Where is Vlone Made 2024 – Is Vlone Made in China?

Vlone is a large title in the fashion industry that comes with a motto: “Live alone, die alone”. Jabari Shelton, further known as A$AP Bari, first introduced the Vlone. The creativity of Vlone began in 2013 in Harlem’s streets in New York.

Being a streetwear fan, you must prefer Vlone. At the same time, you must be worried about whether it is fake or real.

The key point to distinguish between fake and real Vlone is to find out the “made in” tag. Let’s find where Vlone is made.

The new neck tag Vlone is made in the United States. A group of talented musicians shared their philosophy of music and fashion through Vlone. This clothing brand got its shape by A$AP Mob in Harlem Street, New York.

Where is Vlone Made

At first, the A$AP hip-hop group promoted Vlone via social media and their musical shows.

Special thanks go to A$AP Bari who did all of his hard work to make Vlone a widely known clothing brand.

Currently, Vlone generates $5 million in sales revenue per year.

Is Vlone made in China?

Old Vlone, without a “V” neck tag, is made in China. The famous American-Canadian clothing brand — Gildan, first printed the old China-made Vlone.

Currently, Vlone comes with a new neck tag — that is one shaped “V”. This new edition of Vlone is a US-made product.

You will find Vlone Gildan Sweatshirts and hoodies in the market. This type of Vlone is an old edition. These are China-made products whereas the new Vlone is US-made.

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Until 2016-17, Vlone used the made-in-China tags. But, you won’t find the made-in-China tags in the new edition of Vlone.  

Is Vlone made in Honduras?

You will find “Vlone x pop smoke the woo white tee” having a made in Honduras tag. It has come with $115 in the market. Vlone has a collaboration with “Vlone x Pop smoke” that comes with made in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, and the US tag.   

This product is further tagged —

  • 100% Cotton
  • Ribbed collar

You may find out whether it is fake or real by comparing the “V” shaped print and the “V” shaped neck tag. There are some differences between the fake and the real one.  

Where is Vlone Manufacture

Who is the Vlone manufacturer?

Vlone was first manufactured and printed by Gildan Brands. Now, it’s a New York-based clothing brand. A$AP Bari is the founder as well as the designer of Vlone. After Bari, A$AP Rocky and Edison Chen supported Vlone.

There are some visible differences between the old Vlone and the new edition. Vlone first came with a made in China tag. The Gilden brand first printed the Vlone logo.

Now, Vlone is manufactured in Harlem streets, New York.

Besides, Vlone has collaborated with —

  • Juice Wrld x Vlone
  • Vlone x Pop Smoke
  • NBA Youngboy Vlone
  • Vlone x Kodak Black
  • Vlone x The Weeknd
  • Vlone x NAV
  • Vlone x Tupac Shakur
  • Vlone x Playboi Carti

Thus, Vlone is becoming a giant title in the fashion world.

Does Pop Smoke own the Vlone?

In February 2020, Pop Smoke announced a collaboration with Vlone. As the name of Vlone is rising, Pop Smoke can’t wait to collaborate with Vlone. It doesn’t make sense to address Pop Smoke as the owner of Vlone. Jabari Shelton who is further known as A$AP Bari is the owner of Vlone.

Vlone is all about teamwork. Vlone is the expression of some talented musicians. It cherishes a wonderful philosophy.

In 2013, Jabari Shelton reflected on his philosophy of music and fashion through Vlone. He is the designer of Vlone which reflects something beyond the materialistic world.  

Is Vlone official website legit?

The Scam detector stated that the official website of Vlone is legit. You will find the complete Vlone collection on their official website. There is nothing to be worried about the legitimacy of Vlone’s official website.

Vlone is getting famous. Thus, unwise people are making a replica of Vlone. These poor qualities of the Vlone replica are making a bad impression on its users.  

A question is arising featuring Vlone’s official website. Considering user reviews and Scam Detector, we can conclude by saying that — Vlone’s official website is legit.  

Who made Vlone popular?

A$AP Bari aka Jabari Shelton made Vlone popular. He is also the founding member and main designer of Vlone. A$AP Bari along with his hip-hop group members worked hard to make Vlone a famous clothing brand in the fashion industry.

In 2014, the A$AP hip-hop group released a controversial music video. They named the music video “Riot Rave”. A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky first brought the Vlone into the limelight after this music video.

Before introducing Vlone at the Paris Fashion Week, it was a hoodie and T-shirt production brand. Vlone’s stock sold out within a few hours after being introduced at the Paris Fashion Week.

Thus, Vlone got investments. Now, Vlone provides —

  • Vlone Tees
  • Vlone Hoodies
  • Rappers Collars
  • Vlone x Fragment
  • Jackets
  • Vlone Shirts
  • Hats & Beanies
  • Sweatpants
  • Long Sleeves
  • Vlone Drop

Besides, Vlone has signed tons of collaborations with numerous brands.

Who made the Vlone logo?

A$AP Bari is the designer of the Vlone logo. He is also the founding member and main designer of Vlone.

Throughout history, A$AP Bari first brought Vlone into the mass media. He along with his group members featured Vlone products making a lot of music videos.

Vlone means: Live Alone, Die Alone.

A$AP Bari reflected his philosophy of music and fashion through Vlone. The Vlone logo also reflects the inner meaning of Vlone.

Vlone tag real vs fake?

You will surely find a replica of Vlone products. To distinguish between real and fake Vlone products, certain things you have to notice.

The key factors you must notice —

  • Rear “V” shaped print
  • Front “FRIENDS” print
  • “V” shaped neck tag
  • Wash tag on your Vlone item

Considering the circumstances, you may distinguish between real and fake Vlone.