7 Toaster Made in The USA 2024 (Brands To Check)

Toaster Made in The USA

A toaster is not merely an appliance; it’s a gateway to a delightful breakfast experience that sets the tone for the day.

And when it’s assembled in the United States, you’re not just acquiring a kitchen tool – you’re investing in a slice of craftsmanship, quality, and a commitment to excellence.

We did extensive research and found 7 companies that sell quality toasters made in the USA. These companies are listed below:

  • GE Appliances
  • KitchenAid
  • Proctor Silex
  • Wolf Gourmet
  • Star Manufacturing
  • Hatco Corporation
  • Vollrath Foodservice

Keep reading this article to learn more in-depth about each of these brands.

GE Toaster made in usa

GE Appliances

GE Appliances is a leader in the kitchen appliances industry. The company has manufactured cooking devices and home appliances for over 100 years.

Its product lines include refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, food processors, blenders, and other small appliances.

GE Appliances’ toasters are pretty famous in the American market. GE 4-Slice Toaster and GE 2-Slice Toaster are two best-selling toasters of this brand. These two toasters are available at $59 and $39.

The production of GE Appliances takes place in a couple of states in the USA. They have production facilities in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

However, cooking products of GE Appliances, including food processors, blenders, toasters, and microwaves, are produced in the LaFayette, Georgia factory.

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KitchenAid toaster made in usa


KitchenAid is a renowned American company that specializes in manufacturing premium kitchen appliances. It was founded in 1919 and is owned by Whirlpool Corporation.

The company manufactures and sells refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, blenders, toasters, food processors, and other countertop appliances.

KitchenAid products are extensively made in the USA, particularly in Ohio, South Carolina, Mississippi, Indiana, and Arkansas. Besides, a few products of this brand are also made overseas.

However, KitchenAid toasters are exclusively made in the United States. Some popular KitchenAid toasters are in the following table:

Toaster modelPrice
4 Slice Long Slot Toaster with High-Lift Lever$99.99
4 Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever$79.99
Pro Line Series 2 Slice Automatic Toaster$299.99
2 Slice Toaster with Manual Lift Lever$59.99

KitchenAid toaster features extra-long and wide slots to quickly toast various shapes. Besides, these toasters can reheat the toast within a minute.

Proctor Silex toaster made in usa

Proctor Silex

Proctor Silex is an American subsidiary company of Hamilton Beach Brands. The home appliances brand was created in 1960 with the merger of Proctor Electric & Silex Company.

Its product lines include over 20 kitchen appliances, including food processors, electric burners, air fryers, blenders, and toasters.

Proctor Silex offers two types and eight different models of US-made toasters in the market. Wide slot 2-slice (silver) and Wide slot 4-slice (white) toasters are two new and popular toasters of Proctor Silex.

These toasters are durable, high-quality, user-friendly, and affordable. The company offers a 3-year limited warranty on every toaster.

Its production takes place in the United States. That means Proctor Silex sells American-made home & kitchen appliances in the market.

Wolf Gourmet toaster made in usa

Wolf Gourmet

Wolf Gourmet is an American manufacturer of kitchen appliances that was acquired by Sub-Zero in 2000. They are best known for manufacturing high-performance blenders and toasters.

WGTR152S and WGTR154S are two different types of toasters made by Wolf Gourmet. These toasters are designed to fit several bread types and shapes.  Wolf Gourmet toasters are wonderfully easy to use.

The company manufactures its appliances in a Fitchburg, Wisconsin facility. Wolf Gourmet product is made by skilled craftspeople using the highest quality materials.

Commercial Toaster Made in USA

Star Manufacturing

Star Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of quality food service equipment. It was founded in 1921 in St. Louis, Missouri.

The company’s name became synonymous with various restaurant equipment and home appliances, including fryers, popcorn makers, and toasters.

This brand’s product is proudly manufactured in the United States by skilled hands, particularly in a Smithville, Tennessee, facility.

Star Manufacturing Inc. offers two types of toasters: Contact toasters and conveyor toasters. Below are some popular toasters of this brand:

  • Star DT14 Double Conveyor Toaster
  • Star QCS1-350 Commercial Conveyor Toaster
  • Star RCS2-600BN Commercial Conveyor Bagel Toaster
  • SCT4000E Vertical Contact Toaster with Electronic Controls

These toasters are designed with speed & consistency in mind. In addition, Star toasters are energy efficient and flexible. The best thing is that the SCT4000E vertical toaster can toast up to 1800 buns per hour.

Hatco Corporation toaster made in usa

Hatco Corporation

Founded in 1950, Hatco Corporation is an iconic name in the American food service industry. The company manufactures warming equipment, toasters, and other cooking equipment.

It has a manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA. All of its products, including toasters, are exclusively manufactured here. As a result, the brand takes pride in its traditional American craftsmanship.

Hatco Corporation manufactures various commercial toasters in its American production plant. Below are some commercial toasters of Hatco Corp.

  • Hatco ITQ-875-1C Intelligent Toast-Qwik Narrow Conveyor Toaster
  • Hatco ITQ-1000-1C Intelligent Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toaster
  • Hatco TK Toast King Conveyor Toaster
  • Hatco TQ3-2000 Toast-Qwik Commercial Conveyor Toaster

Every toaster has a modernized and patent-pending premium design. Besides, Hatco toasters are fast, reliable, extremely versatile, and energy-conserving.

Vollrath toaster made in usa

Vollrath Foodservice

Vollrath Foodservice is one of the most reputable companies in the commercial kitchen equipment industry. It has a strong presence in the US market and has been manufacturing quality equipment since 1874.

The company has a production facility in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. More than 85% of Vollrath products are manufactured & assembled in the United States.

Vollrath produces various kitchen appliances and countertop equipment, including conveyor toasters. Their conveyor toasters have enormous fame in the American markets due to their quality and craftsmanship.

Three popular Vollrath conveyor toasters are:

  • 208-volt JT4 dual conveyor toaster – available at $3428.04
  • 208-volt JT3H bread conveyor toaster – available at $1934.64
  • 120-volt JT1 bread conveyor toaster – available at $958.02

Vollrath toasters are made of durable stainless and aluminized steels that last long. These are ideal toasters for any breakfast buffet and restaurant.