Where is Viking Cookware Made 2024? (Solved & Explained)

Viking is an American kitchen appliance manufacturer. Once Viking was renowned for its state-of-the-art commercial-size ranges but today, they have won the heart of professional chefs with their superior Viking cookware and bakeware.

Today, the Viking Range Corporation offers you cooking, kitchen clean-up, ventilation, and refrigeration appliances.

Let’s find out where Viking cookware is made.

Where is Viking cookware made

Here is a short answer to where is Viking cookware made:

Viking cookware is made in China, USA, and Belgium. Your favorite 5-Ply Stainless Steel cookware is labeled with a “made in USA” tag.

They make some of their lines in China, Belgium, and so on. The majority of Viking cookware — especially the Stainless Steel one is made in the US.

Is all Viking cookware made in the USA?

No, all Viking cookware is not made in the USA.

The Viking 5-Ply Stainless Steel cookware has earned popularity within a short time. This cookware is made in the world’s most advanced factory in Wisconsin.

Featured Stainless Steel cookware gets shaped in this Wisconsin factory. To meet the demand for Viking cookware, some lines are made worldwide — especially in China and Belgium.

Where is Viking 3-Ply bonded cookware made

Where is Viking 3-Ply bonded cookware made?

The Viking 3-Ply Contemporary and hard Stainless Steel cookware are made in China. But, the 3-Ply mirror stainless steel cookware comes with a “made in USA” tag.

3-Ply bonded construction is a combination of three metals. This combination distributes the heat evenly resulting in superior cooking.

The Viking 3-Ply bonded cookware is featured with:

  • Stainless Steel exterior (18/10)
  • Flat cooking surface
  • Ergonomically designed long comfortable handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

On Amazon, this 3-Ply bonded cookware has gained amazing customer ratings.

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Who manufactures Viking cookware?

The Middleby Corporation manufactures Viking cookware.

In 2013, the Middleby Corporation took ownership of Viking Range Corporation. Currently, the Middleby Corporation is making $884.23 million in sales revenue per year from the Viking Range Corporation.

Kevin Ortyl is now the key person of Viking Range Corporation. Its HQ is located in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Is Viking Culinary a good brand?

Viking Culinary is quite expensive. Let’s judge the Viking products by addressing some key points:

  • Raw Materials
  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Health Issue
  • Environmental Issue
  • Guarantee or Warranty

Raw Materials:

Viking generally uses Stainless Steel and Hard Anodized Aluminum in their 3-Ply or 5-Ply bonded cookware. The handles of these products are also made with Stainless Steel. Thus, Viking products are lightweight and Shiny.


Yes, Viking has a well-known reputation for reliability and quality.

In general, Viking Ranges last from ten to twenty years. The Viking gas stove lasted for more than fifteen years whereas the electric model lasted for thirteen years.

The high-quality materials used in Viking Culinary are extremely durable. In terms of reliability, you can trust them.  


Viking Culinary products are quite expensive. Viking is more expensive than Farberware, though both of them provide stainless steel culinary products.

If you asked — “Why?” The nearest answer is veiled in their manufacturing technique.

Viking products are made with 5 or 3 Ply bonded materials whereas Farberware comes with a simple Stainless Steel exterior.

Health Issue:

Viking cookware is free from:

  • PFOA
  • Lead
  • Cadmium

Thus, it is non-toxic. Besides, the Viking Hard Anodized non-stick cookware is dishwasher safe. The raw materials used in Viking culinary products have no impact on your body.

Environmental Issue:

Aluminum is 100% recyclable. In Viking products, you will notice a fine layer of Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Both of these raw materials are recyclable.

Guarantee or Warranty:

You will get two years of warranty on Viking electronics products. Viking Culinary products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

In short, have a glance at the table below:

Necessary CriteriaOur Comments
Raw MaterialsAluminum, Stainless Steel
ReliabilityYes, Viking products are reliable
AffordabilityQuite expensive
Health IssueNo issue found
Environmental IssueRecyclable
Guarantee or Warranty  Provides Limited Lifetime Warranty
Where can I buy Viking products

Where can I buy Viking products?

Viking is a renowned brand, so you should never struggle to find its products. You will find Viking products in:

  • Authorized Viking dealers
  • Viking official website
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

If you like to do your shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, start finding authorized Viking dealers. You may prefer to buy your favorite Viking products online. Business is equally omnipresent on the internet.

For example, Amazon and Walmart allow Viking to sell their products directly to consumers from the site. You may prefer Amazon as nine in ten Americans do their holiday shopping on Amazon.

How much do Viking products cost?

Viking ranges typically cost between $4,000 and $20,000. Their contemporary 3-Ply stainless steel cookware set will cost you $399.99 on Amazon.

As mentioned, Viking products are expensive compared to Farberware and other Stainless Steel brands. Viking gives more importance to its product quality than pricing.

Are Viking products worth buying?

The question i.e., defines why Viking products are expensive.

Well, Viking products are made with intensive care in their factories. Their cookware gets smooth finishing with three or five layers of Stainless Steel and Aluminum.

Besides, Viking products are easy to clean. In terms of Culinary and kitchen appliances, Viking is leading the market. They have a well-known reputation.

Thus, Viking products are worth buying.

Are Viking products ethically made?

Viking Ranges Corporation has been leading the market through its unmatched dedication to innovation and improvement.

They have designed each appliance for superior performance. More than 1,000 laborers are working hard in Leflore County manufacturing facilities.

Viking Ranges Corporation fairly pays these hard-working laborers. No controversy has been found. Since 1987, Viking has remained a professional kitchenware brand.

Hence, Viking products are ethically made.