Motorcycle Helmets Made in USA 2024 (Only 2 Brands)

Motorcycle Helmets Made in USA

A US-made motorcycle helmet is not only a piece of safety equipment but also organizes a legacy of craftsmanship, durability, and innovation.

If you are willing to buy US-made helmets supporting the American economy, this article is for you.

Only 2 companies manufacture motorcycle helmets in the USA. They are KIRSH Helmets and Super Seer that ensure safety and outstanding quality.

The helmets of these two companies are not just considered protective gear, and they are the witness of American ingenuity and commitment to safe rides.

Let’s dive into each brand in more detail…

Kirsh helmet

KIRSH Helmets

Kirsh Helmets is an American company known for producing innovative motorcycle helmets. The company has aimed to provide the safest and most comfortable helmet for motorcyclists.

Every Kirsh helmet is 100% made in the USA by Veterans and Americans. Kirsh has a manufacturing facility in Warren Country, New York, where motorcycle helmets are made.

The unique feature of Kirsh helmets is its Fluid Displacement Liner technology. It offers superior impact protection compared to traditional foam liners. Its fluid-filled cells reduce the risk of head injuries in motorcycle accidents.

Kirsh helmet made in usa

Kirsh helmets have a proper ventilation feature that keeps motorcyclists cooler during long rides in hot weather. Riders prefer Kirsh helmets for their style, safety, improved performance, and comfort.

CHM-1 Matte Black is a popular motorcycle helmet in Kirsh’s helmet collections. It is a stylish, excellent, durable, and more effective motorcycle helmet. Interestingly, this helmet fits with everything, like a good pair of jeans or aviator sunglasses.

However, Kirsh Helmets will take your ride to the next level with its revolutionary US-made motorcycle helmets.

Super seer helmets

Super Seer

Super Seer has been manufacturing reliable and protective headgear for over 50 years. It has an excellent reputation for making top-quality helmets, particularly for law enforcement, military personnel, and motorcycle riders.

The manufacturers of Super Seer use domestically sourced raw materials in its Evergreen, Colorado-based factory to manufacture a wide range of helmets.

Super Seer helmet collections include motorcycle, tactical, mounted, touring, and correctional helmets. Besides, they also offer motorcycle goggles & face shields.

Super Seer helmets made in usa

Every helmet is made of advanced materials like fiberglass, Kevlar, and polycarbonate for extra strength & impact resistance. These helmets ensure more safety from various threats and head injuries.

Super Seer offers four different types of motorcycle helmets. These are:

  • Half helmets
  • Full face helmets
  • Modular helmets
  • Three quarter helmets

S1602 Fiberglass Helmet – Custom Color is one of the best-selling helmets in Super Seer’s motorcycle helmet lines. It is specially made for police officers.

Super Seer helmets are comfortable for prolonged wear. They not only look great but also feel great too!

Final Word

Purchasing a US-made motorcycle helmet means getting advanced safety features and being comfortable wearing it during long rides. Besides, it means helping the growth of local businesses and the American national economy.

KIRSH Helmets and Super Seer are two American companies that sell US-made motorcycle helmets by assuring high-quality craftsmanship & stringent safety standards.