Where Are Clarks Shoes Made 2024 – (Country Listed)

Clarks Shoes are made in numerous countries worldwide, including England, Vietnam, India, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Italy and the UK.

Since 1825, C&J Clarks Limited has manufactured shoes under “Clarks.” Though it was founded in Somerset, it has been manufactured in numerous locations worldwide.

Where Are Clarks Shoes Made

The demand for Clarks shoes has grown dramatically. More than 40 million pairs of Clarks shoes are sold every year!

As the demand for Clarks is rising daily, the manufacturers need to expand their production unit following the strategic marketing policy.

Consequently, you will find Clarks factories in Asian countries because the production cost in countries like China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh is comparatively low.

However, Clarks shoes are still manufactured in Somerset, England, where the brand was established. Clarks has some advanced manufacturing plants in these locations.

While manufacturing Clarks shoes, the manufacturer uses genuine leather. The leather used in Clarks’ shoes is a by-product of the food industry.

The sole of Clarks shoes is engineered to deliver performance and comfort wear. The manufacturers use abrasion-resistant rubber soles in Clarks’ shoes resulting in stability and grip in all conditions.

Recently, Clarks has phased out pig skin leather for newly developed styles. Clarks has confirmed that they are working with their license partner in Australia to phase out the use of pig skin leather.

In short, Clarks shoes have been manufactured in numerous countries worldwide vastly, including the Asian subcontinent.

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To be more precious, let’s find out where the specific model of Clarks shoes is made:

where are Clarks Wallabees made


Clarks’ Wallabees is exclusively made in Italy.

According to Clarks USA, their limited edition Wallabees are handmade in Italy. This model is a unique one. Only 365 pairs have been made in each of the exclusive colorways.

To make Wallabees truly individual, every pair is hand numbered.

Wallabees are now more than just shoes. They have become social connectors. Wallabees have created a voice that objects with identity and meaning.

The suede for Wallabees is collected from Janus Butt’s British tannery Charles F. Stead. This suede is one of the world’s softest suedes.

Besides, the signature crepe sole in Wallabees has been upgraded into antique amber. Thus, Wallabees has become a limited edition premium item offered by the Clarks.

where are Clarks Desert Boots made

Desert Boots

Clarks’ Desert Boots are made in the United Kingdom.

Desert Boots offered by Clarks are widely famous because Clarks Desert Boots are stylish and comfortable enough to wear for an extended period.

Clarks’ Desert Boots are made of suede and crepe. Hence, every pair of Desert Boots is ultra-soft.

The combination of Suede and Crepe has made Clark Desert Boots:

  • Ultra-soft
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to pack
  • Low profile

Thus, experienced artisans make every pair of Clarks’ Desert Boots in the United Kingdom using leather, synthetic or textile.

Clarks shoes made in the USA

Are Clarks shoes made in the USA?

The answer is NO. Clarks Shoes are not made in the USA.

The production unit of Clarks has confirmed that a small percentage of Clarks’ shoe production takes place in Europe and Central America (Mexico).

Most Clarks shoes are made in China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Only the premium items of Clarks shoes are made in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Production cost in the United States is higher than in the Asian subcontinent. Consequently, the manufacturers prefer China or the Asian subcontinent to establish manufacturing plants.

Thus, Clarks shoes are not made in the USA. Instead, these shoes are manufactured in the Asian subcontinent.

When did Clarks stop making shoes in England?

In 2006, Clarks stopped making shoes in its Northwest England manufacturing plant. They shifted their production to the far east.

Clarks is a British multinational company that predominantly makes shoes in numerous locations worldwide.

Clarks’ latest manufacturing plant was located in northwest England. But, the company stopped its latest manufacturing plant in 2006.

Since then, Clarks’ primary shoe production has been done in the far east of England. Besides, Clarks has a lot of production facilities in Asian countries.

However, Clarks shoes are still manufactured in England. Though they stopped their latest manufacturing plant in England, their shoe production still runs in Somerset, England.

Is Clarks Made in Vietnam Original?

Clarks has production facilities in Vietnam. Hence, Clarks shoes made in Vietnam are original.

The production unit of Clarks confirmed that they have many manufacturing plants across China, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Only the exceptional items of Clarks are manufactured in Italy, England, and so on.

Consequently, the Clarks shoes labeled with made-in-Vietnam can be considered original.

While making shoes in Vietnam, the manufacturers source the raw materials from China or sometimes from Vietnam.

Clarks go through several tests before distributing their shoes that are made overseas.

difference between Clarks and Clarks originals

What is the difference between Clarks and Clarks originals?

Clarks and Clarks originals are two different collections. Clarks are derived from Somerset, England, whereas the Clarks’ originals come from Burma.

Clarks Original is better than Clarks. Clarks Original is an upgrade of Clarks.

Generally, Clarks Original features the natural crepe rubber sole and thicker foam heel pad. From the inspiration of Clarks origin, Clarks Original was derived. Clarks Original reflects iconic styles and modern designs.

In this way, Clarks and Clarks Original differ from each other.

who owns Clarks shoes

Who owns Clarks shoes?

C&J Clark Limited is the owner of Clarks Shoes.

The Clark family owns the majority stakes in C&J Clark Limited. The Clark family owns 84% of Clarks, whereas related institutions and employees own the remaining 16%.

Under the instructions and leadership of C&J Clark Limited, the manufacturer makes all the Clarks shoes.

C&J Clark has 1,400 stores and franchises worldwide. This giant company consists of a total of 21 companies.

Under the leadership of C&J Clark Limited, Clarks shoes have made 1.53 billion euros in sales revenue.

Jonathan Ram is currently serving as the CEO of C&J Clark Limited.