5 Made in USA Battery Charger 2024: American Brands List

Made in USA Battery Charger

There are a lot of battery charger manufacturing companies in the world. Most of the companies are based in China.

Nonetheless, we have found five manufacturers and brands that make their battery chargers in the USA.

Here is the list of USA-based battery charger manufacturers or companies:

  • Rizk National Industries
  • Quick Charge Corporation
  • Pro Charging Systems
  • Battery Life Saver
  • Associated Equipment

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Rizk National Industries

The best thing about Rizk National Industries’ battery charger is its simple control for unsupervised charging. The company provides a 1-hour manual timer in their battery charger to gain power.

The portable charger of Rizk National Industries provides a power supply for various devices. The company operates all of its manufacturing and distribution operations from Michigan.

Rizk National Industries offers a wide range of usages. You can use the Rizk National Industries battery charger for the following:

  • Booster Cables
  • Cars
  • Testing Equipment for car

The manufacturers of Rizk National Industries use domestically or globally sourced components to manufacture their battery chargers in Warren, Michigan.

Quick Charge Corporation charger made in usa

Quick Charge Corporation

The innovative feature of the Quick Charge Corporation battery charger is its energy efficiency. The enclosure of the Quick Charge Corporation battery charger has an IP65 rating. This rating indicates that grime and dirt can not enter the battery charger.

Quick Charge Corporation battery chargers can operate in harsh environments. The SCO series of Quick Charge Corporation is 25% more energy efficient than ferroresonant chargers.

The manufacturers of Quick Charge Corporation predominantly make transformer-based chargers. Besides, they manufacture high-frequency chargers using complex electronics.

Quick Charge Corporation has manufactured high-quality chargers in the USA for over 40 years. The manufacturers control all processes in their advanced production facility. The significant steps while manufacturing a battery charger are circuit board design, sheet metal fabrication, and transformer winding.

However, Quick Charge Corporation manufacturers use 100% domestic components to make battery chargers in Oklahoma City, USA.

Pro Charging Systems battery chargers made in usa

Pro Charging Systems

The best thing about Pro Charging Systems is its adequate charging time. Pro Charging Systems battery charger charges its batteries in a way that makes these components long-lasting.

Pro Charging Systems has ranked as the world leader in developing and manufacturing advanced battery charging systems.

Pro Charging Systems battery charger is well known as:

  • The most reliable
  • Affordable
  • The safest
  • The best-performing battery charger

The innovative technology used in Pro Charging Systems prevents overcharging. Consequently, your battery won’t be boiled. The engineering design behind Pro Charging Systems has made it long-lasting and reliable.

Since 1989, Pro Charging Systems has been manufacturing high-quality battery chargers for industrial, golf carts, aerial lifts, rental equipment, and marine and recreational markets.

The manufacturers of Pro Charging Systems use 100% domestically sourced components in their Nashville, Tennessee-based factory to make its battery charger.

Battery Life Saver battery charger made in usa

Battery Life Saver

The unique feature of the Battery Life Saver battery charger is its restoring power. Battery Life Saver battery charger restores the battery to its original condition and allows the electric charge to be drawn.

The frequency signal by the Battery Life Saver battery charger dissolves the lead sulfate crystal. By dissolving lead sulfate, the Battery Life Saver battery charger enhances its restoring power.

The unique features of Battery Life Saver maintain working batteries in optimal condition, extend battery life, and rejuvenate old batteries. Battery Life Saver attaches directly to a battery system and keeps from losing capacity.

The manufacturers of Battery Life Saver use domestically or globally sourced components in Florida to manufacture Battery Life Saver battery chargers.

Associated battery charger made in usa

Associated Equipment

Associated Equipment uses the latest technology in its battery charger. Every Associated Equipment battery charger model is designed to charge 1 to 12-volt automotive batteries in less than 24 hours.

The company tries its best to meet the requirements of the most demanding professional. Associated Equipment battery charger also features a four-line backlit digital display that allows technicians to adjust the charging voltages.

Since 1948, Associated Equipment has been manufacturing high-quality battery chargers in its St. Louis, Missouri-based manufacturing facility.

The company has provided the most reliable, versatile, innovative, and professional battery chargers for over 70 years.