5 Italian Made Hiking Boots in 2024 – (Full Updated List)

Italian Made Hiking Boots

Hiking boots made in Italy are not just footwear, they are the manifestation of the legacy of Italian design and quality craftsmanship. If you are looking for Italian hiking boots, this article is for you.

Only 5 companies make hiking boots in Italy.

Renowned brands that sell Italian hiking boots include Scarpa, Diemme, Zamberlan, AKU, and Grisport.

Italy has a rich heritage of making the most sustainable hiking boots and outdoor footwear. Italian artisans are committed to creating high-performance, stylish, and functional hiking boots using top-quality materials.

Let’s explore each of these brands in-depth…

Scarpa Italian hiking shoe


Scarpa is an Italian manufacturer of innovative footwear. It offers various types of footwear for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, climbing, trail, and ski mountaineering.

The company has a wide range of hiking boot collections in its product lines. Scarpa hiking boots are made in a large boot factory located in Asolo, Italy.

Scarpa Italian shoes made in usa

Rush Polar GTX is a top-rated hiking boots of Scarpa. It is designed with GORE-TEX and PrimaLoft technologies for the highest comfort & synthetic insulation. This boot is both waterproof & breathable.

Scarpa hiking boots ensure the perfect balance of warmth. They are versatile and ideal for moving quickly through the mountains in cold conditions.

Diemme Italian hiking boots


Diemme makes quality hiking boots and sneakers using the finest materials and techniques in Italy. The production of Diemme footwear takes place in One di Fonte, Veneto factory.  

Currently, Diemme offers five different types of hiking boots, including Civetta, Everest, and Himalaya. Everest Black Leather is one of the bestselling hiking boots of Diemme made in Italy.  

Diemme hiking shoes made in Italy

It is sturdy enough and ideal for cold winter climates in the mountains. For added stability & highest comfort, the Everest Black Leather boot provides excellent ankle support and padded inner linings.

If you are an enthusiast in outdoor activities, a pair of Diemme hiking boots could be an ideal choice for you.

Zamberlan hiking boot


Zamberlan is a leading manufacturer of Italian hiking boots, hunting boots, wildland firefighting boots, and other footwear. Zamberlan hiking boots have dominated the market for their remarkable flexibility and extreme lightness.

All Zamberlan hiking boots have been manufactured at the company’s own facility located in Pievebelvicino di Torrebelvicino, Veneto, Italy since 1929.

Zamberlan shoes made in usa

The 1996 Vioz Lux GTX RR is a Zamberlan hiking boot made in Italy. It is built with Waxed Tuscan full-grain leather uppers and a calf-leather-lined collar.

This hiking boot is designed to withstand challenging conditions & keep your feet dry in wet conditions. It can enhance your agility & walking speed on the mountain.

Zamberlan hiking boots are stylish, reliable, extremely lightweight, high-performance, durable, and technically trustworthy in the hiking boot market.

AKU hiking boots


AKU is an Italian brand that is well-known for making shoes for mountaineering, hunting, and other outdoor activities. The company has more than 40 years of experience in making unparalleled quality footwear.

It has a complete line of sustainable hiking boots. One of its popular hiking boots is the Tribute Therm200 GTX. The best thing about this hiking boot is its GORE-TEX feature.

AKU shoes made in usa

This pair of AKU hiking boots is ideally suited for light hiking in hilly and mid-mountain terrain. You can experience a dynamic action while walking on mountain trails.

AKU has a factory store in Montebelluna, Italy. There, you will find the complete assortment of AKU footwear.


Grisport hiking boots are engineered to ensure the highest performance in challenging weather conditions. The company takes pride in producing the best-quality hiking boots in the picturesque village of Montebelluna, Italy.

They use CAD technology to make the perfect pair of hiking boots. Quatro Brown Hiking Boot is the best selling hiking boot in Grisport’s product lines.

Grisport shoes made in usa

It is made from Italian waxed leather. The main feature of this pair of hiking boots is its padded insole & ankle joints. Grisport manufactures Quatro Brown Hiking Boot with plenty of comfortable support systems and Vibram soles.

Grisport hiking boots are light enough and ideal for hill walks. They keep your feet dry in a cold environment on the mountain.

Final words

Italian hiking boots define a perfect integration of quality, traditional craftsmanship, and exceptional innovation. These hiking boots ensure a level of quality in terms of comfort & style.

Some renowned brands like Scarpa, Diemme, Zamberlan, AKU, and Grisport offer Italian hiking boots, making them an excellent choice for those who revel in outdoor activities.