Where Are AirPods Made 2024? – ( All Country Revealed)

Apple AirPods are manufactured in China and Vietnam.

In 2019, Apple shifted its production facilities to Vietnam from China due to the consequence of the US-China trade war.

Where Are AirPods Made

Today, Vietnam is manufacturing the most Apple accessories.

Chinese Luxshare Precision Industry generally manufactures Apple’s AirPods in China and Vietnam. Recently, they announced that AirPods production will be extended to India.

According to CNBC, Apple has asked suppliers to move some Beat Headphones and AirPods production to India.

For the first time, Apple desired to manufacture its accessories in India in an attempt to rise in the global supply chain.

In Shanghai, China, the Luxshare Precision Industry manufactures Apple AirPods. Besides, more than 30 companies in the Apple supply chain have factories in Shanghai.

Where are AirPod Pros made

Where are AirPod Pros made?

The manufacturer makes AirPod Pros in Vietnam.

During the US-China trade war, Apple shifted its production facilities in Vietnam from China. The trade war began in 2019. Apple launched AirPods Pro on 30 October 2019.

Therefore, the Chinese electronic industry makes AirPods Pros in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Luxshare Precision Industry manufactures Apple AirPods Pro. In 2022, Apple is going to launch the AirPods Pro 2.

Apple’s new announcement will relate to India in terms of manufacturing accessories. However, for a richer audio experience, Apple AirPods Pro is highly recommended.

AirPods Pro is featured with next-level active noise cancellation. Besides, it has adaptive transparency which will reduce external noise.

The touch control feature in AirPods Pro will let you adjust the volume with a swipe. In short, Apple AirPods Pro is enhanced with a ton of features.

Where are AirPods 2 made?

AirPods 2 is also made in Vietnam. In China, the Foxconn company manufactures some AirPods 2. But, Apple manufactures AirPods 2 in Vietnam massively.

In Apple’s AirPods 2, you will find six new features. These new six features are:

  • Improved Sound Quality with Richer Bass 
  • Better Active Noise Cancellation
  • Better In-Ear Detection 
  • Adaptive Transparency Mode
  • Longer Battery
  • Case with Speaker, Find My, and Lanyard Loop

Talking about technical specifications, AirPods 2 are featured with:

  • Dual beamforming microphones
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer
  • Dual optical sensors
  • Speech-detecting accelerometer

In appearance, both AirPods and AirPods 2 are the same. Apple has brought changes to the AirPods 2. However, Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods is a slight improvement over the 1st gen.

Though Foxconn manufactures AirPods in China, massive production is done in Vietnam.  

Are AirPods Pro made in China or Vietnam?

According to the authority, Vietnam will make 65% of Apple AirPods Pro by 2025. The decision was made due to the consequence of the US-China trade war. Nonetheless, the Foxconn company is still making AirPods pro in China.

The Luxshare Precision Industry manufactures Apple AirPods Pro in China and Vietnam. Apple has announced that its accessories will also be manufactured in India.

To sum up, AirPods Pro is made both in China and Vietnam. By 2025, Vietnam will produce 65% of Apple AirPods. The US tech giant shifted its manufacturing facilities to Vietnam due to the consequence of the US-China trade war.

Are AirPods made in Vietnam fake?

No, AirPods made in Vietnam are not fake.

By checking the AirPods and Case, you can easily differentiate the fake and real AirPods. The original one is labeled with “Apple Vietnam” whereas the case of fake AirPods is labeled with “Apple Japan”.

According to Apple’s announcement, AirPods Pro 2 will be massively manufactured in Vietnam. The agreement will be continued up to 2025.

As the US-China trade war began in 2019, Apple transferred manufacturing facilities to Vietnam. The manufacturer still makes some AirPods in China, but massive production is going on in Vietnam.

Hence, AirPods made in Vietnam are not fake. Examine the below criteria, and you can judge whether your AirPods are fake or real:

  • Checking box content
  • Checking AirPods & Case
  • Checking Serial number
  • ANC features and buttons
  • Latency
  • Checking Build Quality
  • Examining the charging of AirPods

Due to the optimization of the iOS and Apple hardware, real AirPods have increased battery life. The manufacturer produces these enhanced AirPods in Vietnam massively.

Who manufactures AirPods?

Luxshare and GoerTek are manufacturers of AirPods.

Apple Inc. is the developer of AirPods. On 13 December 2016, Apple first launched AirPods. Three years later Apple brought the 2nd generation AirPods to the market. The manufacturer brought a slight change in the 2nd gen AirPods.

On contract, Luxshare and GoerTek manufacture Apple’s AirPods. Both Luxshare and GoerTek are Chinese acoustic and electronic components manufacturers.   

How do I know if my Apple AirPods are original?

The best way of finding original AirPods is to check the serial number. The serial number itself describes many things.

Here are some key ways to judge your AirPods, whether it is original or fake:

First, fake AirPods can be identified via the serial number. The serial number is the combination of letters and numbers. Examining the serial numbers, original AirPods can be identified.

Second, check the price. The original AirPods will cost you higher than the fake ones. As of this writing, AirPods pro will cost you more than $170 whereas AirPods Gen 3 will cost you $200.

Third, the original AirPods come with a minimalist, clean, and intelligent package. Fake AirPods won’t pay attention to the packaging.

Fourth, by previewing box content, you can easily identify fake AirPods.

Fifth, the bottom of the original AirPods is oval-shaped.

Sixth, the charging case of the original AirPods has featured a uniform charging port, multifunctional button, and text below the hinge.

Wrap Up

AirPods is an advanced creation of Apple to enter its Ecosystem. Since 2016, Apple has introduced numerous models of AirPods.

Today, finding original AirPods has become difficult for many customers.