennessee-based factory.

How much do Oreck vacuums cost?

Oreck Vacuums are available for under $200 in the USA. Oreck’s commercial upright vacuum may cost you $164.40 in the USA market. To be more precious, you may check the latest market price of your favorite Oreck Vacuums.

Now, the question you may arise is, “Is Oreck Vacuum worth the money?”

Well, Oreck is competing in the market through its innovative and smart technologies. They are supplying one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. Oreck Vacuums can powerfully remove all the dirt. Their innovative design has set a comfortable carrying capacity.

In the market, Oreck’s competitor is the Dyson Vacuum. But, the Dyson Vacuum is bagless whereas the Oreck vacuum comes with a bag. Oreck vacuum can hold up to 8 quarts of dirt whereas Dyson can hold only 2 quarts of dirt.

Where can I buy Oreck vacuums?

Oreck Vacuums are widely available through their distribution centers and online. Oreck has established big distribution hubs worldwide — especially in the USA, Canada, and China. By visiting Oreck’s shops, you can easily purchase your desired Oreck products.

To find your nearest Oreck shop, you can visit this page:


Apart from visiting Oreck’s shops, you can also order their products online. Oreck Vacuums are available on online marketplaces like:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba.com

You may also get free home delivery if you order on Oreck’s official website. However, Amazon plays a great deal in this regard. You may get your desired Oreck vacuums at a discount on Amazon.

How long should an Oreck vacuum last?

An Oreck Vacuum can last up to 10 to 12 years.

According to the Oreck manufacturer, the strength of the Oreck vacuum lies in its brush roll. Oreck’s brush roll speed is faster than average vacuums in the market. Nonetheless, the lifespan of any vacuum depends on how smoothly you use the product.

Oreck is probably the first brand to offer the customer a limited lifetime warranty.  

Who owns Oreck?

The Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co. owns the Oreck Corporation. In 2003, this Hong Kong-based manufacturing plant purchased Oreck Corporation. In 1963, David Oreck launched this Vacuum manufacturing brand in the market. He initially targeted Hotels in the USA.

Currently, Oreck has become a semi-American brand.